Re: upgrading firmware on activated laptops

2007-12-22 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
To exercise the second method, one uses a developer key and the information on to gain access to the Open Firmware ok prompt. Please note that there are users like me who have the exact problem described by I have been

file compare ?

2007-12-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
G1G1. When in the Terminal application I enter 'cmp file1 file2', the response I get is: bash: cmp: command not found. How come ? mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Is DRM on every G1G1 laptop?

2007-12-24 Thread Mikus Grinbergs describes the procedure for obtaining a developer key. We tried to make that procedure as easy as possible within the constraints of our available manpower and time (i.e. we have a lot of other things that need attention too). Note that there is no

[OT] struggles installing builds

2007-12-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
FYI - finally managed to put an update.1 build on my G1G1. For my system, the solution was using an USB stick, instead of a SD card, to load in the build image. [With SD cards, the process would erase the nand contents, but would then get stuck when trying to write.] The strange part was

Re: [OT] struggles installing builds

2008-01-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I now have several SD cards. OFW will successfully use *one* of them as a source of images. With the other SD cards, OFW gets stuck trying to write to nand from an image on the SD card. [My Linux system reads/writes all these SD cards with no problem.] I now have several USB sticks. OFW will

Re: New update.1 build 676

2008-01-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Have 674. Don't quite know if this is equivalent or not, but instead of doing 'olpc-update' for 675 and 676, I've just been using 'yum update'. Seems to upgrade the same modules as the new builds. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: New update.1 build 676

2008-01-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I've just been using 'yum update'. Seems to upgrade the same modules as the new builds. that will work for everything except activities which are not shipped as rpms Would 'sugar-install-bundle' work for activities shipped as .xo ? mikus ___

Re: mesh portal discovery

2008-01-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Just switch off the Legacy IP, as we should have done months ago, and get on with making things work properly. Anything else is a distraction. I sympathize with how overworked OLPC developers are. But a number of G1G1 systems are getting into the hands of articulate net-aware people. If

Update.1 680 does not work for me

2008-01-10 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Downloaded build 680 two hours ago. Installed it (together with ROM Q2D08) on my G1G1, going by the directions on the wiki Autoreinstallation page. On boot, the Home screen comes up __without__ the Journal. None of the Activities will start (presumably because they need the Journal).

disabling root and olpc passwords

2008-01-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The 2008-1-12 OLPC News says ... so that we can finally disable the root and olpc passwords. The way I have my G1G1 system set up (I have no wireless) I *need* to ftp in. For that, I have set a password for olpc. It would be ok with me to set up a different user+password for ftp, but would

can suspend be prevented ?

2008-01-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Earlier, had not noticed my G1G1 going into suspend. Now, with 681 + d08, it does so when left to sit. Unfortunately, after suspend my wired connection no longer works after the system wakes. Can I prevent suspend from happening? [Seems to me such a situation can occur with a child -- what

getting 'olpc-update'

2008-01-15 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Dennis wrote regarding Update.1 build 682: -olpcupdate.i386 0:1.9-0 +olpcupdate.i386 0:2.1-0 This wont go in util i have the srpm that created the package I'm getting very confused regarding where 'olpc-update' comes from. The wiki says to get it from

Re: getting 'olpc-update'

2008-01-15 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
ffm wrote: then you have the old version You need to be on update.1 or joyride to get the new one. That's why I posted here. I have (on G1G1) a very recent update.1 and a very recent joyride. Yet BOTH have the 2007-11-02 olpc-update module (the one that tells me that --version is not valid)

Re: getting 'olpc-update'

2008-01-15 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
How do I get the new one ? Thank you. The last time I followed the directions on that wiki page was some ten days ago. I did not realize that the builds I have installed since then were overriding what my manual

Re: Testing the Wireless driver changes

2008-01-17 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
To completely silence the radio: #!/bin/bash rmmod usb8xxx mv /lib/firmaware/usb8883.bin /lib/firmaware/usb8883.bin.quiet For a more user-friendly solution, (short of a hardware rfkill switch) put a toggle somewhere in the control panel for Don't turn the radio on automatically that is

joyride build - versus - yum update

2008-01-18 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Changes in build 1544 from build: 1543 -olpc-library-common 1-18 +olpc-library-common 1-19 -olpc-library-core 1-19 +olpc-library-core 1-20 Because I apply customizations, it takes me considerable time to do an install of a new build. Instead, I prefer to run 'yum update' -- that lets me

jabber for non-wireless XO ?

