Battery charging and display intensity in joyride-1594

2008-01-28 Thread Mark Bauer
G1G1 program (thanks guys) upgraded to joyride-1594 firmware Q2D10 Plugged in after about 2 hours of use just sitting there on the sugar screen that shows what apps are running. Battery shows not charging (it did when I first plugged it in). Putting mouse over battery symbol, and it

Joyride builds are incomplete

2008-02-07 Thread Mark Bauer
I would like to try the latest builds, but all builds (6 of them) after joyride-1643 are incomplete? and the rsync rsync:// both show only up to 1643 as good? Is there a better place to look? Thanks Mark

Jabber server issues

2008-02-27 Thread Mark Bauer
they are comming in on the non mesh connection, but why Any Ideas ? Both machines are joyride-1722 Mark Bauer ___ Devel mailing list

joyride builds broken again

2008-03-09 Thread Mark Bauer
Last 11 builds can't be downloaded, is the server full again? Is this the right place for me to post this? ___ Devel mailing list

Re: 1789 - sugar does not boot (1788 and 1790 either)

2008-03-22 Thread Mark Bauer
I also have had issues with builds 1788 and 1790. These would also not boot. I resorted back to 1784 to get it to boot. With 1788 it looked like it was locked up, but the power button still puts it in suspend and brings it out again. Ctl alt F1 to get to another screen did nothing until

Record activity broken in joyride-1842

2008-04-08 Thread Mark Bauer
I updated my g1g1 with the usual olpc-update -r -f joyride-1842 The update went ok, but when I attempted to play with the record activity, the camera doesn't give the normal video feedback, the image is frozen and can not take a picture. Switching from Video to Photo will cause the image

Record app in joyride 1927 has problems

2008-05-04 Thread Mark Bauer
I thought I had messed something up, so I did a full reflash of the memory. I ran into some minor issues with the reflash, but got it done. The record app still does not respond as I expected. It powers up, but it used to show live video from the default display. Now it just snaps a

amazon sales, when do we get to know how many units were sold.

2008-11-17 Thread Mark Bauer
I was just wondering when we can get an update on total units sold on the 08 G1G1 program. Thanks Mark ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Fedora 10 on XO

2008-12-04 Thread Mark Bauer
I second the motion of putting the xfce as an option in the control panel. As these kids with the machine get older, it gives them an option to continue learning and using a machine that will come closer to matching those in business. I have been playing with the gentoo xo spin, and it boots

Re: XO Gen 1.5

2009-04-18 Thread Mark Bauer
This sounds great, the description makes it sound as if the plastic will be the same. Does this imply that a new mother board will fit into the existing plastic? Mark On Apr 17, 2009 Friday, at 2:24:21:0, John Watlington wrote: OLPC is excited to announce that a refresh of the XO-1

Re: plz test Build 802 + Firmware Q2E41 = Candidate Release 8.2.1

2009-04-30 Thread Mark Bauer
Updated two systems, both went flawless, then updated software from open wifi, sorry no WPA. Again both worked great. Rebooted my personal system back to teapots Ubuntu, and the new firmware didn't affect it either. So far, all looks good. Mark

Re: [Fwd: Re: Ambient light sensing via LED response]

2009-05-10 Thread Mark Bauer
Hi guys, How can I help with this, I still teach electrical engineering at the University of Nebraska, and before that I have about 25 years in the field. Mostly embedded microcontrollers and stuff. I do have several XOs to work with. I would have jumped in earlier but the end of the