2.1M3 Android edition hang...

2011-04-20 Thread Brian Anderson
I have an Android client that is roughly equivalent to the serialization example (First Application). Using 2.0.6 or 2.1M3 the Android client works fine using Java serialization as the representation. I modified the Android client to explicitly register the Jackson converter so that I can

Detecting non-existant file/directory with Directory

2010-09-01 Thread Brian Anderson
I have a specialized Redirector that redirects to a URI based upon the language of the request. I have a URI template that I use to insert a language qualifier into a resource path (e.g. portal/content/foo - portal/d/en/foo). This resource is attached to the content path using

Restlet trunk andd GWT issues...

2009-06-29 Thread Brian Anderson
Hello, I am working with the GWT edition and trunk r5150 in order to get the recent changes that fix content negotiation issues present in 2.0m3. I have a simple GWT app loosely based upon the RestletGWTSimpleExample. I notice that I cannot get my GWT app to run in hosted mode without changing

RE: Restlet trunk andd GWT issues...

2009-06-29 Thread Brian Anderson
FWIW, the following change in HttpClientConverter.java seems to fix the NPE: public void commit(final HttpClientCall httpCall, Request request, Response response, final Uniform userCallback) throws Exception { if (httpCall != null) { // Send the request to the