[libreoffice-documentation] Re: Getting Started Doc for 5.0.x?

2015-12-07 Thread Marc Paré
Hi all, Lately, I have been thinking about the available documentation for v.5.x.x of LibreOffice which we all know is in the works. I am wondering if the following would make any sense to the documentation workflow: At the announcement of any large upgrade to LibreOffice, (in this case

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Use of "allow to" in documentation

2015-12-07 Thread Peter Toye
Tom, Steve's idea is a good one, but who is the "you". In a help file it's fairly obvious - the person getting help. In an API definition it's not so obvious. Is it the programmer or the program user? I take the issue you raise about translation. I'm a newbie in LO documentation (apart from

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] some thoughts on the structure of the Help article

2015-12-07 Thread Olivier Hallot
Hello Lera I think your scheme can turn into a wiki page to guide autors on how to improve the description of Calc functions in Help content. There will be a trade off between being prolific and be effective. In my opinion, the help page on Calc function must bring the user on how to use the