Re: Controlling Server Header?

2011-10-28 Thread Alex Milowski
certainly be nice to be able to set this either on the org.restlet.Server or org.restlet.routing.VirtualHost instance without having to add another filter. --Alex Milowski --

Controlling Server Header?

2011-10-27 Thread Alex Milowski
Is there any easy way to control the Server header in the response other than using a Filter? --Alex Milowski --

Re: Code working on 2.0 doesn't work on 2.1RC1

2011-10-26 Thread Alex Milowski
on the server. There should be two requests and maybe the second one failed. --Alex Milowski --

Authorization Header vs. ChallengeResponse

2011-10-19 Thread Alex Milowski
sure what I would do about this right now. [1] --Alex Milowski --

Re: Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-10-12 Thread Alex Milowski
that I'll attach. --Alex Milowski --

Re: Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-10-11 Thread Alex Milowski
On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 5:36 AM, Alex Milowski wrote: Yet  even more information: On a whim, I switched back to creating a new Client and not using the Client returned by getContext().getClientDispatcher().  I call stop() when I am finished and now everything works fine

Re: Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-09-27 Thread Alex Milowski
On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Alex Milowski wrote: I was tracking down an out-of-memory error with my new Atomojo V2 server project where I moved to 2.1.m7 and I found the solution quite disturbing.  I have a configuration where I call out to Google's ClientLogin

Re: Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-09-27 Thread Alex Milowski
to is now closed Sep 27, 2011 5:04:57 AM org.atomojo.www.apps.login.LoginAction login INFO: Authorization request for {...} returned: 1001 Any ideas? I'm going to try aborting the response once I've got the authentication response to see what happens. --Alex Milowski

Re: Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-09-27 Thread Alex Milowski
the in the classpath (jar manifest), should I be seeing that? It doesn't seem right. --Alex Milowski --

Issue in 2.1.m7 with SSL Client Connections

2011-09-26 Thread Alex Milowski
the client connector but the SSL client support also requires org.restlet.ext.ssl.jar. When I looked at the memory consumption, there were class from org.restlet.ext.ssl.jar involved. --Alex Milowski --

isAvailable() returning false on EmptyRepresentation

2011-09-01 Thread Alex Milowski
undesirable error states when isAvailable() returns false for some reason. What is the intended use isEntityAvailable() considering empty entities and requests like HEAD versus those that just might be slow? --Alex Milowski --

Headers in 2.1

2011-08-31 Thread Alex Milowski
I think this is out of date: The instance returned for org.restlet.http.headers is typed as Seriesorg.restlet.engine.header.Header --Alex Milowski

Re: Version 2: How to get XML representation

2011-08-26 Thread Alex Milowski
on the ConverterService: I'm left wanting a bit more of an example other than digging into the source. Neat idea thought and I may have to try this out for my own classes. --Alex Milowski

Re: Version 2: How to get XML representation

2011-08-25 Thread Alex Milowski
: DomRepresentation domRep = new DomRepresentation(resource.get()); Document doc = domRep.getDocument(); I personally use the DocumentBuilder API so I have control over the DOM construction. --Alex Milowski --

sslServerAlias use?

2011-08-23 Thread Alex Milowski
alias, it shouldn't matter whether the sslServerAlias is set or not as long as when it is set, it matches the alias. This seem like a bug. --Alex Milowski --

Re: Re: Internal Connector Error (1002)

2011-03-11 Thread Alex Milowski
by the net extension? I mean, can you add the to  the classpath and test? This is similar to a problem I was having with the internal client connector. It was fixed by switch to the net extension for the client connector. --Alex Milowski

Re: Warnings from Finder?

2010-08-04 Thread Alex Milowski
() method. I'm not following what you are suggesting. Can you be more specific? Thanks! --Alex Milowski --

Re: About loading component from XML configuration

2010-07-26 Thread Alex Milowski
from the XML configuration? Not sure about that... --Alex Milowski --

Warnings from Finder?

2010-07-22 Thread Alex Milowski
instance for every non-existent resource on the server. --Alex Milowski --

Re: Access Logging - Multiple Files

2010-07-09 Thread Alex Milowski
On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Alex Milowski wrote: I've been playing around with the AccessLogFileHandler rather than what I've usually been doing and it works reasonably well except that, somehow, I get two files. I configure my pattern

Access Log Examples - Out of Date?

