Re: Re[2]: [pfSense-discussion] Multiple IP on WAN

2006-08-20 Thread Robert Mortimer
I'm not quite clear, is this what you are looking for Give the WAN the public IP address you want for LAN access Give the LAN NIC the IP address Set up DHCP Use DHCP to give static IP addresses to machine you want to be addresses from the WAN Create a number of vlans with your

Re[2]: [pfSense-discussion] Multiple IP on WAN

2006-08-19 Thread Chris Noble
Hiya, nope didn't work.. (Im using RC2) Basically here is my setup. 8 public ips from my isp. I share my home internet with range and some of these public ips on other machines. I would like the router to have and my-public-ip-1 Then my other workstations/servers that