[DIGITALDIVIDE] African languages ICT / ethnocomputing

2004-08-09 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Appended below are several items of posible interest. The first four are recent news stories concerning or mentioning the importance of African languages in development. The linguistic aspects of the digital divide in multilingual societies such as those in Africa merit increased attention, esp.

Re: [DDN] Voice e-mail ICT4D?

2004-09-03 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Thanks, David. It would be interesting to know about what software you are using, or if the users are simply recoding .wav or .mp3 files to attach to e-mail. Beyond that I wonder if there's not a need for more clarity about the field and how its changing. There is also voice mail - since a long

[DDN] Database of African community radio stations

2004-10-15 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI, a request for information (seen in Pambazuka news #178, 14 Oct. 2004)... Don Osborn Bisharat.net AFRICA: DATABASE OF COMMUNITY RADIO STATIONS The University of Guelph is conducting a research project to collect information to develop a database of community radio stations in Africa. To be

MT; divides (was Re: [DDN] A picture is worth a thousand words! ...)

2004-11-04 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Claude, Belated thanks for your note and kind remarks. I'll reply below to part of your letter... Quoting Claude Almansi [EMAIL PROTECTED]: My impression is that bandwidth issues are improving in a lot of places in the global South [ . . . ]. However many such places will likely remain

[DDN] Fwd: Internat'l Journal of Education Devt. using ICT (EJEDICT)

2004-12-15 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
The following may be of interest. (Reposted from the PPGIS group)... DZO ___ Dear author We are pleased to announce the launch of a new refereed e-journal: International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology (IJEDICT)

Re: [DDN] Local Languages Demand More Space on the Internet

2005-02-18 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Andy, Thanks for posting this. Here are a few quick comments. Though the article does reflect the increasing interest in African language use in software and web content, it also seems a little off or incomplete on some aspects. First, one has the impression that among commercial software

[DDN] Fwd: ICT Policy Panels at CDS Conf., Baltimore, 29-6-2005

2005-04-14 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
The following message from Julie Fesenmaier of Temple University's Business School (Philadelphia, US) was seen on the list of the Australian chapter of the Community Development Society (which I subscribed to as an info source for a class I taught, and have stayed on since the traffic is low and

[DDN] GenARDIS Small Grants Fund

2005-04-29 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI (seen in Pambazuka News 204 - 28 April 2005)... Don Osborn Bisharat.net GENARDIS SMALL GRANTS FUND The GenARDIS small grants fund was initiated in 2002 by CTA, IICD and IDRC, to support work on gender-related issues in ICTs for ACP agricultural and rural development. The programme was

[DDN] Re: Fwd: About Unesco seminar in Bamako

2005-04-30 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Thanks for bringing this up. This event addresses a vital topic that deserves more attention (which it is gradually getting, as attested to by UNESCO and ACALAN's initiative in setting this up). Will others on these groups be attending - and out of those any blogging? If so, it would be great to

[DDN] 10th Internationalisation Localisation Conf. (LRC-X), 13-14 Sept 2005

2005-05-20 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI, this conference may be of interest. Note call for papers (CFP), for which the deadline is 30 May... DZO LRC–X The Global Initiative for Local Computing The 10th Annual Internationalisation and Localisation Conference organised by the Localisation Research Centre 13-14 September 2005

[DDN] Fwd: LRC Best Global Website Award - Deadline Extension

2005-08-10 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI... DZO - Forwarded message from LRC [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:22:06 +0100 From: LRC [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: LRC [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: FW: [LRC Press Release] LRC Best Global Website Award - Deadline Extension To: '[EMAIL

Re: [DDN] Spanish Language materials at midst of controversy

2005-08-11 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
The link to the Denver Post article was working when I checked. The verbal exchange reported in it speaks volumes about some popular attitudes about language and identity in the US and perhaps beyond (though such activism for monolingualism may be mainly an American phenomenon): - You need

[DDN] Blogging in African languages

2005-08-17 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Highway Africa News Agency (South Africa) http://www.highwayafrica.org.za/hana/ published an interesting item last May entitled Blogging: a Way to 'Decolonise Cyberspace' which discusses an effort by a Tanzanian, Ndesanjo Macha, to promote blogging in African languages. He has a blog in Swahili

[DDN] UK ICTs Development Conference, 7-9 Sept 2005

2005-08-23 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI (Fwd from Afrik-IT. I have no further info on this - please contact Dr. Heeks at the address given below)... DZO - Just a reminder that we will shortly be holding what I believe to be the largest UK event on information, ICTs and development. This is the 2005 UK Development Studies

[DDN] CFP: Open Road 2006 - Access content in a multilingual environment

2005-09-06 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI... DZO - Forwarded message from Andrew Cunningham [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 15:15:53 +0100 From: Andrew Cunningham [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: Andrew Cunningham [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [A12n-forum] [IFLA-L] Open Road 2006 - Call for papers To:

[DDN] Blogging from Dakar Limerick

2005-09-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
I'm going to do a little blogging from a couple of conferences on the road - and other meetings in between: *The IDN Unicode in Africa conference (maintenant réunion technique) in Dakar, today, and *The Localisation Research Centre's 10th annual conference (LRC-X) at the University of Limerick in

Re: [DDN] Digital divide deepens in developing world

2005-09-19 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Some time ago I suggested that the much discussed bridging of the divide was actually more like its replication on more local levels. Others have pointed out that the digital divide emerges along lines of older socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic divides. So this news doesn't come as much of a

Re: [DDN] Digital Divide academic journals

2005-10-20 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Consider also journals dealing with multilingual computing and localization. Generally these are or began as trade journals and not academic ones, but they do sometimes treat issues relevant to digital divide work in international development contexts. For example: Localisation Focus (quarterly

[DDN] Terminology its discontents (Re: Third World)

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
I wasn't going to get into this one, but will offer that I've stopped using Third World for some time. It's a legacy term, if you will, and it's not surprising that it is still in circulation (and it's better than some other legacy terms in the field, like underdeveloped). I understand its origins

Re: [DDN] Educating the World's Children: Patterns of Growth and Inequality

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Bonnie, Thanks for this info. I'll comment on the AED report and girls' education below... Re the AED report, I was surprised in my scanning (and word searches) of the document not to find a single mention of language(s) of instruction. This would be a big omission in a report of this importance,

[DDN] Fwd: [AFRICA_NET] gapminder

2005-11-07 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI, this effort to make statistics on development more accessible may be of interest. (URL in text below; site is mainly in English.) DZO - Forwarded message from rakotonoera denis [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 23:46:23 +0100 (CET) From: rakotonoera denis [EMAIL

Re: [DDN] Nature ranks Wikipedia vs. Britannica; adding trust ratings to Wikipedia

2005-12-15 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Andy, thanks for this. There are some interesting ideas circulating re Wikipedia (some in reaction to some negative press the latter has received). For instance, in a thread on H-Africa, there is discussion of how scholars, and instructors students in universities can generate new content and

Re: [DDN] The digital divide and Native Americans

2006-03-25 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
Hi Allison, You should also ask on the Indigenous Language and Technology List (ILAT). See http://www.u.arizona.edu/~cashcash/ILAT.html Don Osborn Bisharat.net PanAfrican Localisation Project Quoting Allison McDermott [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi all, Does anybody know of any specific

[DDN] EJISDC special issue on participatory GIS

2006-06-08 Thread Donald Z. Osborn
FYI, this item from the PPGIS list may be of interest ... Don Osborn Bisharat.net PanAfrican Localisation Project Volume 25 of the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries is now available from http://www.ejisdc.org Volume 25 of the Electronic Journal of Information