2010-07-08 Thread Alex Milowski
I think this page is a bit out of date for 2.0: Specifically, the org.restlet.util.AccessLogFileHandler properties should be org.restlet.engine.log.AccessLogFileHandler. --Alex Milowski

Access Logging - Multiple Files

2010-07-08 Thread Alex Milowski
? --Alex Milowski --

Re: Disable DTD validation doesn't seem to work (DomRepresentation)

2010-06-28 Thread Alex Milowski
to allow you to turn off retrieving and parsing the external subset. You could possibly do that by setting the EntityResolver instance. --Alex Milowski --

Re: Null Pointer Exception when using relative references with RIAP

2010-06-12 Thread Alex Milowski
either, the reference for cr is a relative reference with a base URI. Maybe LocalReference should always call getTargetRef() when constructed with a Reference instance? --Alex Milowski --

Who is Using the Component XML Configuration?

2010-06-11 Thread Alex Milowski
to the Restlet source. --Alex Milowski --

getServerDispatcher() usage

2010-06-04 Thread Alex Milowski
. The phrase mostly useful doesn't seem to imply only for. Will any RIAP URI work? Should I use this Client for RIAP URIs over the getClientDispatcher() that I have been using? --Alex Milowski --

Updated eXist Restlet Integration

2010-06-03 Thread Alex Milowski
This is somewhat an alpha release. It should stabilize soon, especially as Restlet 2.0 and eXis 1.5 become official releases. Feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. are all welcome. --Alex Milowski --

Updating RIAP Documentation?

2010-06-03 Thread Alex Milowski
-application can't refer to its using/parent application. That probably should be described in more detail. 4. In general, there is very little about riap://application/... and how it works and/or is to be used. --Alex Milowski -- http

More RIAP Features?

2010-06-03 Thread Alex Milowski
can always get that and so it may only get me part of the way there. --Alex Milowski --

Difference Between Internal Server Connector and Grizzly in 2.0RC3?

2010-05-21 Thread Alex Milowski
of the connector in use and these tests have all worked flawlessly in the past. I was using the Jetty server connector in 1.1 and I'm now moving to Grizzly. Is this a bug or an incorrect use of the client API? [1] --Alex Milowski

Re: A Couple Restlet 2.0rc2 Documentation Comments

2010-05-20 Thread Alex Milowski
it get automatically updated. I've generally reverted to browsing the source code to understand certain aspects of how 2.0 works. --Alex Milowski --

Upgrading to 2.0 Gotchas

2010-05-20 Thread Alex Milowski
to be changed some (which is a lot). Are there other gotchas I should be concerned about? Is there somewhere that we are collecting such information? --Alex Milowski --

A Couple Restlet 2.0rc2 Documentation Comments

2010-04-14 Thread Alex Milowski
the code, I'm sure others are not. Maybe putting targeted how to code samples on the wiki would also be helpful as well as back pointers from the javadoc to the online documentation in the wiki? Anyway, so far things are working pretty well and I haven't run into any real issues yet. --Alex Milowski

Spaces in Media Type Parameters?

2009-08-04 Thread Alex Milowski
400 Bad request). --Alex Milowski --

Re: Guidance on Atom/APP in Restlet

2009-08-04 Thread Alex Milowski
* a Javascript client for doing the same * a web server component that uses configures itself using atom feeds (a special wrap-up of Restlet) * some other application components for building web applications. Much of this still needs documentation. :( --Alex Milowski

Re: Problem in serving up static pages

2008-12-07 Thread Alex Milowski
You've got warnings in your log that say you are missing the file protocol. You should add it to your component's list of client protocols: getClients().add(Protocol.FILE); Try that first. On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 9:10 AM, Johnny Doe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've read old messages here

Multiple Charsets with 1.1M5

2008-07-31 Thread Alex Milowski
= rep.getMediaType(); String charset = type.getParmeters().getFirstValue(charset); rep.setMediaType(MediaType.valueOf(rep.getMediaType().getName())); rep.setCharacterSet(CharacterSet.valueOf(charset)); } That seems rather onerous. --Alex Milowski

Re: Important Context changes

2008-07-29 Thread Alex Milowski
sure if my experience is typical, but I think this is a really good step forward even if it has causes a minor amount of pain upgrading to the trunk. --Alex Milowski

Re: SSL + Virtual Hosts and Issue #489?

2008-07-18 Thread Alex Milowski
-restlet/38-restlet.html Maybe we could have about ssl configuration there as well. Of course, the parameters are specific to the server helper... --Alex Milowski

Re: SSL + Virtual Hosts and Issue #489?

2008-07-15 Thread Alex Milowski
virtual IP addresses. Let me know if I missed something. That makes sense to me. I seem to remember having to do this with apache once or twice. This should certainly be documented somewhere as we go forward. Is there an SSL tips page on the wiki? --Alex Milowski

Re: SSL + Virtual Hosts and Issue #489?

