Re: [Devel] Content-type

2007-05-22 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Yes there is, but it aint all that pretty: Create an MMS message using one of those nokia tools, containing the image you want. Then point the service to this message. You want (of course) to ensure that the file extension (e.g. .mms) is mapped to the correct content type by your HTTP

Re: [Devel] Local delivery problem

2007-06-10 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
What you need to do is use the resolver library plugin mechanism to implement your own script that decides which recipients are local or not. The script is invoked for each recipient. In your case it should simply return the current mmsc hostname and that should do the trick. (Look at

Re: [Devel] From: header for MM4_delivery_report.REQ messages

2007-06-18 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
I believe this issue should be resolved now. Kindly confirm. On May 25, 2007, at 14:34, Deon van der Merwe wrote: Hi All, I am tracing an issue with regard to MM4_delivery_report.REQ messages to other MMSC's. The From: field is set to [EMAIL PROTECTED]. The other MMSC is expecting this field

[Devel] Mbuni 1.3.0 released

2007-07-26 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Hello, We have put out a new release of Mbuni, please find details on the website. Mostly this represents all the changes that have over the past eight months taken place (bug fixes, minor enhancements, etc). We will also shortly be announcing some commercial add-ons, in

[Devel] DLR handling improvement, UACapabilities tracking addition

2007-08-06 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Just posted to CVS, UACapabilities tracking on the mmsbox and mmsbox interfaces. This means that the VASP can receive info about the type of client requesting content. In addition, I have tried to clean up the DLR reporting and tracking in mmsbox. We now tag each service request transaction

Re: [Devel] [PATCH] Manage SIGHUP

2007-08-29 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Applied to CVS. Thanks P. On Aug 29, 2007, at 11:24, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, usually SIGHUP is used in order to close and to reopen the log files (with logrotate for example). Mbuni manage the SIGHUP as SIGTERM and quit the application. I attach my patch that manage the SIGHUP

[Devel] various changes in CVS

2007-09-11 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Hi All, A few additions and improvements on CVS, including: - A plug-in that makes it possible to store queued messages inside a PostgreSQL (v8.2) database rather than in files. In addition, messages can be stored permanently (delivered messages are moved to an archive table). -

[Devel] Additions to Mbuni

2007-09-28 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Hi All, There have been a number of additions/changes in mbuni CVS over the last few weeks that I thought I might hi-light here: - The Mbuni VAS GW can now be used to route messages from one MMSC to another without passing through an mms-service. There are two ways to do this: -

Re: [Devel] Multiple values for single name in multipart/form-data for MMS service HTTP POST

2008-04-28 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Giulio, Yes and no. Most CGI processors accept multiple parameters with the same name, and process them based on whatever rules they impose. For instance PHP converts the parameter into an array if the parameter name(s) are of the form name[]. Other languages do different things. Try

[Devel] CVS changes (memory leaks plugged)

2008-04-28 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Hi All, You will find a whole host of changes made recently in the CVS code. As the Changelog shows, we've had to plug a lot of memory leaks in Mbuni lately. Many thanks for Eric Monchanin (Skycore) and Vincent Chavanis (Telemaque) for raising the red flag(s). Please do test of course

Re: [Devel] Multiple values for single name in multipart/form-data for MMS service HTTP POST

2008-04-29 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
/functionality. Why not support unique names as the RFC suggests, and thus allow the use of other (stricter) parsers? On 29/04/2008, at 3:12 PM, P. A. Bagyenda wrote: Giulio, Yes and no. Most CGI processors accept multiple parameters with the same name, and process them based on whatever

Re: [Devel] [PATCH] fix content-id when a script is giving content

2008-08-19 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Applied -- thank you. Ditto Martin's patch. Paul. On Aug 18, 2008, at 17:01, Vincent CHAVANIS wrote: Hi all, This patch fixes the Content-ID header when a 'listed' web programming language is used to get the content (to get an image/ sound/video into a DB from a php script for example).