2008-01-20 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I don't have any wireless. I do have a wired ethernet connection to a LAN (which in turn uses a proxy to reach the internet). Even when I specify in sugar-control-panel the name of a real server, my XO is not accessing jabber (the field in olpc-netstatus is shown blank). I believe my proxy

Re: Why can't i access /dev/dsp or /dev/snd on my XO

2008-01-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
By the way -- as far as microtonal and xentonal and world music scales are concerned, MIDI's pitch bends are an awkward hack. Serious *microtonal* algocompsynth practitioners either have to spend time working around MIDI or use something else. I'm just a dilettante, not a musician. But once

What does 'Register' do for a G1G1 user?

2008-01-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The 'Register' that shows up on the drop-down menu on the Home view - I always thought it was for a pupil to register with his school server. But I have a G1G1, and __no__ school. [I don't have any wireless, either.] Is 'Register' supposed to do anything for me ? mikus p.s. [Looked on the

Re: tcp/ip assumptions

2008-01-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Thomas Tuttle wrote: I don't understand why you expect the XO to magically figure out how you want your network to work. What I want to know (i.e., to figure out) is how __I__ can make the XO work well in my network. For instance, are there environmental variables I can use that will help my

kernels in repository

2008-01-30 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The announcement New joyride build 1610 says: -kernel 2.6.22-20080129.2.olpc.1b84a9e4bedcd66 +kernel 2.6.22-20080129.3.olpc.13dc6cf365d32ae Presumably the use of olpc in naming this kernel indicates that olpc-specific tweaks have been applied. To avoid needing to re-customize if I were to

should suspend turn off backlight ?

2008-02-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
G1G1. AC is plugged in. Q2D11. Recently, 1628. I normally run with 'suspend' inhibited -- to preserve my wired connection. [Am using an USB-ethernet adapter. 'Suspend' drops power on the USB, and loses the local_LAN IP address. 'Resume' does NOT re-establish this (wired) local LAN

Re: disabling root and olpc passwords

2008-02-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Just what exactly do you need ftp for? There are much better alternatives for transfering files. Works for me. I forget how long I have had my house LAN - must be over a decade. Back then, I decided upon the process I would use to communicate from the main (OS/2) system I work on, to the

screen dims and brightens

2008-02-08 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm using a wired connection for my G1G1. To preserve that connection, I've entered 'touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend'. With the more recent firmware updates, my screen periodically dims (around 55 seconds from one dim to the next) and brightens (about six seconds after it has dimmed). In

Re: startup question

2008-02-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs;a=blob; adding if os.path.exists(device.GetProperty('volume.mount_point') + '.do_not_scan'): return False to that method and putting a file named .do_not_scan in the devices top level directory should prevent it from

Re: How to create a new MIME type for a Sugar activity?

2008-02-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Personally, I agree with just about everything John Gilmore said in his Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:59:49 -0800 message to Bert Freudenberg. I frequently ftp materiel to my XO. Wanted to put one of these into the datastore (Journal). Have picked up the .py scripts posted by Phil Bordelon and

Re: How to create a new MIME type for a Sugar activity?

2008-02-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I've concluded that the nature of the difficulty I ran into did not come across in what I wrote earlier to the list. I apologize. I was not commenting on the mechanics of ENTERING a mime-type when trying to store an object to the Journal. Rather, I was commenting on __me__ not knowing the

telepathy - request for guidance

2008-02-18 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm an user with a G1G1, not a developer. I don't know telepathy. At home there is no wireless; wired connection is through a PROXY. Looking at the jabber_server packets the XO writes to my home LAN, they are IP-addressed directly to the server, not to the proxy. [The XO eventually decides

Re: telepathy - request for guidance

2008-02-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Guillaume Desmottes wrote (regarding my wired connection + proxy): Gabble has https-proxy-{server,port} options that could do the job. Try to edit in presence-service source code, look for the _get_account_info() method and add these 2 options (with the right values) in the

where did cross-build customization come from ?

