Re: The best way to integrate servlets with restlets

2009-06-30 Thread Rhett Sutphin
Hi Tamer, I think this is more of a discuss topic, so I'm moving it there. On Jun 30, 2009, at 9:13 AM, tameremil wrote: Hello, I am currently working on an application where I have to provide a rich web client as well as a REST API. I chose to use RESTLET for my REST API. Now when it

RE: Possible GAE Client issue.

2009-06-30 Thread Matt
Thanks for your response. Bug report added. Cheers, Matt jlouvel wrote: Hi guys, By default, we leverage the HttpURLConnection class which has been reimplemented on top of URLFetcher so this should work. Thierry will finish his work on automated Restlet editions next week or so and