Re: Google Summer of Code 2019

2019-02-16 Thread Aleksi Häkli
Just my 2 cents or ramblings on the topic of GSoC and deployment: Most Django deployments we do are executed by running containers from custom built Docker images from private repositories. They are mostly run with either - Docker Compose on small scale, or - Heroku, Kubernetes or other

Re: Post mortem on today's packaging error.

2019-02-12 Thread Aleksi Häkli
Jazzband ( uses an approach that builds and pushes the PyPI packages to an intermediate repository that is owned by the Jazzband organization. The Jazzband intermediate repository then allows publishing them from the Jazzband organization to PyPI via a

Help needed on Django-Guardian.

2019-02-04 Thread Aleksi Häkli
We have had good success in project maintenance with the Jazzband organization which collaboratively tends to a number of Django projects. I think that the crowd of maintainers could help in the Guardian project infrastructure and take care of things like versioning, allowing better focus for