2008-02-20 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
FYI -- don't intend to do anything about it -- just letting you know I had a strange experience. I keep both a Joyride build and an Update.1 build on my G1G1; I switch between them with the 'O' button at boot. Today I used 'olpc-update' (from Joyride) to install the latest Update.1, then

Re: telepathy - request for guidance

2008-02-20 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Could be a loudmouth bug. Could you provide telepathy-gabble log with LM_DEBUG=net defined please? I was already using that definition, and earlier posted the ending part of my telepathy-gabble.log. Just in case you need it, here is the beginning of that log (constant string deleted from

physically feeble adults

2008-02-20 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I realize the intent of the OLPC project is to make booting the system as quick as possible. There is one situation for which introducing a deliberate __delay__ might be beneficial: It appears the XO is testing its front panel buttons as soon as it starts running. If an individual used his

suspend vs. SD card

2008-02-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I don't yet know how repeatable this is. I have an SD card inserted into my G1G1. On that SD card I keep persistent files, including some bash scripts. In my .bashrc I add this SD-card-directory to the PATH. Was demonstrating the XO (693) to an acquaintance, and physically configured it

perceiving connectivity

2008-02-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Have G1G1. Today for the first time was in a room with multiple XO users. The chief thing that was __NOT__ evident to me from moment-to-moment was: What is connected to what? I do not claim to understand the big picture. [I completely agree with the 'danw' comment to Ticket #1385.] To me,

Why is Terminal 'extra' ?

2008-03-06 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Was not aware of the implications of the official builds from now on will contain only _base_ Activities (discussed in Ticket #6598), until I saw a recent post to the Sugar list. I happen to be a heavy CLI user. It appears the target countries for OLPC deployment have not insisted on CLI -

Re: Why is Terminal 'extra' ?

2008-03-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Terminal, Log Viewer, and Analyze are not included in the core build, but they *are* included in the core *library*. That is, you can always install them, even though they may not show up by default in the toolbar. I did not realize that - your answer settles my concern (i.e., that a user

User's customizations

2008-03-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Regarding what is in the build core, Scott said The core activities are just those which we insist all countries include on the left hand side of the (current) activity bar. Then there are those individuals who prefer to organize things their way. The second thing I've changed on my XO is

Re: Opening Browse programatically

2008-03-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I want to make a button in my activity that opens a particular URL with Browse. As Marco said, we cannot do this currently. An observation (this is NOT any kind of request for action): Traditionally, computers have had a console stack (usually LIFO). Software could push a text string to

Re: Why is Terminal 'extra' ?

2008-03-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Installed 698 (using 'olpc-update' from Joyride). There was __no__ Terminal activity anywhere (that I could find) in the newly installed 698 image. I happen to *require* using the command line to set my environment. After boot, had to use a console terminal just to see what was what.

698 - 'su' does not pick up customized environmental variables

2008-03-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I need to set some environmental variables (e.g., http_proxy) because I have a wired connection which goes through a proxy. It used to be that issuing 'su' put me into root, but kept the environmental variables set by /etc/bashrc for user 'olpc'. With 698, 'su' gives me environmental

/usr/share/activities content

2008-03-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Installed 699 (by running olpc-update from Joyride). Noticed that the only Activity now in /usr/share/activities is Journal. I understand that you want to allow the target countries to choose which Activities will be pre-installed on their laptops. But if you are going to empty

699 responsiveness

2008-03-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Don't know if this is reproducible or not. Am in the process of customizing 699. After I installed the Adobe flash player, there was an appreciable lag in the system's response to my CLI commands. Looked with 'top', and found 'gtk-gnash' was using up to 70% of my CPU cycles. Killed

Re: New update.1 build 699

2008-03-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Chris answered: what does inhibit-idle-suspend do? It allows you to disable automatic idle suspend while keeping enabled the explicit suspend on power button press or lid close. Previously, there was only the inhibit-suspend file that inhibits both of the above. I no longer have 699 on

