Silicon Valley D Meetup - September 28, 2017 - "Open Methods: From C++ to D" by Jean-Louis Leroy

2017-09-18 Thread Ali Çehreli via Digitalmars-d-announce
We're excited to be in San Francisco this month: Our host is AdRoll[1]. Ali [1] AdRoll uses D for data science:

Trial v0.4.0 and visual-trial v0.1.0 are out

2017-09-18 Thread Szabo Bogdan via Digitalmars-d-announce
Hi! I want to announce that I managed to release a new version of Trial, the DLang test runner. Since my last announcement, I made this changes: - new TAP and VisualTrial reporters - add -r flag to override the default reporters - add the describe command which prints a json with the