Re: [riot-devel] [ Re: [Roll] Looking for Linux implementation of RPL for interop testing]

2015-04-16 Thread Maciej Wasilak
branch, it's on GitHub [0]. I also added dummy handler for RPL Option for IPv6 Hop-by-Hop header. It allows multihop operation with RPL nodes. Description on blogger [1]. Best Regards Maciej Wasilak [0] [1]

Re: [riot-devel] Iotivity, AllJoyn, Thread, Ipso Alliance

2015-03-20 Thread Maciej Wasilak
develop high level standards (above application level). They released CoAP, but they won't define structure of resources, and contents of messages. You may check OMA LWM2M [1] - it's heavilly based on IETF standards and compatible with IPSO. It's more suited for GSM devices though. Best Regards Maciej