Re: Composite fields

2016-10-16 Thread Victor Porton
I have implemented something like this: (I did my implementation before reading my thread.) Please feel free to use and modify my code. Well, now I should read this thread and

Re: Django Channels for Client - Server asynch connection

2016-10-16 Thread Andrew Godwin
Hi Armitpal, django-developers is for discussions about development on Django, Channels and other Django projects themselves, not the use of them. For general discussion we have an IRC channel at #django-channels on Freenode or; for specific requests or bugs you can

Re: LiveServerTestCase change in Django 1.11 means can't run functional tests against external server?

2016-10-16 Thread Alex Riina
Thanks for including a link to the TDD tutorial! As far as I can tell, the author wants to use `--liveserver` to point his functional tests at an external server so he can run his tests through nginx after running the same tests in his normal test environment. Based on the shell prompts in

Django Channels for Client - Server asynch connection

2016-10-16 Thread Amirtpal
Hi Django folks, Just a couple of questions on using Django Channels a) Assuming I have remote and distributed clients(e.g. custom code deployed inside web applications) and I need that to maintain an asynch flow over https to our backend django server in the cloud, how could I use Django

Re: Django ORM query syntax enhancement

2016-10-16 Thread Aric Coady
+1. I implemented much the same thing for part of django-model-values , but went with F expressions as the basis instead. Primarily because F expressions already support operator