Re: [pfSense-discussion] authpf package

2005-10-29 Thread jonathan gonzalez
about this theme a trick can be done, that of course is not disable as it sounds the user access. PAM_file can be used for ssh connections. This feature reads from a file (i.e. in the root directory) a list of allowed users. If a user is in the list he can get in, else, he can't. It's clean

[pfSense-discussion] PPTP wan over dynamic IP

2005-10-29 Thread Gil Freund
Hi, Our local Cable provider has decided to access using L2TP or PPTP over DHCP. One ISP ( was kind enough to provide a script to achieve this connection (The script is for RedHat PPTP package, but the logic is clear enough): #!/bin/bash [EMAIL PROTECTED] IF=eth0 /sbin/ifdown