Spring - Guard and Resolver

2009-09-11 Thread Thomas Cozien
Hi, I would like to know how (and if it's possible of course) implement some Guard (whith URIs, ChallengeScheme and Realm) with Spring (and also some Resolver) this is my application : @Override public synchronized Restlet createRoot() { Router router = new Router(getContext());

RE: JSON and File Representation

2009-07-28 Thread Thomas Cozien
Hi Jérome, Thanks for the answer. Regards Tom -- http://restlet.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=4447dsMessageId=2376282

JSON and File Representation

2009-06-05 Thread Thomas Cozien
Hi, I use RestLet server to send JSON Object with JsonRepresentation object. I want to send picture (or image) with this Json representation. I know i can send picture with FileRepresentation but I wonder if it possible to send both picture and json? Or may I use an other representation?