[Feature request] Allow grammatical cases for verbose_names

2019-01-07 Thread Maciek Olko
Django calls itself a framework for perfectionists, whereas isn’t perfect for locale Django admin in languages with grammatical cases. Please find a description of an idea of one step towards perfection below. PEP 3101 introduced compound field names

Re: Migration strategy for proxy model permissions to use their own content type

2019-01-07 Thread Arthur Rio
Thank you for your feedback Aymeric, I have added the backward migration method + tests per your suggestion: https://github.com/django/django/pull/10381/commits/d5c4a4b08ccee9239e5117df4c788a5a7a2f60a9 Regards — Arthur On January 6, 2019 at 10:04:18 PM, Aymeric Augustin (