Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] 3.0 OpenLayers code sprint - call for sponsorships

2008-12-18 Thread Erik Uzureau

It looks like this is shaping up to be quite an event!

The dates on the wiki page still seem very open, but you mention mid-March.
Can we be more precise with the dates that are being considered? March is
already not that far away and it would help to have a tighter window for us to
start pitching this to mgmt.

As for the lodging, all these ski chalets sounds wonderful. The only thing I
would suggest is that, given the nature of this work to be done (sounds to
me like probably more debating than coding, necessarily) it will be crucial
to have a big meeting space and a projector so that people can make
presentations to the group as a whole.

It is great to see CampToCamp stepping forward to organize this event, I
think it will be a great opportunity to get some good work done.


ps. I'll forward the original post to the users@ and dev@ lists for openlayers

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 07:21, David JONGLEZ wrote:

 This mail is a call for sponsorships to organize the « 3.0 OpenLayers
 code sprint ». This event enables European OpenLayers community and
 OpenLayers developers from around the world to meet.

 The likelihood of an OpenLayers code sprint (for version 3.0) is taking
 shape. It is scheduled to take place for 4-5 days during the month of
 March 2009 in France, in a remote and isolated part of the Alps (a quiet
 place to achieve better work on this major release!).

 The cost of the stay (travel expenses excluded) is about 750 € per
 person. As organizers, we want to cover all incurred expenses during the
 event as well as the maximum of travel expenses i.e. a budget of about
 10'000 € for 6 persons. Only the time spent at the event would then be
 at the charge of the developers (and/or their respective

 Any kind of support is welcome... A PayPal account is an easy means to
 carry out a sponsoring activity, even a small one, as an individual or
 as a company's endorsement. For a larger sponsorship, please do not
 hesitate to contact me or Virginie Jourdan directly – virginie.jourdan
 at : we can suggest a communication partner plan (based
 on OpenLayers community's sponsoring activities).

 Thank you for supporting this initiative which will encourage the
 promotion of French and European Open Source Geoinformatics within the

 Sincerely yours,

 David Jonglez

 PS: For more information on the Code Sprint, please look up the following:

* Event Web page:
* Mailing list discussions:
* Page on Version 3.0 of OpenLayers:

 PayPal account : codesprint_sponsoring at (using for
 example the send-money )

 Directeur associé
 Camptocamp France SAS
 +33 (0)4 79 44 44 96

 Savoie Technolac, BP 352
 Batiment le Suroît, Le Square
 48 avenue du Lac du Bourget
 73 377 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Code Sprint: How Much?

2008-10-24 Thread Erik Uzureau
If there were a north american event happenning at the same time as the
bolsena one, I would like to attend.


On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 12:35 AM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) 

 On 10-Oct-08, at 6:23 AM, Jeroen Ticheler wrote:

  Thanks for that Lorenzo and Arnulf! Indeed, mark your calendars because
 I've booked the week of 15 – 21st June 2009 in Bolsena

 Judging by the great feedback of Jeroen's Bolsena event last year, I think
 it must be a great formula to replicate elsewhere as well.  (Aside from the
 FOSS4G focused sprint).

 One person to lead it, pick a spot, set a price, set a minimum attendees
 and invite the developer world. Cancel if there isn't enough interest.

 Maybe unrealistic, but having a non-European event at the same time as
 Bolsena event might provide some level of real-time communication between
 dispersed teams who couldn't all make it to the same location.

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Code Sprint: How Much?

2008-10-16 Thread Erik Uzureau
I would like to second Jody's comments here regarding the timing of the code
sprint. Having only attended two of these conferences, I can't speak with
any sort of real authority, but from what I've seen, delegates tend to be
pretty flogged by the end of the week, be that from thinking or from

Having the code sprints scheduled at the *beginning* of the conference seems
to me would offer several benefits:

1) people are at their freshest -- ok maybe the 19 hours in 47C weren't
exactly a sponge bath... but you are essentially feeling on vacation, you
haven't yet had to wake up and have your act together by 9am *sharp*, you
haven't yet been out drinking till 5am four nights in a row (generally),
jetlag might be working to your advantage (or you could at least find a few
friends to code with you at 4am), and but most of all, you've been excited
about this trip for months and now it's finally happening. game on.

