Re: [pfSense-discussion] authpf package

2005-10-29 Thread jonathan gonzalez
about this theme a trick can be done, that of course is not disable as it sounds the user access. PAM_file can be used for ssh connections. This feature reads from a file (i.e. in the root directory) a list of allowed users. If a user is in the list he can get in, else, he can't. It's clean

[pfSense-discussion] What happens if the soekris hardware is defective upon arrival? The Cortex Systems way.

2006-06-23 Thread Jonathan Gonzalez
Hi group, just writting this short note to let you know how Cortex Systems - your soekris provider operate. I did a bank transfer for a soekris net4801-60 (256MB RAM) and other elements. When it arrived the hardware only recognizes 128MB of RAM. I got in touch with the support team and a