Re: [OMPI devel] OMPI_PROC_BIND value is invalid errors

2015-06-30 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
I discussed with Robert Ho who was working with Ralph on this option. He believes it's possible that the PGI compiler / runtime does not understand OMP_PROC_BIND=SPREAD which was only introduced in OpenMP 4.0. Unfortunately I can't find any docs as the is down

[OMPI devel] IBM Innovation Center Reserved for Open MPI Face-2-Face

2015-10-20 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
We have the Dallas IBM Innovation Center ( reserved 2/23 - 2/25, 2016.   IBM Innovation Center - Dallas1177 South Beltline RdCoppell, TX 75019469-549-8444  

[OMPI devel] Doodle to find time to discuss issues/398

2015-11-03 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Anyone interested, please add your name to doodle, and we'll find a time that everyone can meet.   --- Agenda ---   In the Open MPI call today we discussed a few aspects of Moving ompi_info_t down to

[OMPI devel] Meeting Notes 12/1/2015

2015-12-01 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Open MPI Meeting 12/1/2015  --- Attendees --Geoff PaulsenJeff SquyresGeoffroy ValeeHowardRyan GrantSylvain Jeaugey - new nVidia contact (replaces Rolf) previously at Bull Computing (10 years) lives in Santa Clara.Todd Kordenbrock Agenda:- Solicit volunteer to run the weekly telecon-

[OMPI devel] Agenda 12/8

2015-12-07 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Open MPI Meeting 12/8/2015 --- Attendees -- Agenda:- Review 1.10  o  Milestones:  o  1.10.2 Release Candidate before the holidays?- Review 2.x  o  Wiki:  o  Blocker issues:

[OMPI devel] Minutes from Weekly Telecon 12/15/2015

2015-12-15 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen   Also, reminder, NO meeting next week 12/22/2015.

[OMPI devel] No Meeting 12/22/2015

2015-12-15 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
In today's telcom we decided to skip next week's meeting.  

[OMPI devel] Hotels for Feb Face 2 Face

2015-12-16 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
I've updated the wiki to include a map of 3 hotels near DFW that offers a shuttle both to/from DFW and the IBM Innovation Center for those who wish to go without a car. ---Geoffrey PaulsenSoftware Engineer, IBM Platform MPIIBM

[OMPI devel] No meeting today 12/29/2015 either.

2015-12-29 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
I think many people are out this week.   Please note that Ralph respun 1.10.2.rc3.   See everyone next Tuesday Jan 5th, 2016.  Have a Happy New Year!    

[OMPI devel] Minutes from today's Telcon

2016-01-12 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Also available here:   Open MPI Weekly Telcon Dialup Info: (Do not post to public mailing list or public wiki)   Attendees Brad BentonEdgar GabrielGeoffroy ValleeGeorgeHowardJosh

[OMPI devel] Please sign up on wiki if you're coming to Face 2 Face in Dallas Feb 23-25

2016-01-12 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Hello,     Please sign up on the wiki ( if you're planning to come to the Developer's conference hosted by IBM in Dallas [Feb 23-25].     Thanks,   Geoff ---Geoffrey PaulsenSoftware Engineer, IBM Platform MPIIBM Platform-MPIPhone:

[OMPI devel] Minutes from Telcon today

2016-01-26 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen Open MPI Weekly Telcon Dialup Info: (Do not post to public mailing list or public wiki)   Attendees Geoff PaulsenJeff SquyresBrad BentonEdgar GabrielGeoffroy ValleeJoshua Ladd

[MTT devel] Detail link error

2015-08-21 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen

[OMPI devel] RFC: Open MPI v3.0 branching soon (next week). Move to date-based release

2017-02-21 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
RFC: Open MPI v3.0 branching soon (next week). Move to date-based release   At the Face-to-face in San Jose (minutes: we agreed that starting with v3.0, we would switch to three date-based releases each year.  These would be rleased on

[OMPI devel] New Open MPI Community Bylaws to discuss

2016-10-11 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
We have been discussing new Bylaws for the Open MPI Community.  The primary motivator is to allow non-members to commit code.  Details in the proposal (link below).   Old Bylaws / Procedures: New Bylaws proposal:

[OMPI devel] Open MPI WebEx:

2017-04-04 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
WebEx:   Agenda / Minutes:   + MTT testing of Master ---Geoffrey PaulsenSoftware Engineer, IBM Spectrum MPIPhone: 720-349-2832Email:

[OMPI devel] Today's Open MPI Web-Ex. 29 minutes.

2017-12-12 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Web-Ex:   Minutes: ___ devel mailing list

[OMPI devel] Github deprecated "Github services" Does this affect us?

2018-06-07 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Devel,      I just came across Github's deprecation announcement of Github Services.   Does anyone know if this will affect Open-MPI at all, and do we need to change any processes because of this? ---Geoffrey Paulsen

[OMPI devel] Today's Open-MPI discussion notes highlighting potential new runtime approach.

2018-06-05 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
All,   In today's Open MPI Web-Ex (Minutes here: we discussed the future of Open MPI ORTE runtime (mpirun / orteds, launching etc).  Nothing was decided, but please take a look and discuss on the mailing lists, and or come to next week's

[OMPI devel] I Shut down IBM CI last night

2018-10-18 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Devel,  I shut down IBM CI last night to upgrade our UCX and IB drivers.  Still tinkering, but it should be online again < 1 hour.   ---Geoffrey PaulsenSoftware Engineer, IBM Spectrum MPIEmail: ___ devel mailing list

[OMPI devel] IBM CI re-enabled.

2018-10-18 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
  I've re-enabled IBM CI for PRs.   ___ devel mailing list

[OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc5

2018-10-23 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Announcing (our hopefully last) RC5 of Open MPI v4.0.0Available at:  Differences in v4.0.0rc5 from v4.0.0rc4: * Fix race condition in btl/vader when writing header* Fix a double free error when using hostfile* Fix configury for internal PMIx* Ignore

[OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc3

2018-09-28 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
The Third release candidate for Open MPI v4.0.0 (rc3) has been built and is available at: Only one News worth difference from v4.0.0rc2:- Fix a problem with ORTE not reporting error messages if an application  terminated normally but exited with

[OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc4

2018-10-08 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc4Please download from and provide feedback from your favorite platforms.   changes from rc3 include:  PR #5780 - Fortran 08 bindings fixes    fortran/use-mpi-f08: Corrections to PMPI signatures of collectives    interface to

[OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc2

2018-09-22 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
The Second release candidate for the Open MPI v4.0.0 release has been built and will be available tonight at:   Major differences from v4.0.0rc1 include:  - Removed support for SCIF.- Enable use of CUDA allocated buffers for OMPIO.- Fix a problem with

[OMPI devel] Open MPI web-ex now.

2018-09-25 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
web-ex:     ___ devel mailing list

[OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc1

2018-09-16 Thread Geoffrey Paulsen
The first release candidate for the Open MPI v4.0.0 release is posted at Major changes include: 4.0.0 -- September, 2018 - OSHMEM updated to the OpenSHMEM 1.4 API. - Do not build Open SHMEM layer when there are no SPMLs