[OMPI devel] Network simulation from within OpenMPI

2018-09-17 Thread Millian Poquet
to simulate the network transfers? The PML also looks very appealing but at this moment we do not fully understand the role of all OpenMPI components and how they interact. Best regards, -- Dr. Millian Poquet Postdoc Researcher, Myriads Team, Inria/IRISA https://mpoquet.github.io

[OMPI devel] Modules to emulate OpenMPI

2019-06-01 Thread Millian Poquet via devel
a cleanup phase but feel free to give us any feedback in the meantime :). Best regards, Millian Poquet ___ devel mailing list devel@lists.open-mpi.org https://lists.open-mpi.org/mailman/listinfo/devel