[pfSense-discussion] multiwan ftp proxy

2007-11-14 Thread D.Pageau
What is the current status on multi-wan ftp proxying ? I have dig around on pfsense FAQ, forum, blog, wiki, ticket (btw, is it too many source of information ?) Some info (outdated ?) on FAQ (or is it blog or forum or wiki or cvs ?) says that is not supported and will be when someone will

[pfSense-discussion] authpf package

2005-09-07 Thread D.Pageau
In the past I have used openbsd authpf wich is a special shell that add dynamic rules in pf firewall. It's basically the same idea of port knocking where port are blocked by default and can be opened but it's much more powerfull. http://www.openbsd.org/faq/pf/authpf.html I'd like to get