2) time can be used as a last minute sprint to get a release out the door --
or at least an rc. This is always a nice thing to be able to announce to
people *during* the conference, ie And if you want to try this out
just download the new 5.7 release! versus download the latest 5.6 release
and then apply this patch at

3) The energy of having the developers all together huddling could make for
super-valuable last-minute additions to presentations or workshops

4) Any and all unfinished business started during the code sprint can be
followed up during coffee breaks and post-prandial brandy sessions in the

5) Last day of conference is really last day of conference, and you can
remorselessly go out and celebrate that last night

Furthermore, I'd say bumping it up to at least two or three days is
*definitely* worth looking into. Especially when you consider that you do
get some oddball/outlier types showing up to these things, it's hard to get
a plan set up, get newbies directed, *and* manage to actually write some
code... that's all pretty hard to do in just one short day -- especially if
there are time limitations like we experienced this year.

I would say that especially in the case of paying steep airfares to attend,
companies/individuals would probably be more than interested in spending a
couple more days huddled together banging on work.

anyways, just some thoughts.

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 1:07 AM, Jody Garnett [EMAIL PROTECTED]wrote:

 I would go for 3 days - it worked out well for the GeoTools community.
 Three days is enough time to effect change; but not so much time you get
 bogged down.

 I did find timing of a sprint right after FOSS4G to be a bit of a trouble
 for some (in addition to being tired ) reports this year indicate that
 sprints were hampered by the occasional hangover (no doubt due to wish
 others a good trip home the night before).


 Paul Ramsey wrote:

 Everyone loves a good code sprint... or do they?

 2007 brought you the one-day sprint (with the GeoToolsers and uDiggers
 going for an extended weekend sprint).
 2008 brings you another day.
 2009 is still thinking about it.

 How much sprinting would you do? 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 days?

 I am wondering if the right way to handle the sprints is to turn them
 from something the conference quietly subsidizes to something that
 OSGeo pays for directly.  That way the conference organizers don't
 feel like they are having it taken out of their hide, and it can be as
 long as people like. Also, it fits directly into the OSGeo mission of
 promoting the development of the software.

 Book-keeping-wise it's a left-pocket-to-right-pocket transaction for
 OSGeo, but from a authority and decision making PoV it removes the
 issue from the plate of the conference team and puts it into the hands
 of the software promoting team (whomever they may be).

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G 2009 Code sprint

2008-10-16 Thread Erik Uzureau
in the event that it's not already completely clear from my post 5 minutes
ago (d'oh, before reading this thread)

i completely concur with what chris has said here. I think it's pretty
reasonable to think that anyone who is going
to put in the $ to go out to australia is probably planning on spending at
least two or three days to do a bit of
travelling (i feel confident of that but maybe it's actually *not* a valid
assumption?) and so having the spacing between
the code sprint and the conference is in my mind a great idea.


On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Christopher Schmidt 

 On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 04:45:49PM +0800, Tim Bowden wrote:
  The FOSS4G 2009 team are planning a 3 day code sprint.  The conference
  itself will be starting with workshops on Tuesday 20 Oct and finishing
  on Friday 23rd Oct.
  The possibilities for the code sprint are for the preceding Wednesday-
  Friday giving a long weekend in between (giving time for touring, more
  coding or whatever) or Sat - Monday with no break between the code
  sprint and the conference.  What would people prefer?

 I'm strongly in favor of the former.

 For one, like Cape Town, Sydney is too long of a flight to make it just
 a trip about the conference, in my opinion. We had an organized group do
 a two day trip down the cape after the Code Sprint in Cape Town, and I
 think it was a really successful bonding experience for those of us who
 came along, allowing some non-coding social time where we all go to hang
 out and know each other a little better, which I expect will help
 develop better communications in the coming months within the project.

