Re: [Dnsmasq-discuss] Polling of hosts file

2014-03-20 Thread Simon Kelley
On 19/03/14 09:24, Franco Broi wrote: I hear what you say but for me it would be very convenient, I have several dnsmasq servers all reading the same shared hosts file. My currently solution is to run a script from cron that detects a change and sends HUP to dnsmasq. That sounds like a

Re: [Dnsmasq-discuss] configurable 'quiet-dhcp' option

2014-03-20 Thread Simon Kelley
On 18/03/14 06:44, Shantanu Gadgil wrote: Hello, Would it be possible make the 'quiet-dhcp' have configurable sub-options? My scenario is that I have a dnsmasq running in each of my subnets. (about 7 different subnets) I have enabled PXE booting for only servers under my jurisdiction :)

[Dnsmasq-discuss] Segfault with DNSSEC

2014-03-20 Thread simon
Hi, I'm getting a segfault running dnsmasq with dnssec enabled. Logs show the following; dnsmasq[10172]: query[] from dnsmasq[10172]: forwarded to dnsmasq[10172]: forwarded to dnsmasq[10172]: