Spaces in Media Type Parameters?

2009-08-04 Thread Alex Milowski
I just ran across an issue with media type parameters on the Content-Type header that have spaces. I assumed that quoted values would be OK but I get an exception from Restlet. My assumption was I could send: Content-Type: application/docbook+xml; version='my version 1.0' but the space

Re: Guidance on Atom/APP in Restlet

2009-08-04 Thread Alex Milowski
Sorry to jump in so late on this thread... On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Tim wrote: Some rambling newbie Restlet design questions: Background: I'm in the preliminary stages of a ground-up redesign of an existing non-Restlet application. I'm (naturally) convinced

RE: A simple URI problem

2009-08-04 Thread TKM
duh. thank you. webpost wrote: url-pattern/​myResource/*/url​-pattern router.attach(​/myResource/building​s, BuildingsResource.class); That looks to me that you URL to buildings is http://localhost/ myResource/myResource/building​s. With myResource part duplicated.

RE: Re: JAX RS ExceptionMappers by MessageBodyWriter

2009-08-04 Thread Nicolas Rinaudo
Actually, come to think of it, what I'm talking about *should* be possible. I just ran a test and if I throw any sort of exception in a writeTo method, the status code received by the client is a generic 500. RESTlet somehow manages to catch the error and deal with it (maybe it caches headers

Re: Server connector parameters ignored when configuring from Spring

2009-08-04 Thread Evgeny Shepelyuk
Hello again Can anyone asnwer smth about my issue ? Hello, While developing my restlet application i faced following problem. Im using restlet 2.0m3 with Jetty server connector and configuring my server from Spring. This is snippet of XML file bean id=springComponent

Encoding setup for compression

2009-08-04 Thread Johnson
hi, I am using restlet 1.1.5 to practise compression, it contains some steps like: 1. client send a request to server and tells server what compression formats can be supported. 2. server accepts the request and check these compression forats such as gzip, then compress the representation ans

RE: Integration with Apache HTTP Client available

2009-08-04 Thread webpost
Hi everyboby, I'm a restlet newbie and I'm trying to write a simple client/server application for getting deeper in this technology. At the moment I'm analyzing Apache HttpClient connector and a have a simple question. As stated by the tutorial on connectors:

RE: Patch for JAX-RS extension on GAE

2009-08-04 Thread Jerome Louvel
Hi Martin, Thanks again, your patch has been applied. It would be nice if you could test it with the new edition packaging that is available for the 2.0 snapshots and soon for 2.0 M4. Best regards, Jerome Louvel -- Restlet ~ Founder and Lead developer ~ Noelios

RE: Question about 'org.restlet.engine.Engine.registerHelper(ClassLoader, URL, List, Class)'

2009-08-04 Thread Jerome Louvel
Hi Marcelo, Good point, I've just made this change in SVN trunk to catch all throwables. Best regards, Jerome Louvel -- Restlet ~ Founder and Lead developer ~ Noelios Technologies ~ Co-founder ~ -Message d'origine- De :

Is Representation in acceptRepresentation == Request.getEntity() ?

2009-08-04 Thread Paul J. Lucas
If I am implementing: public void acceptRepresentation( Representation rep ) { // ... } Is using that rep exactly the same as if I had instead done: Representation rep1 = getRequest().getEntity(); ? Is the rep being passed to acceptRepresentation() just

Re: Checking for Request Entity

2009-08-04 Thread Avi Flax
On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 05:34, wrote: Dont know why getRequest().isEntit​yAvailable() returns true, however getRequest().getEntity().getMediaType() return null if the request entity is missing. OK, thanks, that's helpful. I'd still like to understand the behavior though.