Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Re: FOSS4GIS business models

2008-01-04 Thread Luis W. Sevilla
Hi Gilberto (and list), only a couple of notes Gilberto Camara wrote: Dear OSGEO Discussion List members: Paul Ramsey┬┤s remarks are right on target. First, GIS is a large arena and there are different motivations for developers, that prevent them from joining a single project such as

[OSGeo-Discuss] Origins Of OpenJUMP

2008-01-04 Thread Landon Blake
Rich, I'll respond to your questions in a separate thread. :] (I invite any other OSGeo members that work with OpenJUMP or UDig to correct mistakes or add details to my post.) JUMP was originally developed by Vivid Solutions with some assistance (I'm not sure how much) by Refractions Research. I

[OSGeo-Discuss] New Year's Reading - Journal Volume 3

2008-01-04 Thread OSGeo
This original notice, below, was sent Dec. 20th. I'm resending it in case it got buried in your year-end or New Year's email pile and you missed it. :) Enjoy! The OSGeo Journal team is pleased to announce the availability of Volume 3. This volume of the Journal is dedicated to