Re: [discuss] Speed question

2004-09-06 Thread Steven Stratford
I turned on system logging. Here's part of a session log. Two things were going on: Entourage was accessing the exchange server, and there was a web page request using Mozilla. Both requests completed eventually, though this is not the complete session. --Steve Sep 6 09:26:29 : Authoxy has

Re: [discuss] Speed question

2004-09-07 Thread Steven Stratford
Title: Re: [discuss] Speed question OK I changed NTLM Host/Workstation from sstratpbook (me) to (our proxy server), and here's my result (better but not optimum) accessing Software Update. Takes 2 minutes for step 2 to complete, dont know enough about NTLM to know why. That seems to be

Re: [discuss] Speed question

2004-09-14 Thread Steven Stratford
Thanks, Heath! That is very interesting, and gives me something else to try. I have some time tomorrow and will definitely send you a dump or two, maybe post a snippet or two to the list to see if someone wants to give it a shot. On 9/13/04 11:45 PM, Heath Raftery [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey

[discuss] Possible issues

2004-09-23 Thread Steven Stratford
The other day I tried the start Authoxy script. After I did that, I couldn't seem to get Authoxy working right, but I also tweaked a DNS network setting (so I'm not 100% sure the script is to blame). I noticed that in the message window, I kept getting spinning beach ball, and that I couldn't seem

Re: [discuss] Possible issues

2004-09-23 Thread Steven Stratford
On 9/23/04 7:54 AM, bruce [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes, I have struck both of these problems too. WRT the first paragraph, we have had the same issue with 10.3.4 and 10.3.5 However, I am a little reserved about blaming authoxy as it does seem to happen when the network connection is not

Re: [discuss] To-do for Authoxy 3.1.2

2004-11-04 Thread Steven Stratford
dump if it helps track it down. --Steve On 10/20/04 12:31 PM, Steven Stratford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [Heath-- I stated below that the startup problem doesn't occur with my PowerBook, but in fact it does. When I restart with startAuthoxy in my startup items, it does not successfully

Re: [discuss] Disconnect / authinticate problem

2005-02-04 Thread Steven Stratford
. An update from Apple screwed it. I uninstalled Authoxy and re-installed it and also did the repair permissions mojo etc. to no avail. Regards, Steve On Friday, February 04, 2005, at 08:36AM, Steven Stratford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: there are some people here :) I have had very

Re: [discuss] Speed question

2005-02-06 Thread Steven Stratford
Steve-- Here's the info for getting a tcpdump that Heath sent me last fall. Worked fine for me. The last part about jumping to Software Update was specific for the problem I was having, so for you you'd have to figure out how to do your test and get your results. --Steve On 9/13/04 11:45 PM,