Re: [Neo] typing game

2011-09-24 Diskussionsfäden Matthias Wächter

On 21.09.2011 14:30, Ulrich Bär wrote:

ein etwas makaberes typing game ..

Ja herrlich! »WISE!« ;)

Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich den Nightmare-Mode nicht aus eigener Kraft geschafft habe … aber 
wofür gibt es neo-vars? :)

; custom.ahk
SetKeyPos(CP4F1, EncodeUniComposeA(insert tab into buckle mechanism until you 
hear it click, then tighten with strap.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F2, EncodeUniComposeA(put on the mask and try not to freak out about 
how the plastic bag isn't inflating...))
SetKeyPos(CP4F3, EncodeUniComposeA(oh shit the little kid! please don't let me be 
the guy who lets the little kid die!))
SetKeyPos(CP4F4, EncodeUniComposeA(oh my god we're going to crash into the sea! 
no one will ever find my body!))
SetKeyPos(CP4F5, EncodeUniComposeA(fuck it, might as well take my bag. at least i 
can watch movies on my laptop.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F6, EncodeUniComposeA(maybe i should just breathe deep and die of 
smoke inhalation instead... nah.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F7, EncodeUniComposeA(oh shit, these people look angry! better open 
the door before they go apeshit!))
SetKeyPos(CP4F8, EncodeUniComposeA(i'll inflate it, but it feels pointless. one 
last placebo before i die.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F9, EncodeUniComposeA(at least this looks fun, i guess. this fucking 
life vest better do its damn job.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F10, EncodeUniComposeA(holy fuck there's a shark down there! really 
hope it goes for someone else!))
SetKeyPos(CP4F11, EncodeUniComposeA(so it comes to this. blowing a whistle in the 
hope these assholes will rescue me.))
SetKeyPos(CP4F12, EncodeUniComposeA(well, ultimately it's him or me and i'd 
rather it was him. maybe he's a good swimmer?))
SetKeyPos(CP3F5, EncodeUniComposeA(there is no way in hell that ship is going to 
see us. we are definitely going to die.))
SetKeyPos(CP3F6, EncodeUniComposeA(what? where am i? why am i on a beach? i... i 
thought i was in a plane crash... it's weird though... i feel like i'm meant to be here...))

… wobei ich draufgekommen bin, dass sich die fünfte Ebene nicht für solche Strings eignet, da das 
Shift während der Sting-Expansion gedrückt bleibt und die Satzzeichen kaputt macht (und dadurch im 
Spiel für reichlich Blut sorgt). Also wieder mal was zum Korrigieren. :)

– Mœsi

[Neo] typing game

2011-09-21 Diskussionsfäden Ulrich Bär
ein etwas makaberes typing game ..

Ulrich Bär

Re: [Neo] typing game

2011-09-21 Diskussionsfäden Daniel Horz
Am 21.09.2011 14:30, schrieb Ulrich Bär:
 ein etwas makaberes typing game ..

Hart …

Dann wäre da noch :)


Daniel Horz

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