Re: [riot-devel] RIOT developers monthly meeting

2017-11-28 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi, I forgot, but was there a particular reason having these on Mondays? For me personally it would be easier to tune in any other day of the week. I’m just generally asking since my actual RIOT development availability is very limited anyways. Best, Thomas > On Nov 28, 2017, at 4:59 AM,

Re: [riot-devel] [riot-maintainer] Monthly meetings for organisation purposes

2017-11-03 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Paco, Thanks for the initiative! I will try to tune in. Without wanting to start a tools discussion, I had very good experiences with larger groups using Best, Thomas > On Nov 3, 2017, at 4:29 PM, Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla > wrote: > > Hi

Re: [riot-devel] rfq commercial additions to riot-os

2017-10-31 Thread Thomas Eichinger
atures which is applicable mostly to our > needs. > > Do you know of any company having knowledge/time/ doing such stuff? > > > > thanks in advance > richard > > > > On Tue, 31 Oct 2017 15:35:52 -0700, Thomas Eichinger wrote: >> Hi Richard, >> >&g

Re: [riot-devel] rfq commercial additions to riot-os

2017-10-31 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Richard, On 31 Oct 2017, at 14:42 PDT(-0700), Richard Klingler wrote: Hmm.. I see you sometimes joining/leaving #riot-os (o; That might be me, different Thomas. ;) Yes the different networks is very interesting...and definitively a need not sure if it is easily done like adding a

Re: [riot-devel] On the State of RIOT's IEEE 802.15.4 Support

2017-09-21 Thread Thomas Eichinger
which manages the duty cycling and wake scheduling, while the PAN management part (I think it is called MAC services in the 802.15.4 standard) would run as a higher layer on top of it. /Joakim On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 10:37 PM, Thomas Eichinger <> wrote: Hi Joakim,

Re: [riot-devel] On the State of RIOT's IEEE 802.15.4 Support

2017-09-20 Thread Thomas Eichinger
the framing functionality from the send/recv code and let the MAC layer handle it internally, and keep the 802.15.4 layer in the same thread as the netdev driver, like gnrc_netdev does today. /Joakim On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 12:16 AM, Thomas Eichinger <> wrote: Hi Oleg! On

Re: [riot-devel] On the State of RIOT's IEEE 802.15.4 Support

2017-09-19 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Oleg! On 19 Sep 2017, at 13:24 PDT(-0700), Oleg Hahm wrote: On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 02:37:39PM -0700, Thomas Eichinger wrote: A while ago I worked on adding support for MAC commands and procedures the standard describes like channel scanning and automatic association of a device

[riot-devel] On the State of RIOT's IEEE 802.15.4 Support

2017-09-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Dear fellow RIOTers, tl;dr: Do we see the need to be IEEE 802.15.4 compliant? RIOT so far does not support anything other than beacon, data, and ack frames while the standard says that also reduced-function devices have to support certain command frames [IEEE802.15.4-2015 7.5.1]. Basically,

Re: [riot-devel] Mailserver issues

2017-08-08 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Oleg, Thank you for handling this! Best, Thomas On 8 Aug 2017, at 7:53 PDT(-0700), Oleg Hahm wrote: > Dear RIOTers, > > due to an immense load of requests on the mailing lists, ten thousands of > mails got queued over the last days. This lead to a delay for mail delivery up > to several days.

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT port to RISC-V?

2017-06-15 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Craig, That's great news and I am stoked to see support for RISC-V in RIOT. To my knowledge nobody put real effort into that yet. (I'm happy to be corrected!) If you need help or guidance on porting please don't hesitate to ask on this list. Thanks and good luck for your funding

Re: [riot-devel] At86rf2xx ACK frame

2017-06-15 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Baptiste, you could try reading out the frame buffer after that although I am not sure the current mode of operation actually updates the frame buffer with the ACK frame. (The data sheet is also kind of unspecific on this.) Other than that I don't see an easy solution, only porting the

Re: [riot-devel] Netdev events questions

2017-05-21 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Joakim, I'm very excited to see the KW41Z supported in 802.15.4 mode. As for your questions regarding NETDEV_EVENT_RX_COMPLETE: To my knowledge it is not strictly formalized if it should be sent before or after transmitting the ACK. Generally I think this depends on the capabilities of the

