Re: [riot-devel] reserve main and let application define thread(s)

2015-02-13 Thread Oleg Hahm
Hi! My proposal: Let the application Makefile export one or possibly several names to be used for the initial application thread(s). kernel_init will then take care of creating those. The function name main will be reserved for boards/cpus to implement. In case of native/PsoC, the cpu's

Re: [riot-devel] LGPL compliance testing

2015-02-13 Thread Kaspar Schleiser
Hi Matthias, On 02/13/15 11:49, Matthias Waehlisch wrote: the core technical argument that you gave is: Your approach simplifies compliance check. Simplification is nice but does not introduce additional new functions in principle. From this perspective I don't see how this approach allows us

Re: [riot-devel] OTA meetup 11.2.2015

2015-02-13 Thread Arvid Picciani
Hi, please join us on online. Make sure to use chrome or opera in order to receive the slide sharing. Arvid On Feb 13, 2015, at 4:27 PM, Joël Chotard wrote: Hi, which is the Google hangouts address ? Regards