Client Android problem...

2009-07-29 Thread Broc
Hello, From the client side, I have exactly the same following code on Android and in Junit test on GAE: String mUri = http://...;; Client mClient = new Client(Protocol.HTTP); Form f = new Form(); f.add(name, value); Representation rep = f.getWebRepresentation(); Representation txt =

HTTPBAsic auth

2009-07-29 Thread Stefan Riffert
Hello, i am devloping a server side application with retslet 1.1.2. Most of the Resources require authorization and are represented depending on the users level. So far, I use the HTTP Basic authentication with a guard in the app. But I dont like to see this popup requesting the username and

2.0 stability and proliferation

2009-07-29 Thread Oleg
Hey guys, In our company we are trying out restlet framework 1.1.5, but looks like 2.0 trunk has a lot of cool enhancements, including security changes. I am curios - how many people use this trunk in production? How scalable it has proven to be in terms of requests per second? How stable?

How do I get the first example to work? Tutorial is out of date - where are jars?

2009-07-29 Thread J.V.
I'm trying to get the very first tutorial to work but it seems a bit out of date (given the version of the jars in the tutorial). If someone can help, I will rewrite the tutorials from the ground up so they are up to date and are helpful to newcomers. Specifically, with the class (from

Re: *SPAM(1.1)* How do I get the first example to work? Tutorial is out of date - where are jars?

2009-07-29 Thread Thierry Boileau
Hello, I think that you get the sample code from this page: It is related to the 1.1 version of the Restlet framework. However, one point in your mail makes me think that you are considering the 2.0m3 version (which deprecates the

Re: very minor issue with freemarker ContextTemplateLoader

2009-07-29 Thread Thierry Boileau
Hello Stoph, Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. I've entered a new issue for this: Best regards, Thierry Boileau I am using Restlet with the included Freemarker integration and it's working very well. I have found a minor issue when

Re: Client Android problem...

2009-07-29 Thread Thierry Boileau
Hello, this should be due to the fact the Android platform supports only a subset of the JDK. In this case, it means that the Json extension, at its current state is not supported by the Android platform. We are aware of this kind of problems (which are met also with the GWT platform).

RIAP Client from within my J2EE application (jboss)

2009-07-29 Thread Andrew Moore
Hi, We're running a J2EE app on JBOSS, but we've started integrating Restlet so that hopefully we can ditch our legacy app and move on with RESTful services. The short story is hopefully some other folks will be able to use our new Restlet service to get the resources they need, but if they

Re: RIAP Client from within my J2EE application (jboss)

2009-07-29 Thread Rob Heittman
Can you try riap://host instead of riap://component and see if that works for you? This is kind of cargo cult advice but we have mainly changed to that, and it works. Untested hypothesis: component/application context visibility issues (added for security reasons around 1.2M2 IIRC) prevent you