2008-07-07 Thread Alex Milowski
virtual hosts on one server I can associate the different SSL certificates with each host's connection. Now, I can work around the IP address limitations by using additional addresses on the server. Is this a Restlet limitation, a Jetty limitation, or a Java SSL implemenation limitation? --Alex

Re: SSL + Virtual Hosts and Issue #489?

2008-07-03 Thread Alex Milowski
) that would support setSslContext in the Restlet connector. The other connectors (Grizzly and Simple) can use setSslContext or equivalent. Why can't we set properties on the VirtualHost instance as to what alias and what keystore should be used for SSL transport? --Alex Milowski

SSL + Virtual Hosts and Issue #489?

2008-07-01 Thread Alex Milowski
) with a virtual host? --Alex Milowski

Re: Disabling the TunnelService

2008-05-21 Thread Alex Milowski
() returning the unmatched portion? Either way, this works for me because I can just turn it off for my uses (which is what I did) and everything works as expected. --Alex Milowski

Re: Disabling the TunnelService

2008-05-19 Thread Alex Milowski
automatically that was surprising to me. --Alex Milowski

Disabling the TunnelService

2008-05-16 Thread Alex Milowski
of whether such filters are enabled. --Alex Milowski

Re: Issues with Directory and Custom contexts

2008-05-14 Thread Alex Milowski
()' method? In this case, no. I need to have a different set of parameters and attributes. Maybe my use case is just non-trivial and so the strange constructor for the context is also non-trivial. --Alex Milowski

Troubles with Directory

2008-05-13 Thread Alex Milowski
returns with a URI list. I've tried turning content negotiation off but that doesn't seem to help. I can easily write the Restlet to do what I want... but I thought I'd use standard objects rather than do that... :) BTW, I'm using the trunk build as of yesterday. --Alex Milowski

Bad TunnelService, Bad! (was Re: File extensions are not taken...)

2008-05-13 Thread Alex Milowski
); It seems to me that a service such as this: * should be *OFF* by default * shouldn't mess with the original information (e.g. leave the last segment alone) * should provide its information as an optional augmentation of the request. --Alex Milowski

Re: Bad TunnelService, Bad! (was Re: File extensions are not taken...)

2008-05-13 Thread Alex Milowski
Sounds good to me. . To switch the extension tunnel off, you need getTunnelService().setExtensionTunnel(false). Thanks. I'll try that. --Alex Milowski

Issues with Directory and Custom contexts

2008-05-12 Thread Alex Milowski
as: Context appContext = Engine.getInstance().createHelper(MyComponent.this).createContext(getLogger().getName()); This seems rather non-obvious :( --Alex Milowski

Re: Webdav and restlet

2008-02-07 Thread Alex Milowski
set of resources with the trunk code. It worked just fine! --Alex Milowski

Security Issues with Dynamic Loading of Applications?

2008-01-26 Thread Alex Milowski
? --Alex Milowski

Re: Request in checkSecret()

2008-01-05 Thread Alex Milowski
two request to that web service, the current class works fine because the authorize() method has the request and response as parameters. --Alex Milowski

Request in checkSecret()

2008-01-04 Thread Alex Milowski
. Currently, I've been doing this by recreating the authenticate method and then calling my new checkSecret() method. That seems a bit clunky. --Alex Milowski

application/xml in MetadataService

2007-12-05 Thread Alex Milowski
) to describe the media types and their extensions. By default this could be packaged in the org.restlet.jar file but could be overridden with a system property that points to a different location to load. --Alex Milowski

Re: Releasing Representation

2007-11-24 Thread Alex Milowski
On 11/23/07, Alex Milowski [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I see there is a release() method on the Representation class but I can find any place in the trunk where this method is actually used. I have a problem in that I'm using an OutputRepresentation instance to return a resource from eXist

Releasing Representation

2007-11-23 Thread Alex Milowski
the case where the 'write' method is never called for some reason. --Alex Milowski

Guards and 403 Responses

2007-11-21 Thread Alex Milowski
) { ... } and that way someone like myself could override the forbid method on a Guard instance to add a challenge. This would fix the problem where Firefox et. al. remember the bad password and require that I clear passwords before I get the challenge again. --Alex Milowski

Re: Router.attach Patterns

2007-11-12 Thread Alex Milowski
in both how to use the API to accomplish this and the fact that the specification for URI templates mentions nothing about matching semantics. As such, should have such a specification somewhere. --Alex Milowski

Re: Router.attach Patterns

2007-11-12 Thread Alex Milowski
:// My eventual plan is to provide an XProc integration with Restlet in the smallx project. --Alex Milowski

Re: Router.attach Patterns

2007-11-05 Thread Alex Milowski
or bad resource) from amongst valid ones by mapping it to a error handling resource. For example, you might want to find all paths then end with .js under a certain resource. [1] --Alex Milowski

Re: LocalReference given a Class Instance?