1789 - sugar does not boot

2008-03-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Once upon a time my OLPC laptop (G1G1) was reliable. No longer. I've been dual-booting it, by installing a recent Joyride build plus a recent Update.1 build. But the most recent Joyride builds do not boot for me: The symptom seen most often is that the circle of dots gets drawn, then the

UI responsiveness

2008-03-24 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
... Performance, or for us, UI responsiveness, the most visible and painful issue being start up time of applications is paramount. I'm impressed by the start up time of the (giant) TuxPaint activity. From the time I click on its icon in the Frame, it takes about two seconds to draw the

Mini-Conference Proposal: removable activities

2008-03-24 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
This is probably too complex to implement soon. But please keep the *idea* in mind as you improve the OLPC laptop. Once the 'base system' has been installed, things that are typically added over time are data and executables. Sooner or later, the built-in disk space might run out. There is server down

2008-03-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
For Update.1 build 702, the yum configuration files now point to as the server. But that server is currently not responding. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Update.2 goal - game buttton orientation and rotate

2008-04-01 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I have not been following the current status of game button support, but on the original G1G1 release the existing button definitions stayed in place when the display output was rotated. Consensus had been deferred on which keys (and trackpad) should change orientation when the display output

Re: [sugar] new sugar work into joyride

2008-04-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Tomeu wrote the last joyride build (1825) includes a big part of the shell redesign explained in I'm running Joyride 1825 now on my G1G1. The principal difference I've noted is in my use of the Home view - now that the currently running activities are

Choosing defaults for the activity ring

2008-04-05 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Removing icons from the activity ring is just a matter of unstarring them in the list view - simple enough to do each semester. My vote is Option 1. A much more interesting question is the __order__ in which to show the Activities: List view: Since there appears to be an intent to make the

UI for working on it

2008-04-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The recent talk on Sugar about notifications reminds me that the OLPC currently appears to lack easy-to-check I'm working on that feedback to the user. Combined with Sugar's a single screen for whatever one is doing philosophy, this serves to HIDE what is going on from the user. I had

fun and games with trying to un-suspend

2008-04-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
G1G1, approximately Joyride 1858. No wireless. Have done 'touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-idle-suspend' When I pushed the power button briefly, the XO suspended. Wanted to un-suspend the XO. But no matter what I pushed on the keyboard (or front), the power LED lighted up briefly (about three

Re: fun and games with trying to un-suspend

2008-04-15 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The issue seems a lot more often / prevalent when I had an SD card inserted before suspending. Bingo! I have a permanent SD card which I (manually) use for my datastore (I'm not a Journal lover). I wrote up #6584 because I'd as soon have the OLPC software KEEP ITS HANDS OFF my SD. [I'd be

purpose of ticket

2008-04-17 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Recently there was a post to this list which I read as saying if you see internal-to-XO situation XYZ, write a ticket and enclose log. [I leapt to the assumption that XYZ ought not to occur.] Well, I saw situation XYZ, and wrote a ticket. But that ticket has been closed. The impression I

TP interface assignment keeps changing

2008-04-22 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I don't have wireless. My XO is connected through an USB-ethernet adapter. Way back when, this wired interface was always being assigned to eth0. From time to time I install a newer Joyride build. More than a week ago (1852 ?) the wired interface was being assigned to eth1 instead. Then

Re: Joyride

2008-04-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm running Joyride 1894, manually updated to 1896 level. My installed sugar-presence-service is 0.79.3-1.olpc2 [Had a bit of trouble with '' -- changed some single quotes to double quotes.] Write (and all other Activities I've tried) work for me. mikus (G1G1)

Re: Journal Suggestions

2008-04-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The SD card is deliberately made difficult to remove. If someone buys and installs an SD card perhaps it should be considered a part of the Journal itself. More like buying a second hard drive for your system than plugging in something removeable. So now I have just one Journal with 2.5

