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2010-04-13 Thread Mike Adair


I can provide input on the Fusion client. 


Cédric Moullet wrote:

Hi Cameron,
I would be happy to bring my input regarding MapFish.

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 9:59 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:

Pieter, good to hear your interest and to hear that geomajas would
be covered.
Anyone interested to step forward for Openlayers, Mapfish or

What should be compared between web clients?
Think of the target audience for such a comparison being a
software developer trying to decide which webmapping framework to
use. What would be the questions they ask?

Off the top of my head:
* What browsers are supported/tested against for each stable release?

* How responsive is the application?
** How large is the javascript which needs to be downloaded to the

* What basemaps are supported
** Google Maps, WMS, WFS, ...

* What tools are supported?
** Pan/Zoom/Edit Feature ...

Pieter De Graef wrote:


if the others are too, I would be interested in such a comparison.
My main question wouls be, exactly what would we be testing?
Performance (how?), functionality, ease-of-use, architecture, 

I still have to check my schedule, but I believe I can set
aside a enough time. I will already forward this mail to the
Geomajas mailing list, to check for response there.

Cameron Shorter schreef:

German Carillo has been building a gis web client
comparison which will make a good basis for a foss4g
presentation here:

Does anyone know how to contact German so that we can
thank him, and invite him to participate in a FOSS4G

Who else would be available to help out with a browser
comparison for the various projects?

Cameron Shorter wrote:

Abstracts for FOSS4G are due next Thursday 15 April
2010 and I'm hoping that we will see abstracts for:

* LiveDVD lightening overview
* WMS/WFS/WCS Shootout
* Desktop comparison
* Browser Client comparison
* Database comparison

I predict that these presentations will be by far the
most popular presentations of the conference. Further,
I'm expecting to incorporate results onto the LiveDVD.
They will be a lot of effort to prepare, partly
because they will need a team of project developers to
contribute to it, and consequently, unless we get our
act together soon, I suspect that no-one will submit
presentations for some of the topics above.

So I encourage people to respond to the following
targeted email threads, noting your intention to help
and be part of one of the presentation teams. (Note,
the presentation will be the easy bit, the hard bit
will be collating the material for the presentation).

A good team for these comparison projects will consist of:

* a representative from each project in the
comparison. These types of comparisons will be the
first place new users will go when researching
software, so are well worth participating in.
* users who have used more than one of the applications
* anyone involved in related comparison reviews, or
development of feature tables or similar
* coordinator/get it done people who can pull it all
* people who can speak well, and efficiently. (You
will have lots of material to present is a short time)

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Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] what about ?

2009-09-28 Thread Mike Adair
Tom Kralidis and I also worked on a WFS implementation of an OWS 
resources catalog some time ago for the CGDI:

service_endpoints: are actual service instances
service_resources: are layers and feature types parsed out of the 
capabilities documents harvested.

and the geometry for those feature types  is the area covered by the 
services (with too many -180,180 services).

That way you could do a geographic query for layers/feature types using 
a WFS query mechanism.


Tim Schaub wrote:


pere roca ristol wrote:

  hi all,
  there was a nice site ( that I 
enjoyed very much because you could do thematic searches of avaible 
WMS, getting back a RSS feed that can be parsed and so on.
  the site has disappeared and I wonder if someone knows something or 
similar sites... I just know the list below, but they don't provide RSS.

I put together a few years ago.  It was running on a 
pretty outdated setup, and the hosting company I used went out of 
business, so I let it come to an end.

I've started on an updated replacement.  I kept all the catalog 
entries and will populate the new service with these when I get it 

I'll also take a look at (I'm 
not getting any response right now).  My current work is also an 
appengine solution - so perhaps there is room for collaboration.

I'll post here when I have something interesting to look at.



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[OSGeo-Discuss] projection projects

2008-01-18 Thread Mike Adair
I'd like to follow up on a conversation that took place at FOSS4G in 
Victoria regarding a gathering of the open source projection clan under 
the OSGeo umbrella.  Frank can probably expand on the idea more, but the 
idea being that it would be an opportunity to build up a community 
around the various coordinate system projects, each of which likely 
wouldn't be able to sustain that on their own.

My immediate motivation for bringing this up now is that I need to set 
up a project infrastructure for proj4js [1]  (svn, trac, email, PSC, 
etc.).  This might be a good fit as an OSGeo 'Lab' project as discussed 
a few months ago, either as a project on it's own or within a group of 
projection projects.


Mike Adair


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