Need help with example, from RESTful Web Services (O'Reilly)

2009-07-01 Thread R.H.
I am trying to run the (RESTful Web Services publisher O'Reilly) and getting a HTTP response code of 403 Forbidden. extends which defines the following keys (constants), public final static String PUBLIC_KEY = 0F9DBXKB5274JK​​TJ8DG2;​ public final

Timeline for Restlet M4?

2009-07-01 Thread Lars Heuer
Hi Jérôme co., Do you have an idea when the remaining bugs [1] are resolved? In a project I tried to support Restlet 1.x and 2.x but recently I switched over to Restlet 2.0M3 due to API incompatibilities. Now I've got the request if it wouldn't be better to switch back to Restlet 1.x. :) I

RE: Re: Multiple content types

2009-07-01 Thread Sherif Ahmed
Okay.. I had to add an XLS Representation for a resource and I wan to support a suffix of .json for JSON and .XLS for Excel , but using the code below (and rest of the code in the previous thread). no matter what extension I use (even other than XLS OR JSON). the Variant.Representation in my

Re: Premature EOF / Broken Pipe

2009-07-01 Thread Timothy Aanerud
I tried adding a second resource to my sample application. But it doesn't fail. In my actual application I have a scheduled background thread doing a POST transaction, immediately followed by a GET transaction. The Premature EOF exception has always occurred in the POST transaction. Since order

RangeFilter and redirects

2009-07-01 Thread webpost
I ran across a problem that was causing the Daemon threads in our WadlComponent-based server to enter a busy loop. Essentially, if a Range header was in the HTTP GET request but the server wanted to return a redirection (e.g. via response.redirectSeeOther()), the entity would be wrapped by a