Re: Rainbow 0.7.12 Announcement

2008-05-06 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Earlier, I had written: Of various Activities to which I previously gave special dispensation from Rainbow, three now launch from the activity ring without needing that dispensation -- Develop, Sonata, and Opera. I spoke too soon. I'm not familiar with 'Develop', so I don't know how it was

Re: Rainbow 0.7.12 Announcement

2008-05-06 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
To follow on (regarding Sonata and Opera) : Noticed that whereas the without-Rainbow Activities had their files located in /home/olpc/.something, with-Rainbow-0.7.12 those files were apparently assigned as /root/.something That would explain why these Activities did not find their previous

Re: very simple datastore reimplementation

2008-05-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Opnions? ( we get an useful replacement that lacks ... ) - Support for mounting removable datastores. We have agreed on moving to just list the files in removable devices, without the DS having anything to do. I heartily agree with the need for simplification here. Please keep in mind

Re: An OLPC Development Model

2008-05-08 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
It also needs to be decided how the available activities are displayed. Initially we'd planned on simply launching Browse and pointing to a predetermined URL (an easy way out, but requires setting up the server side). That requires including Browse as part of the base image. Another option

Re: An OLPC Development Model

2008-05-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
*But* I also think it should be possible to run a Sugar activity on a standard desktop and a desktop application in the Sugar shell. Integration is great and we should encourage it, but we can't assume it will always happen. And in the cases it doesn't happen, not-integrated is better than

Re: [sugar] OLPC priorities for Sugar in the August release

2008-05-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
* More responsive UI - faster launch of activities Is the solution currently in joyride satisfactory for the August release? I use a recent Joyride on my G1G1. My average time to launch Browse (from the time I click in the F3 Activity Ring on the Browse icon, to the time when I can click

Re: [sugar] OLPC priorities for Sugar in the August release

2008-05-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
One low-hanging fruit for faster activity start is having activity install compile .pyc files There are .pyc files here and there in the XO core software. I do not expect to myself be changing Activity code -- but if the OLPC is supposed to be easy enough for a kid to program - *someone*

Re: New joyride build 1970

2008-05-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Joyride 1970 has the OLD 'Frame', instead of the 'Circle of Activities' in the Home view. Please fix. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: New joyride build 1971

2008-05-21 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Now have the 'Circle of Activities'. But Journal does not start automatically. [Did not have Journal on Joyride 1970, either.] What are the steps to start Journal manually ? Thanks, mikus ___ Devel mailing list

comment on touchpad problems

2008-05-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
G1G1, Joyride 1971. Was visiting a friend. Apparently, he keeps his house less humid than mine. Noticed that when I waved my hand in the air some two inches above the touchpad, the cursor (e.g., in Terminal) would move around uncontrollably, and even jump. In fact, I had difficulty

XO communications interface naming

2008-06-03 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
From a practical perspective though, in XOs, the onboard interface is always eth0 these days. I don't have wireless - am using an USB-ethernet adapter instead. Once upon a time, my G1G1 XO would set up its wired interface on 'eth0'. I normally run Joyride, and in the last couple of months

Re: Build streams

2008-06-13 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The F9 build does boot into Sugar -- we aren't going to leave everyone with a broken build for long. It has bugs, though. We need help fixing the bugs more than we need a demand for constantly stable developer builds and an unwarranted supposition of conflict. Not long ago, when I tried to

Re: Koji Tags for 8.2.0

2008-06-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Is the piece we're missing the correlation with koji branches / repository names? One problem I have with the current olpc3-19 build is that when I use 'yum', it offers to download some packages named f7. Should the /etc/yum.repos.d in olpc3-19 be limited to f9 only ? mikus

Re: SuperUser permission for the Driver??

