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2008-01-07 Thread Bruce . Bannerman
IMO. Gilberto, In 2003, I did a F00S4G market survey and published the results as a chapter of a US National Academy of Sciences book: Open Source GIS Software: Myths and Realities We analysed 70 FOSS4G software projects

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2008-01-07 Thread Gilberto Camara
Dear Markus, Frank, and all I will try to dwell a bit further on some issues raised by Frank and Markus. Sorry for the long message. Certain issues deserve it... Message from Frank Warmerdam Comments from Gilberto (Frank) (...) But, I am left with the

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2008-01-07 Thread Dr. Markus Lupp
Hi Gilberto, Gilberto Camara schrieb: (Markus) So from my point of view it is possible to compete in the GIS market using an open source business model without any high-level government intervention (although it surely helps) I respectfully disagree. I doubt you could achieve the same

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2008-01-07 Thread Tim Bowden
In putting together some words for the Aust-NZ chapters bid to host the 2009 FOSS4G conf, I went looking at what OSGeo stands for and how we could answer that mission in our conf hosting bid. I looked at and got the distinct impression it was

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2008-01-07 Thread Lucena, Ivan
Hi Bruce, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: wrt the Brazillian TerraLib toolkit mentioned in your paper: - I've had a quick look at the web site. The product appears to be quite mature and functional. - Has anyone from this list had a technical look at the products and like to share their