[DDN] Refugees: The Liberians of Buduburam

2005-11-07 Thread Andy Carvin
Hi everyone, This weekend I finally finished editing a nine-minute documentary short about my visit to the Liberian refugee camp in Buduburam, Ghana. In the video I visit a telecentre offering computer training to young Liberians, as well as a women's adult literacy support group. I've

[DDN] Terminology its discontents (Re: Third World)

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
I wasn't going to get into this one, but will offer that I've stopped using Third World for some time. It's a legacy term, if you will, and it's not surprising that it is still in circulation (and it's better than some other legacy terms in the field, like underdeveloped). I understand its origins

Re: [DDN] Educating the World's Children: Patterns of Growth and Inequality

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Bonnie, Thanks for this info. I'll comment on the AED report and girls' education below... Re the AED report, I was surprised in my scanning (and word searches) of the document not to find a single mention of language(s) of instruction. This would be a big omission in a report of this importance,


2005-11-07 Thread BBracey
.DECLARATION OF AGREEMENT IN SUPPORT OF GIRLS AND WOMEN IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Can your organization sign on to this document? Recognizing that there are many business, civil society, government, and non-government organizations working both collaboratively and

[DDN] Nonprofit Software Survey - We need your help

2005-11-07 Thread Katrin Verclas
Aspiration is conducting the first-ever 'Nonprofit Software Survey.' We want to learn how nonprofit/NGO staff and their technology supports around the world: * search for appropriate software for their work, * evaluate software options, and * decide which tools to use. We need your help: 1.

[DDN] Fwd: [AFRICA_NET] gapminder

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI, this effort to make statistics on development more accessible may be of interest. (URL in text below; site is mainly in English.) DZO - Forwarded message from rakotonoera denis [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 23:46:23 +0100 (CET) From: rakotonoera denis [EMAIL

[DDN] Student Teams - Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Program

2005-11-07 Thread Champ-Blackwell, Siobhan
Student Teams Invited to Participate in Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Program Deadline: May 6, 2006 The Lemelson-MIT Program ( http://web.mit.edu/invent/ ) works to inspire young people to pursue creative lives and careers and, in particular, to engage in invention and pursue sustainable

[DDN] Nonprofit Blog Exchange - Round 2

2005-11-07 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The next Nonprofit Blog Exchange virtual event will be held during the month of December. (all month) In order to participate in the exchange your blog must have content about nonprofits or nonprofit technology. It must also have at least 5 blog entries and it must be in English. There

[DDN] You might want to off Windows update if it's set to automatic...

2005-11-07 Thread Dave A. Chakrabarti
Just a note to say that you guys might want to turn off automatic updates in Windows. There's a new critical patch out that causes major problems on installation, but leaves you open to worm invasion if you leave it out. In true MS style, they note that the patch will secure you from worm

[DDN] Online learning for the remote villages of Nicaragua

2005-11-07 Thread Jack ODonnell
La Familia de Padre Fabretto is a NGO which serves the needs of 4200 children in six locations in Nicaragua. The organization delivers meals, after school programs, computer education, music programs, sports, job training and university scholarships to children of some of the poorest communities

RE: [DDN] Terminology its discontents (Re: Third World)

2005-11-07 Thread Dr. Steve Eskow
Since I know that Third World was chosen by the partisans of those countries themselves, and many continue to favor it, I've been using Third World regularly. I think, however, that Don Osborn is right, and that the term has grown into negativity. Here is a point of view from Meadows, Meadows,