Re: [DNG] Beowulf Beta is here!

2020-03-19 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng writes: > Dear dev1ers, > > The Devuan 3 Beowulf Beta release is now ready for review. [...] > In solidarity, > > The Devuan Devs Great news. Thanks a lot. ___ Dng mailing list

Re: [DNG] The real reason I like Linux

2020-03-13 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
Steve Litt writes: [...] > FreeDesktop.Org doesn't like me doing 90 minutes of programming > (and actually Lego(R) block assembly). Their preferred method goes > something like this: > > * Use Gnome. > * Find Gnome software that solves your problem: > - Ask your LUG > - Ask on

[DNG] Solving simple problems in amazingly complicated ways

2020-03-12 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
- the sole purpose of this text is for the amusement of people who ever had to find a (preferably simple) solution for a complicated problem - Problem I had to deal with since yesterday: Some Debian 10 system (use of systemd mandated) installation I've created was to be captured by a certain

Re: [DNG] FF now defaults to DNS-over-HTTPS for US

2020-03-06 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
Steve Litt writes: > wrote: > >> Just great! So how can we keep off this cloudflare thing? >> >> > > "Another relevant question is whether further centralisation [SIC] of > the

Re: [DNG] systemd breaking linuxcnc ...

2020-01-29 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
Dimitris via Dng writes: > On 1/28/20 6:46 PM, Rainer Weikusat via Dng wrote: >> run ntpdate from > > i've witnessed cases in the past where ntpd wasn't time-syncing > correctly, and ntpdate saved the date/time. > so, IMHO, there's nothing wrong with ntpdate. There's nothi

Re: [DNG] systemd breaking linuxcnc ...

2020-01-28 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
"Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" writes: > Just for your amusement: systemd breaks linuxcnc on RPi4 - who's not > into machining will most likely not see the fun part of it, but anyway > :) > > Not particularly funny --- the systemd timesync service is a C

Re: [DNG] OT: Fedora in Debian

2020-01-03 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng writes: > Greetings all. Let's start the new year with something from the > Debian forums that might make you shake your head and chuckle. Poor > newbie on Windoze hasn't a clue just how funny his last para is: > > "The problems? The resulting bootable drive isn't booting in

Re: [DNG] Sort-of one-off thanks message

2020-01-01 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
Bernard Rosset via Dng writes: > Thank you for those precious steps on how to swap a kernel version in > an ISO! [...] Something I should have mentioned as well: The installation kernel needs (at least) support for initramfs/initrd, the RAM block device and devtmpfs compiled in order to boot

[DNG] Sort-of one-off thanks message

2019-12-30 Thread Rainer Weikusat via Dng
After spending the time since 2016 with waiting how things will turn out, a dying disk and certain recent Debian moves prompted me to stop using this system (after 21 years) and migrate to the current, stable Devuan instead[*]. Thank you for keeping the system I had been using all these years