 Also, having a break between the conference after the code sprint keeps
 the possibility of having a 'finished' result of something by the
 conference more likely as well. In general, code sprints are good at
 producing a lot of unpolished code: a couple days can help to get the
 code a bit more polished in order to present it as a new development
 during the conference, if people so choose.

 Lastly, I think that having a break before the conference gives people a
 bit of time to unwind: code sprints tend to be exhausting if you do them
 right (taking full advantage of shared physical location with long
 hours, for example), and going directly from that into a conference
 (described by one attendee as being similar to 'a 5 day long rave' due
 to the amount of energy it consumes) feels dangerous. :)

 Christopher Schmidt
 Web Developer
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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Google Summer of Code 2008

2008-02-27 Thread Erik Uzureau
For the record, Chris Schmidt has set up a page on the openlayers wiki
for project Ideas. Can/should we somehow integrate/link this to OSGEO?


On 2/27/08, Wolf Bergenheim [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Google announced Summer of Code 2008 on Monday, mentor applications can
 be sent in on the 3rd. So we should get to work on creating the ideas
 lists and signing up as volunteer mentors! ;)

 On 21.02.2008 12:45, Mateusz Loskot wrote:
  Should we start spreading the GSoC 2008 program for OSGeo
  around the Internet (Usenet, blogs, forums) or it's yet too early?

 Please start spreading the word. I hope we will have many cool projects
 done this summer!



 :3 ) Wolf Bergenheim ( 8:

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Finding Data Sets

2008-02-03 Thread Erik Uzureau
Hi Bruce, thanks for the tip!

On Jan 23, 2008 8:22 PM,  [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


 A place to start may be the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI)

 Bruce Bannerman

 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 24/01/2008 08:22:38 AM:

  A friend of mine is building a website and wants to add a map of
  India. He asked me today where he could find some good map data on
  India and I had to reply that I have no clue.
  I know that this list is not the appropriate venue for this sort of
  question, but I am hoping that maybe someone on this list would know
  and could point me in the right direction? Cholmes sort of
  unconvincingly suggested [EMAIL PROTECTED] Does anyone else
  have a thought?
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[OSGeo-Discuss] Finding Data Sets

2008-01-23 Thread Erik Uzureau
A friend of mine is building a website and wants to add a map of
India. He asked me today where he could find some good map data on
India and I had to reply that I have no clue.

I know that this list is not the appropriate venue for this sort of
question, but I am hoping that maybe someone on this list would know
and could point me in the right direction? Cholmes sort of
unconvincingly suggested [EMAIL PROTECTED] Does anyone else
have a thought?

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Open Technology Group, Inc. announces PostGIS UMN MapServer Training

2008-01-20 Thread Erik Uzureau
Having read through this thread, I think Dave's suggestion is spot on.
This Service Providers Directory (SPD) is an excellent resource, but
what it is missing is the ability to send updates or news...

It seems pretty clear that there are people here who are [at least
mildly] offended by seeing advertisements on this list. I would bet,
however, that there are also many people on this list who are [at
least mildly] interested in receiving this sort of update.

The idea to create a new list specifically for this sort of posting
cleanly solves this problem. It delivers pertinent information to
those who are interested and bothers not the rest.


On 1/18/08, Dave Patton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Arnulf Christl wrote:

 [snip a bunch of really good stuff - thanks Arnulf]

  Does this mean that all businesses providing this kind of service should
  now spam this list with their latest announcements?
 OSGeo Announcements and News

 OSGeo Discussions

 Therefore, how about adding something like
 Announcements, News, and Press Releases from
 members of the OSGeo Service Provider Directory

 Having such a list would then preclude sending
 those types of materials on OSGeo-Discuss.

 Dave Patton

 System Developer
 National Forest Inventory
 Pacific Forestry Centre
 Natural Resources Canada

 Degree Confluence Project:
 Canadian Coordinator
 Technical Coordinator

 OSGeo FOSS4G2007 conference:
 Workshop Committee Chair
 Conference Committee member

 Personal website:
 Maps, GPS, etc.
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