Re: Can we make HTTP 308 the default for CommonMiddleware / APPEND_SLASH?

2019-01-12 Thread Tobias Wiese
Hello, On 1/11/19 6:42 PM, George-Cristian Bîrzan wrote: > the only thing that I can think of is whether HSTS preload will > support anything except 301. All my pages redirect via a 308 from the http to the https version. And most of them are HSTS preloaded. So no problem here. -- Tobias Wiese

Re: Fellow Reports - January 2019

2019-01-12 Thread Tim Graham
Week ending January 12, 2019 Triaged --- - Better error message for "App '' could not be found. Is it in INSTALLED_APPS?" (fixed) - Setting DATABASES['default']['TEST']['engine'] to SQLite

Re: QuerySet.iterator together with prefetch_related because of chunk_size

2019-01-12 Thread charettes
Replying to my concerns about the P * C queries. Throwing that idea out there but what if we required chunk_size to be explicitly specified when the queryset has prefetch lookups? That would at least force the developers to consider how many prefetching queries iterating through the results

Re: Request to reconsider ticket #27910: using an Enum class in model Field choices

2019-01-12 Thread Tom Forbes
While I agree that Enum’s are a bit clunky (and IMO removing in is a poor choice), is this going to really take be that hard to work with or that difficult to validate? Enums are types that raise ValueError, like any other, so it’s not that confusing and fits in with Django’s existing validation