Re: [riot-devel] at86rf2xx: packet too large -> FCS check

2017-05-18 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Alexander Aring <>: Hi, On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 07:56:05PM +0200, Baptiste Clenet wrote: 2017-05-17 17:47 GMT+02:00 Thomas Eichinger <>: Hi Baptiste, On 17 May 2017, at 1:14 PDT(-0700), Baptiste Clenet wrote: According to their example: Ex

Re: [riot-devel] at86rf2xx: packet too large -> FCS check

2017-05-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
2017-05-16 16:42 GMT+02:00 Thomas Eichinger <>: Hi Baptiste, If you take a look at figures 37-1 and 37-2 in the data sheet you linked you can see that IEEE 802.15.4 allows up to 127 bytes for the MPDU and this includes the FCS. So if the driver would allow writing 127

Re: [riot-devel] at86rf2xx: packet too large -> FCS check

2017-05-16 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Baptiste, If you take a look at figures 37-1 and 37-2 in the data sheet you linked you can see that IEEE 802.15.4 allows up to 127 bytes for the MPDU and this includes the FCS. So if the driver would allow writing 127 bytes into the frame buffer the last two bytes would indeed be

Re: [riot-devel] [riot-maintainer] Release 2017.04

2017-05-10 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Great job everybody! And special thanks to Kaspar for handling it this time! Best, Thomas On 10 May 2017, at 4:04 PDT(-0700), Kaspar Schleiser wrote: > Dear RIOTers, > > we are happy to announce the 11th official release of RIOT: > > --- * RIOT 2017.04 *

Re: [riot-devel] Regarding RIOT joining EdgeX Foundry

2017-05-02 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Oleg, Thanks for your feedback. I think there is no such thing as an official trial trial period so I understand correctly that this trial period would be a RIOT internal thing? As far as I get it nobody objects the idea of RIOT as a project joining EdgeX in general. People who would

[riot-devel] Regarding RIOT joining EdgeX Foundry

2017-04-28 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Dear RIOTers, As some of you might have noticed there exists a new initiative hosted by Linux Foundation called EdgeX Foundry [1]. From their website: "EdgeX FoundryTM is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation building a common open framework for Industrial IoT

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT's CI system

2017-03-20 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Oleg, thank you for sharing the results and thanks a lot to everyone involved for their contributions to finally reduce the increasingly confusing "Checks" section in github PRs. Reading the document provided it seems to me that Jenkins actually got a better score than Murdock 2. (Please

Re: [riot-devel] Proposal: Use Gitter to allow users and developers easier and simpler chat functionality

2017-01-18 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Oleg, On 18 Jan 2017, at 11:57 PST(-0800), Oleg Hahm wrote: On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 02:49:37PM -0500, Anthony Merlino wrote: Here is an example  Thanks. Seems rather slow/resource-hungry. Is there a non-Web (or even better: a non-GUI) version?

Re: [riot-devel] wolfSSL port to RIOT OS

2016-11-30 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Kaleb, Personally I would be very much stoked to see a port of wolfSSL to RIOT and I think many others think the same. Let us know how we can help with it and I'm sure we will figure something out! Best, Thomas On 30 Nov 2016, at 13:09 PST(-0800), kaleb himes wrote: Hi @RIOT_OS

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT on Realtek RTL8710AF

2016-11-18 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Oleg! On 18 Nov 2016, at 1:58 PST(-0800), Oleg Hahm wrote: This seems to be some real low-cost device, but I wonder how much IoT it is. Does anybody know if this Wi-Fi chip is capable of 802.11 ad-hoc mode and IPv6? Well it's a cheap device, that's already something. ;-) But after

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT on Realtek RTL8710AF

2016-11-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Stottelaar [1]: [2]: 2016-11-18 6:20 GMT+01:00 Thomas Eichinger <>: All, Just got some of these PADI IoT Stamps [1] into my hands. Did anybody on this list start working on RIOT support for a R

Re: [riot-devel] Connecting STM32F4Discovery & AT86RF233

2016-08-04 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Adeel, you could try to add a printf() in the `spi_transfer_byte` function in stm32f4/periph/spi.c for the `in` pointer and see if there are reasonable values shown - to make sure SPI communication is working. Best, Thomas On 3 Aug 2016, at 19:24 CEST(+0200), Adeel Mohammad Malik wrote:

Re: [riot-devel] Connecting STM32F4Discovery & AT86RF233

2016-07-20 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Adeel, we're happy to help and please keep us posted about your progress. Best, Thomas On 20 Jul 2016, at 18:33 CEST(+0200), Adeel Mohammad Malik wrote: I will fix my pin configuration tomorrow and see if it works for me. Thanks for your replies. You guys are really helpful.

