Re: TWM: truetype support

2007-09-27 Thread Eeri Kask
Marc Aurele La France wrote: xcompmgr -c -o 0.5 -r 6 -t -6 -l -9 in the background, this has no effect on anything. I found two keywords the only solution as menus and icons have too different transparency values in order to configure them with one keyword. I have MenuOpacity 245

Re Re: another i810 crash when switching bewteen X and text console

2007-09-27 Thread loic . mahe
Marc Aurele La France [EMAIL PROTECTED] : The driver already does this for some chips. Can you produce a patch to the driver that extends this to other chip revisions? I have little experience with this driver and no hardware that I could use to test such a change. Oops, I'm not sure