Re: Issues loading css files (from a Directory) using Firefox

2009-07-11 Thread Bruce Cooper
Hi Jerome, I tried the suggestion of changing the default charset in the application, and that has resolved the issue for me. Its probably still worthwhile registering this as an issue on Mac, even though there is a workaround. I'll leave it as a TODO in my application, just in case nobody else

RE: Mysterious message in client

2009-07-11 Thread Philip Johnson
I have encountered a similar output message after upgrading to 1.3.6: INFO: Starting the HTTP client Jul 10, 2009 10:48:56 AM start In my case, it appears that the name of this logger is global. If that is true, I believe this is a bug, as the name

RE: Re: HTML Email

2009-07-11 Thread webpost
I'd love to get that multi-part patch. Can you post the code? thanks --