Fedora 33 Final Freeze

2020-10-05 Thread Mohan Boddu
Hi all, Tomorrow, October 6th 2020, is an important day on the Fedora 33 schedule [1], with significant cut-offs. Tomorrow we have the Final Freeze [2] which starts at 14:00 UTC. This means that only packages which fix accepted blocker or freeze exception bugs [3][4][5] will be marked as

Orphaned packages looking for new maintainers

2020-10-05 Thread Miro HronĨok
The following packages are orphaned and will be retired when they are orphaned for six weeks, unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure that the package should be retired, please do so now with a proper reason: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_remove_a_package_at_end_of_life Note: If