2008-06-26 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
... to install the activity and having it running I have to copy the rules file into /etc/udev/rules.d folder. The preferred short answer seems to be NO. But if an Activity (application) *does* need something to be put into the operating system, should the Sugar environment provide a way to

Re: OLPC-Update + RPMs

2008-06-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Erik wrote: We should move away from using olpc-update to upgrade systems. Am having a hard time understanding the problem Erik is addressing. I do *not* consider the effort that has gone into olpc-update to be wasted effort. I think decent 'one-click-installs' are wonderful when they work,

my XO has difficulty with f9

2008-06-30 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Been running reasonably happily with f7 builds (primarily Joyride 2056). G1G1; Q2D16. When I couldn't stand sitting still any longer, I installed yesterday's Joyride (f9). Ran almost acceptably (needed manual intervention during boot). One problem I had was that my USB removable storage

Re: my XO has difficulty with f9

2008-07-01 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I may have caused that by (at that first boot) making some sort of change that worked with f7 but not with f9 That seems likely, but the olpc-update system should ensure that you've got a clean system (no extra RPMs) when you revert. I would hope that even if X doesn't start (especially if

Re: New joyride build 2097

2008-07-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
as far as mesa goes, the list has been very adament that the XO laptop cannot run any opengl stuff, and my understanding is mesa exists to implement a software version of opengl. either position is reasonable (no opengl+ no mesa or mesa with slow opengl support), but right now it's a

[OT] what does it mean to remove an activity

2008-07-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Possibly Off-Topic ! There was discussion of a GUI for removing an activity. But what does to remove an activity mean ?? Two extremes of user intent: User AA wants to install a new version of an Activity. He would like to remove the existing executables, in case what any of them do might

Re: Inappropriate use of private meetings lists. (reply to).

2008-07-02 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I would like just remind you that the real question is that if this right reply to setting is more or less important than keeping discussions on the devel list or not. I personally think that the latter is more important IMHO. This can often be controlled by using 'mail-reader' facilities.

Managing computer content in a schoolroom

2008-07-04 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
There are at least two ways to manage the content of the laptops in a classroom -- bottom-up (let the kids choose) or top-down (let an administrator choose). Was reading a two-weeks-old Linux Weekly News, which described Func (Fedora Unified Network Controller - see

Home View appearance

2008-07-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
There is certainly not consensus regarding the merits of the free-form Home View, but it is being accepted upstream, AFAIK. Sorry, but I couldn't resist : The principal merit I see in the free-form Home View is that it makes the screen look more like what is familiar (reassuring) to a

Re: (another) WebKit port of Browse

2008-07-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Not everyone likes tabbed browsing. That may be true - but what if the user needs to reference two (or more) separate pages of information. If while looking at one page he can't remember *exactly* what the other page said, he may want to switch between pages. What are the alternatives to

Re: (another) WebKit port of Browse

2008-07-07 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
A reference was made to Gears: My point was exactly that it is a plugin. There are other plugins that are educationally useful. Security. I believe that 'Browse' is restricted as to how much it is allowed to modify the operating system itself. Such restrictions would apply to plugins as

Re: Home View appearance

2008-07-08 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Not 'Home View', but still: Another problem is that the Activity button (the 4th zoom level) can select the Journal if that was the last active activity. It has an own button so I cannot see any reason why it has to be the way it is. It is an annoyance that when I download several things then

Activity dependency upon resident functions

2008-07-09 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I often have builds (in /versions) on my XO from dissimilar streams (e.g., Joyride vs. Update.1). Now that installation of Activities is a separate process, I'm assuming that if an Activity in /home/olpc/Activities works when one stream has been booted, then it will work as well when the


2008-07-12 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Changes in build 2153 from build: 2149 +sugar-update-control 0.2-1 Manually installed this (via 'rpm') on my approximately Joyride 2146 system (G1G1; Q2D16). Now, whenever I clicked on the 'Control Panel' entry in the drop-down list from the center icon in Home view, Sugar would vanish (and

Re: [sugar] Activity versioning schema

2008-07-14 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
If, as is the current plan, multiple versions of an activity can coexist on an XO, ... Two use cases: 1. I have a journal object. I want to choose which activity to open it with. I am presented with a multilevel menu: the top level has all activities which open the mime type, the next level

pacing oneself

2008-07-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The visual speed of operation of palette opening/closing on the screen is noticeably slower on the OLPC than on a workstation. When the OLPC user fails to slow down with his actions, unintended consequences can result. Was working (Joyride 2177) in Terminal with a removable storage device.

