[DDN] Bangladeshi Org Uses Boats and River Networks to Deliver Access to Information Technology

2005-08-17 Thread Chrissy Russillo
Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, a Bangladesh NGO, today received the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation's annual Access to Learning Award and US $1 million for its innovative approach to providing free public access to computers and the Internet. Through the use of indigenous boats converted into

[DDN] ICTP-ITU-URSI School on Wireless Networking for Development.

2005-08-17 Thread Miraj Khaled
FYI. /// miraj khaled ICTP-ITU-URSI School on Wireless Networking for Development. 6-24 Feb. 2006. Trieste, Italy. This School is the follow-up of the previous schools on the use of radio for digital communications held yearly since 1998 and series of Colleges on

[DDN] Blogging in African languages

2005-08-17 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Highway Africa News Agency (South Africa) http://www.highwayafrica.org.za/hana/ published an interesting item last May entitled Blogging: a Way to 'Decolonise Cyberspace' which discusses an effort by a Tanzanian, Ndesanjo Macha, to promote blogging in African languages. He has a blog in Swahili

[DDN] Mapping Images from Around the World

2005-08-17 Thread Lars Hasselblad Torres
Hi folks :: I have been working with an amazing group of people, Janet Feldman of ActALIVE and DDN included, to engage children and youth around the world in expressing their visual voice on HIV/AIDS come world AIDS Day 2005. So far, people in over a dozen countries have committed to convening

[DDN] Job Announcement: French-speaking Linux + Networking Technology Expert for Geekcorps Mali

2005-08-17 Thread WVota
While we are constantly looking for ICT experts willing to take volunteer assignments in developing countries, mainly Africa, this time around, Geekcorps can offer more than the usual great benefits and that warm fuzzy feeling from doing good, Geekcorps is looking for a new Geekcorps Mali