Re: Copy Constructor DIP and implementation

2018-09-21 Thread rmc via Digitalmars-d-announce
On Wednesday, 19 September 2018 at 00:05:15 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote: On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 10:58:39 AM MDT aliak via Digitalmars-d- announce wrote: This will break compilation of current code that has an explicit copy constructor, and the fix is simply to add the attribute

Webassembly TodoMVC

2018-09-21 Thread Sebastiaan Koppe via Digitalmars-d-announce
Hey guys, Following the D->emscripten->wasm toolchain from CyberShadow and Ace17 I created a proof of concept framework for creating single page webassembly applications using D's compile time features. This is a proof of concept to find out what is possible. At