Re: OFW sad face doesn't say why

2008-07-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Scott wrote (regarding me booting with the wrong develop.sig on an SD card): Do you normally use a developer key in order to boot -- ie, are you running a joyride build on BB? Is the root problem here, perhaps, that after OFW finds a develop.sig on the SD card which doesn't work, it doesn't

Re: OFW sad face doesn't say why

2008-07-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Mitch wrote: If you hold down the check key while booting, the firmware will give additional information about the boot progress, in both iconic and textual form. I did not realize that. Now that I went searching for this, saw it mentioned in the wiki on the 'XO_Troubleshooting_PowerOn'

experiencing unexpected OLPC behavior from a misplaced click

2008-07-19 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I posted about an experience I had, where I was surprised to find that my OLPC had become unresponsive. My reason for posting was to alert others that surprises may be lurking for OLPC users. Greg, you quoted my post, and wrote: Can you file a bug on this ( and

Re: Joyride 2201 blocker

2008-07-23 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I get the same result on Joyride 2202 (manually upgraded to 2203). What is happening is that in Terminal on my XO certain keypresses (e.g., up-arrow, right-arrow, end) are not being recognized. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

Re: Congratulations! but Sugar sucks

2008-07-24 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
I'm not familiar with the details of the Rainbow implementation, but I question this claim: Sugar, as it currently stands, is among the least secure operating systems ever, far less secure than any modern Linux or Windows OS. I can easily write an Activity that, when run by the user,

help - how to tell apart signed build from unsigned build ?

2008-07-27 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
From reading the wiki, I am assuming that 'olpc-update --usb' can install a new build on a secured XO (G1G1, without developers key). Suppose I am handed two USB sticks. One contains files os1.toc and os1.usb; the other contains files os4.toc and os4.usb. If I'm told only that one of these

Re: New joyride build 2222

2008-07-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
The size increase suggests that maybe my pilgrim hack to zap the big dictionaries did not work. I'll look later... Noticed that sugar-evince brought in poppler 0.6.2-5.olpc3, which is 3 MB. mikus ___ Devel mailing list

inconsistent identification regarding full-screen sessions

2008-07-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
FYI - I am not writing a ticket at this time (until I can reproduce consistent misbehavior). G1G1. Joyride manually updated to 2216. My biggest confusion arises because I __cannot visually tell__ which icon in the Frame top bar is associated with which running task. I did not want

Re: New joyride build 2222

2008-07-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Anyone whose activities use Numerical arrays in Python should check that they still work in +. If anything is broken, I'll be happy to help fix it. The only Activity I am sure needs to be checked is Measure. I can confirm that Measure does NOT work. Neither does PlayGo. mikus

specifying what services Activities may use

2008-07-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
There was an earlier discussion of how to provide the right build level for users out in the field, since now Builds can be installed separately from Activities -- leading to the possibility that for someone an Activity_version on his XO will find itself *mismatched* with the Build_version on

TuxPaint woes

2008-07-28 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
There are people like me who like TuxPaint better than Oficina. However, to run TuxPaint, users of current Joyride need to re-install SDL_mixer and libmikmod. Also, TuxPaint is not being checkpointed by Journal (and seems to start slower than it did on build 65x). I realize there is a

Re: specifying what services Activities may use

2008-07-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
A DECISION NEEDS TO BE MADE !!! I've been randomly launching Activities on 2226. __Far too many__ of them fail -- because csound was changed, numeric was changed, mixer was changed, etc., etc., etc. Given that there *are* Activities out in the hands of users (both with G1G1 and with

Re: [sugar] specifying what services Activities may use

2008-07-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Please ensure that you have filed tickets for each and every one of them What good will that do? At the beginning of this year, I wrote a ticket saying an Activity would not start. Without notifying me, someone re-assigned *me* as the owner of that ticket -- presumably making it my

Re: New joyride build 2222

2008-07-29 Thread Mikus Grinbergs
Anyone whose activities use Numerical arrays in Python should check that they still work in +. If anything is broken, I'll be happy to help fix it. The only Activity I am sure needs to be checked is Measure. I can confirm that Measure does NOT work. Which version of Measure? 17

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