Re: [riot-devel] Connecting STM32F4Discovery & AT86RF233

2016-07-20 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Adeel, please see my answers inline. I hope this helps, let us know if there is further open questions. Best, Thomas On 20 Jul 2016, at 13:46 CEST(+0200), Adeel Mohammad Malik wrote: Hi all, I am struggling a bit to understand how to connect my STM32F4Discovery board with my AT86RF233

Re: [riot-devel] Progress of port to SODAQ Autonomo

2016-07-04 Thread Thomas Eichinger
All, I am a little concerned the coding conventions getting too pedantic lately. While I agree magic numbers should be avoided, I disagree to introduce #defines for every single one of them as I do with introducing a static check for it. (Using a #define for a number only used once in HW

Re: [riot-devel] Working on port to SODAQ Autonomo (SAMD21)

2016-06-13 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi! On 13 Jun 2016, at 9:56 CEST(+0200), Peter Kietzmann wrote: First I moved the existing cpu/samd21 tree to cpu/samr21. Then Why? Well *if* there is a need to change the current RIOT code base, you should open a separate PR for that. This is a question to all: How comes the Atmel

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT Release 2016.04

2016-04-22 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Congratulations to everybody for their awesome work! Best, Thomas > On Apr 22, 2016, at 4:33 PM, Hauke Petersen > wrote: > > Dear RIOT developers and users, > > we are happy to announce the seventh official release of the RIOT: > >

Re: [riot-devel] IoT technology survey

2016-04-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
All, surveys on IoT seem to be en vogue nowadays, here [1] is a OMA IoT open source survey which's results could also be interesting. Best, Thomas [1] On 15 Mar 2016, at 6:15 ART(-0300), Emmanuel Baccelli wrote: Hi everyone, our friends from

Re: [riot-devel] at86rf2xx and PHR filtering

2016-04-04 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Alex, thanks for pointing out and letting us know about a possible vulnerability related to the length field. It rose attention to the fact that we checked it in past versions of the driver but missed it at some point in transition. With [1] we should respect this again. Regarding your

Re: [riot-devel] Question regarding MBED-LPC1768 netwok drivers support.

2016-03-19 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Fernando, the mbed-lpc1768 according to [1] doesn't have any network interfaces as far as I see. Because of this there are no network drivers implemented and ifconfig doesn't have anything to show. Do you use it with any kind of extension board? Best, Thomas [1]

Re: [riot-devel] [riot-users] RIOT Release 2015.12

2016-01-10 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Woohoo, congratulations to everyone! Best, Thomas > On 10 Jan 2016, at 16:28, Cenk Gündogan wrote: > > Dear RIOT developers and users, > > I am glad to announce the sixth official release of the RIOT operating system: > > --- * RIOT

Re: [riot-devel] at86rf2xx radio driver -- potential severe performance issues for multi-hop communication

2015-10-15 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Andreas, thank you very much to point us to your work. I didn't find time yet to read it but will do for sure. From what you shared with us by now I think this are very useful informations we definitely should consider for our driver. I have to admit when I once started it, the promises

Re: [riot-devel] Include in Makefile

2015-10-14 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Baptist, Did you try the following? app/Makefile: ``` ... DIRS += thingA thingB INCLUDES += -I$(CURDIR)/include -I$(CURDIR)/thingA -I$(CURDIR)/thingB ... ``` app/thingA/Makefile, app/thingB/Makefile ``` module = $(APPLICATION) include $(RIOTBASE)/Makefile.base ``` This way all code in `app`

[riot-devel] iotlab-m3 and recent OS X update

2015-10-02 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Dear list, I wanted to share my findings regarding flashing an iotlab-m3 board from OS X 10.11. The good thing, the 3rd party FTDI driver is not needed anymore. Apple delivered a FTDI kernel extension for some releases already but I didn't find them working until this release. So, when

Re: [riot-devel] Open WSN

2015-09-21 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Ben, great to hear from you and about your interest in RIOT. First of all I am really sorry for the delayed reply. In our current approach we pull in the network stack part of OpenWSN and apply patches with an adaption layer to map OpenWSN's hardware abstraction to RIOT's driver model.