2007-09-23 Thread Alex Milowski
CLAP resources. You can set this attribute by using a custom Filter set-up in your Application.createRoot() method. Enhancement checked in SVN trunk. Let me know if this works for you. I'll check it out and let you know. Thanks! --Alex Milowski

Scripting and Restlets

2007-09-07 Thread Alex Milowski
? Has anyone tried JRuby or Groovy with Restlets ? --Alex Milowski

LocalReference given a Class Instance?

2007-09-07 Thread Alex Milowski
. Maybe we need a new Finder called ClassResourceFinder such that you can do: router.attach(/content,new ClassResourceFinder(MyApp.clas,content)); and get resources from getResource() calls against the ClassLoader. --Alex Milowski

Re: LocalReference given a Class Instance?

2007-09-07 Thread Alex Milowski
should be. Further, the class loaded could use multiple jar files and so there isn't a way to construct one URI. All that complexity is avoided by using: MyApp.class.getResourceAsStream(path); I'm testing some code right now for this and I'll try to post an example later. --Alex Milowski

Re: LocalReference given a Class Instance?

2007-09-07 Thread Alex Milowski
) { if (getLogger().isLoggable(Level.FINE)) { getLogger().info(Class resource: +path); } InputStream is = baseClass.getResourceAsStream(path); if (is==null) { return null; } else { return new InputRepresentation(is,type); } } } --Alex Milowski

Re: RE: Xeerkat XMPP Restlet

2007-08-25 Thread Alex Milowski
protocol is gong to be much more useful. In the case of P2P computing, handling responses asynchronously lets the sender continue to do useful work while waiting for the response. --Alex Milowski

Re: Problem building Restlet source

2007-08-24 Thread Alex Milowski
script. I haven't tried using the trunk. I'll try if I have time to do so tonight or tomorrow. --Alex Milowski

Re: Odd issue with VirtualHost.setServerAddress

2007-08-22 Thread Alex Milowski
On 8/22/07, Jerome Louvel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Alex, In the end, when you add the server the domain name resolves to a single IP address that is the bind address for the server. My only suggestion is that if I can use a name to set the bind address I should be able to use

Re: Odd issue with VirtualHost.setServerAddress

2007-08-21 Thread Alex Milowski
to a numeric IP address and that is what you see in the logs. I don't see the issue with allowing VirtualHost.setServerAddress() to do the same a resolve a domain name to a numeric IP address. If you give it the wrong domain name that is the same error as giving it the wrong IP address. --Alex

Re: Odd issue with VirtualHost.setServerAddress

2007-08-17 Thread Alex Milowski
the right thing and handle both domain names and numeric ip addresses and so this would be easy to implement as either. Internally, we could resolve any domain names to a specific numeric ip address and use that for matching. --Alex Milowski

Re: get and send Cookie not working....

2007-08-17 Thread Alex Milowski
-Cookie header is there? [1] [2] --Alex Milowski

Re: mvc frameworks and refreshing applications

2007-08-16 Thread Alex Milowski
. --Alex Milowski

Patches for Adding/Removing Hosts between Component Restarts

2007-08-16 Thread Alex Milowski
and not available via public methods on the Component class. I suggest this is filed as an enhancement to provide a way to reload the virtual hosts from the host list. It should be very easy to implement but probably requires a special method on Component. --Alex Milowski

Odd issue with VirtualHost.setServerAddress

2007-08-16 Thread Alex Milowski
() call. I think this would be a simple issue of using to get the numeric address and then using its textual form for the match pattern. The question is whether this is the desired behavior or not? --Alex Milowski

Null pointer exception with anonymous restlets

2007-08-15 Thread Alex Milowski
; } this.context = new Context(logName); } return this.context; } --Alex Milowski

Re: Keep Alive Problem with Simple Framwork

2007-08-15 Thread Alex Milowski
a certain time has passed (in Firefox I believe it's 30 seconds), another POST request will go through. Was this ever resolved? I don't see an issue filed on this one. I've been testing atomojo and found the same issue. I suppose I should just switch from the simple framework to Jetty. --Alex

Null pointer exception with Grizzy Connector

2007-08-15 Thread Alex Milowski
and System.err uses in that would be better served as either an exception or being set to a Logger instance. --Alex Milowski

Critical Patch for Grizzy Connector

2007-08-15 Thread Alex Milowski
header could remain and randomly allow another user into a resource for which they do not have access. --Alex Milowski

