Re: [riot-devel] Biweekly virtual meeting

2015-03-21 Thread Oleg Hahm
Dear radioing IoTlers, the next regular bi-weekly PlaceCam meeting would usually be scheduled next Wednesday at 10am CET. However, since we have some potential participants in other timezones (including me), I would like to ask if we could reschedule the meeting to 2pm CET again? This would be

[riot-devel] Nucleo L1 Wiki article renamed

2015-03-21 Thread Ludwig Ortmann
Hi, in case anyone wonders what happened to the Wiki entry; I renamed it to in order to match the naming scheme of the other Nucleo boards. Cheers, Ludwig

Re: [riot-devel] Iotivity, AllJoyn, Thread, Ipso Alliance

2015-03-21 Thread Oleg Hahm
Hi! I just realized that I'll probably learn something about IoTivity and AllJoyn today at the T2TRG meeting: I guess there won't be now audio stream, but at least the slides should be online later this day. Concerning IoTBase, I

Re: [riot-devel] Iotivity, AllJoyn, Thread, Ipso Alliance

2015-03-21 Thread Carsten Bormann
Oleg Hahm wrote: I (and I guess I'm speaking for most of us) want a (R)IOT device being able to be connected _directly_ to anything. Be it another RIOT powered device, a Contiki device, my home gateway, my smartphone, or any server in the Internet. That's why it's called Thing-to-thing

[riot-devel] Removing thirdparty repositories

2015-03-21 Thread Oleg Hahm
Dear rousing IoTlers, since we don't need the thirdparty repositories for CPUs and boards any more for quite some time, I think we should finally remove them. Any objections? Can anyone with some experience with the Cortex ports take a look at the PRs in these repos that are still open and see if

Re: [riot-devel] Repository for Docker builds

2015-03-21 Thread Joakim Gebart
On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 12:18 AM, Oleg Hahm wrote: Hi! Also, I need to have an organisation owner (Oleg, Kaspar, Emmanuel or Matthias Wählisch) create the repo since maintainers do not have the proper access to do it. Sure, I can do so. Let's wait if no one objects