Re: [slim] SqueezePlay - presets .... how?

2013-07-12 Thread castalla
It seems that there is a preset setting key in Squeezeplay - it's the ! key - BUT it only sets preset 1 Is there a way to modify the key mapping to set up preset setting for keys 2-6 ? Touch - Muse M50 EX TPA3123 T-Amp Mini - Acoustics Q10 speakers Logitech Radio + remote Raspberry Pi +

[slim] BBC Radio Streams - Title Art doesn't update

2013-07-12 Thread phil5556
Hi I've posted in General as it isn't specific to one of my players, it happens on them all (Touch, Duet Radio). When listening to live BBC streams (6Music is the main radio station I listen to) the title and art doesn't update when the show changes. It takes a LMS restart to lose the old

Re: [slim] Pre-Announcement: ickStream Music Platform

2013-07-12 Thread mps
Excited about the product. Your newsletter talks about powerful heterogeneous playlists. One thing I would like to see is to put a work on the playlist as if it were a track. E.g., 1. Aaron Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man (A single track) 2. J.S. Bach - Goldberg Variations (A work with 32

Re: [slim] ANN: Orange Squeeze 1.3.0 released!

2013-07-12 Thread slartibartfast
This is quite annoying. When toggling Don't stop the music in the Smart Mix plugin under Smart Mix Options, Orange Squeeze takes nearly 60 seconds on my Galaxy S. slartibartfast's Profile:

Re: [slim] ANN: Orange Squeeze 1.3.0 released!

2013-07-12 Thread pippin
That's not OrangeSqueeze's fault, the plugin doesn't correctly update the menu. --- learn more about iPeng, the iPhone and iPad remote for the Squeezebox and *New: Logitech UE Smart Radio* as well as iPeng Party, the free Party-App, at

Re: [slim] OT: Bluesound as a Slimdevice replacement?

2013-07-12 Thread olc
gruntwolla wrote: Can't find the prices anywhere - Do you have a limk? No link but I found the Bluesound stuff today at a local store. The Node is $500, Powernode is $700. The others I didn't ask about. olc's Profile:

Re: [slim] [ANNOUNCE] SqueezePlay for Mac OSX

2013-07-12 Thread flimflam
dgcrane wrote: I have been trying to make my first shell script to do what I am doing manually in the terminal. I assumed it could be like a bat file and just click on it and it would execute my three little lines Hi Darren Let me offer you a solution. Load Automator in Applications.