Re: [Devel] [PATCH] Mime extension recognition problem for 3gpp

2008-08-19 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
applied. thanks On Aug 19, 2008, at 18:27, Vincent CHAVANIS wrote: A very small fix, 3gpp should be recognize as 3gp and not 3gp2 Without this patch a 3gpp Content-type will be recognize with .3gp2 extention. And will result as an Non-playable MMS item on somes phones. Vincent. diff

Re: [Devel] [PATCH] Add a default mmsc to the send-mms-user field

2008-08-20 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
applied with slight mods. Thanks On Aug 20, 2008, at 09:58, Martin Atukunda wrote: Hi, This patch adds an mmsc field to the send-mms-user section of the configuration file for mbuni. The idea is to have a default mmsc in case the CGI Variable is not set. for review, - Martin -

[Devel] Re: [Users] Help with Mbuni VASGW administration Interfaces

2008-09-02 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
CVS now has the beginnings of the HTTP admin interface. No documentation updates yet, alas, but that should change over the coming hours. Briefly, you need to add the following config params to your mbuni conf group: mmsbox-admin-port = port_no admin-password = password admin-port-ssl =

Re: [Devel] [PATCH] include signal.h

2008-09-02 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
applied. thanks On Sep 02, 2008, at 21:56, Martin Atukunda wrote: diff --git a/mmsc/mmsc.c b/mmsc/mmsc.c index 4e9fd99..7334d94 100644 --- a/mmsc/mmsc.c +++ b/mmsc/mmsc.c @@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ * the GNU General Public License, with a few exceptions granted (see LICENSE) */ +#include signal.h

Re: [Devel] locking on SunOS

2008-09-03 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
We welcome a solution when one is found! The chickens among us would, if using Solaris, rather use the PostgreSQL-based queue storage module instead :) That brings a number of advantages: - Queue processing is faster for larger queues, since unlike the file-based storage which scans

Re: [Devel] locking on SunOS

2008-09-09 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
with the locks. This may not be viable for the main code base. I've attached my changes, I would appreciate any comments. Just a warning - I haven't tested it extensively, just enough to see that it stops the queue runner from starting a message a second time. P. A. Bagyenda wrote

[Devel] http-based mmsbox message relay

2008-09-11 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Has been added to CVS. The idea is that if you have two instances of mmsbox running on separate boxes, MMS received by one instance can be transparently routed to the other instance, which can then do some processing on it. Documentation has been updated. Please test and let us know. On

Re: [Devel] locking on SunOS

2008-09-18 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Thanks for the review. If you would, kindly share a non-destructive patch for further discussion. P. On Sep 18, 2008, at 17:05, Christian Theil Have wrote: I've been testing the patch and it seems to work out allright :-) A few notes; #include sys/stat.h must be outside #ifdef SunOS -

Re: [Devel] locking on SunOS

2008-09-18 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Jason, Thanks. It would be nice to see a full patch against latest CVS for this. On Sep 19, 2008, at 02:16, Jason Pollock wrote: P. A. Bagyenda wrote: Thanks for the review. If you would, kindly share a non-destructive patch for further discussion. Here are the changes that I applied

Re: [Devel] vasp-id

2008-10-02 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
A fair observation. Patch applied. Thanks On Oct 02, 2008, at 16:25, Christian Theil Have wrote: Hi I find it a bit impractical that the id of an mmsc is used as the vasp-id for soap mmscs. For instance, this could pose a problem with multiple mmscs using the same vasp-id. My suggestion

Re: [Devel] Couple of patches

2008-12-04 Thread P. A. Bagyenda
Applied. Thanks On Dec 04, 2008, at 02:08, Benno Rice wrote: The following patches make Mbuni compile and run properly on Solaris 9 (tested on x86). The problems were: - mms_billing_shell.c needs to include sys/wait.h on Solaris to get the WEXITSTATUS macro. - In mms_queue.c,