Re: [riot-devel] NFC Atmel AT86RF232B

2015-03-19 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Joël, ad NFC: I got me some NXP pn532 modules some time ago as I heard there is work on specifying 6LoWPAN over ISO 14443 (which NFC is part of). Beside this there are a lot of interesting applications you could build in combination with constraint networks. Sadly, I didn’t come too far with

Re: [riot-devel] NFC Atmel AT86RF232B

2015-03-19 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi, On 19 Mar 2015, at 10:54, Oleg Hahm wrote: Sadly, I didn’t come too far with the driver, as it includes a (more) complex communication with the module, at least for the pn532, and it was kind of a private side project. My initial work can be found in [1]. Link

Re: [riot-devel] Need help about RIOT radio communicate example

2015-03-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Chen, I can remember having the same problem with the telosb. I traced it down to the fact, that there are no interrupts triggered. Which is strange as the same code is working on an other msp430/cc2420 platform (Zolertia Z1). Maybe a misconfiguration somehow sneaked into the radio driver

Re: [riot-devel] NSTF radio driver

2015-03-17 Thread Thomas Eichinger
the source neither as I focused on the driver refactoring. Looking forward for your review and testing. Best, Thomas On 17 Mar 2015, at 12:42, Joakim Gebart wrote: Hi Thomas, On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 10:53 AM, Thomas Eichinger wrote: Hi

Re: [riot-devel] [PROJECT][RIOT-OS][STM32-L152RE]

2015-02-24 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Tararaina, for helping you with your problem, could share a link to your code with us? Or/and could you run `make` with command line option `QUIET=0` and paste the output to pastepin [1] or a gist [2]? Best, Thomas [1] [2] On 24 Feb 2015, at 15:19 CET(+0100),

Re: [riot-devel] redbee-econotag board

2015-02-18 Thread Thomas Eichinger
will keep you updated on my findings. Best, Thomas On 18 Feb 2015, at 14:54, Ralph Droms (rdroms) wrote: On Feb 18, 2015, at 4:18 AM 2/18/15, Thomas Eichinger wrote: Hi Ralph, first of all also welcome from my side. Regarding the RIOT

Re: [riot-devel] How low can you go?

2015-02-06 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi, On 06 Feb 2015, at 09:36, Ludwig Ortmann wrote: Hi, On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 09:03:31AM +0100, Oleg Hahm wrote: Am Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 02:09:52PM -0800 schrieb Adam Hunt: There's already a driver for for Atmel's AT86RF231 in the tree and while the

Re: [riot-devel] git howto for a correct pulls

2015-02-04 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Jan, maybe you already saw this but github provides a guide to its workflow. [1] Its well illustrated, hope it helps. Best, Thomas [1] On 04 Feb 2015, at 19:58, Jan Wagner wrote:

Re: [riot-devel] Flashing the Samr21 xpro

2015-01-12 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Lucas, I was playing with the openocd configuration a bit, mainly `adapter_speed`, back when support for this was added without any significant outcome. Problem is, the EDBG chip, on the bottom of the board, handling communication with the MCU is specified to run on 1MHz and the openocd docs

Re: [riot-devel] RIOT Porting other platform

2014-12-30 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Hi Shishir, On 30 Dec 2014, at 12:04, shishir tiwari wrote: Is Porting for ARC600/ ARC700 (Synopsys) has been done. Any idea? As far as I know nobody started to port RIOT to Synopsys processors although they seem quite interesting to me. Although, I don’t know how

Re: [riot-devel] Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2014-12-30 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Thank you all for an amazing year with RIOT! Looking forward to an exciting year 2015. Best wishes to you all. Thomas On 24 Dec 2014, at 12:12, Oleg Hahm wrote: Dear romantic IoTlers, for those of you not using Twitter (regularly), let me point to

Re: [riot-devel] Switch to BSD?

2014-12-15 Thread Thomas Eichinger
Dear all, On 15 Dec 2014, at 11:10, Ludwig Ortmann wrote: As for the general topic of relicensing: Personally speaking I’m rather pragmatic on this topic and either license is fine for me *but* I tend to advocate for MIT. ad contributing back”: Apart from