Re: [pfSense-discussion] Snmp monitoring

2010-09-06 Thread Robert Mortimer
You can always check for the same two IP addresses that you load balancer does. - Original Message - Hi everyone! Is there any recommended way to monitor the Load Balancer status over snmp? I mean, I'd like to setup an alarm that would check over SNMP if one of the internet

Re: [pfSense-discussion] override routes on WAN

2010-05-04 Thread Robert Mortimer
- Eugen Leitl wrote: I'm attempting to simulate a production network with gateway on the OPT1 interface (set to but I'm too dense to figure out how override the default route, which sends the packet to WAN. I obviously

Re: [pfSense-discussion] start on safe mode

2009-01-19 Thread Robert Mortimer
Chris Buechler wrote: On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 3:18 AM, Zied Fakhfakh wrote: Hi, I need to start pfSense, always on SAFE MODE, can someone point me to a good documentation ? What do you mean by safe mode? Zydoon wrote: when I start pfSense normally it hangs somewhere at a

Re: Re[2]: [pfSense-discussion] Multiple IP on WAN

2006-08-20 Thread Robert Mortimer
protforwarding, it sets up the right rules for you). Holger -Original Message- From: Robert Mortimer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 10:55 PM To: Subject: Re: [pfSense-discussion] Multiple IP on WAN Try Interfaces Assign VLAN I think

RE: [pfSense-discussion] Limiting access through table virusprot

2006-07-31 Thread Robert Mortimer
Am Mittwoch, den 26.07.2006, 18:38 -0700 schrieb krt: You can do a connection limit on a rule with a specific proto/port, i.e. simultaneous client connection limit/max state entries per host/max new connections per second. Yes I know that already. Take a look at the created rulebase and