Re: Atom Support

2007-08-02 Thread Alex Milowski
of the APP spec does the current version support? say in comparison to apache abdera. I don't support server side categories and I don't support etags otherwise the code should be inline with the current version of the APP. --Alex Milowski

SSL and Wildcard Certifcates

2007-07-27 Thread Alex Milowski
)this.connection; + https.setHostnameVerifier(HostnameVerifier.DEFAULT); +} + // These properties can only be used with Java 1.5 and upper // releases --Alex Milowski

Re: SSL and Wildcard Certifcates

2007-07-27 Thread Alex Milowski
=281 That should do it. To use the not-yet-commons-ssl code I'd have to write a little bootstrap class since they use a static field. ...but that's OK with me. --Alex Milowski

Routing bug?

2007-07-17 Thread Alex Milowski
/O/myterm I believe the problem is in but I haven't really dug into the code yet. --Alex Milowski

Re: Routing bug?

2007-07-17 Thread Alex Milowski
Turning on fine logging I get the following. It looks the route handling is correct. Is it possible that the Reference class is doing something bad ? Jul 17, 2007 10:49:01 AM com.noelios.restlet.component.HostRoute beforeHandle FINE: New base URI: https://localhost:8080 Jul 17, 2007 10:49:01

Re: Routing bug?

2007-07-17 Thread Alex Milowski
*sigh* My bug. I take the remaining part and create a new Reference() instance along the way. That explains everything. At least I got to dig into the code and understand it a bit better. :) --Alex Milowski

Re: Server Interface Binding

2007-07-08 Thread Alex Milowski
. If the address is specified, an InetAddress instance needs to be specified on the constructor. The same needs to be done for https. I think I can patch the code and see if I can get it to work. --Alex Milowski

Re: Atom Suppport

2007-07-05 Thread Alex Milowski
work. This is a library I've been developing for streaming XML and is now hosted on google's code hosting (it was on It's been around for almost 6-7 years now. That would create a new library dependency and I'm not sure you'd want to do that. --Alex Milowski

Server Interface Binding

2007-07-05 Thread Alex Milowski
or a trick that I need to do to get this to work? --Alex Milowski

eXist/Restlet now @

2007-06-10 Thread Alex Milowski
to this project except that it should be easier to build now and it has an official home. The code lets you run the embedded version of eXist and then access it through Client calls. --Alex Milowski

Re: Roadmap to 1.1

2007-05-17 Thread Alex Milowski
as well. The biggest issue in implementing the atom protocol is the storage and retrieval of feeds. I'm using eXist to store the XML and Derby to store relational metadata about them. That would have to be abstracted out in a restlet-provided implementation. --Alex Milowski

Re: Atom Support

2007-05-03 Thread Alex Milowski
, but getting something basic running isn't so hard. --Alex Milowski

Context, Attributes, and Parameters...

2007-04-22 Thread Alex Milowski
() { return getContext().getLogger(); } public SeriesParameter getParameters() { return getContext().getParameters(); } }; but that seems like it might be useless if the context is shadowed somehow. --Alex Milowski

Restlet XMPP

2007-04-20 Thread Alex Milowski
to the restlet API and hide all the agent brokering in local services. --Alex Milowski

Basic Auth Post -- Works the second time but not the first

2007-04-10 Thread Alex Milowski
) { protected boolean checkSecret(String user,char [] password) { ...db lookup code... } }; and the guarded application is added through the setNext() method. --Alex Milowski

Routing and Applications - Slash vs no Slash

2007-04-08 Thread Alex Milowski
setup my routing paths without a trailing slash so that I can re-use objects that contain routers that start with a slash? --Alex Milowski

Getting HTTP Headers - Case sensitive?

2007-04-04 Thread Alex Milowski
If I need to get a Slug header, I can do: Form headers = getRequest().getAttributes().get(org.restlet.http.headers); String slug = headers.getValues(Slug); but is that Slug or slug or does it not matter? For a header, it should be case-insensitive. --Alex Milowski

Reference/Client API question

2007-04-03 Thread Alex Milowski
)) ... So, what I am missing about how Reference is handled when it is passed to a client helper? --Alex Milowski

Re: Reference/Client API question

2007-04-03 Thread Alex Milowski
parts of your URIs, like relying on the getPath() method. Ah. OK. Reading the javadoc a little more carefully... there is a note there about some prerequisites. :) This makes more sense. Thanks! --Alex Milowski

eXist / Restlet Integration

2007-04-02 Thread Alex Milowski
(application/xquery)) ); --Alex Milowski

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