Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Manage Changes in Sidebar (Writer)

2016-05-18 Thread Olivier Hallot
Hello Jean Em 18/05/2016 18:52, Jean Weber escreveu: > If this is mentioned in the user guide, I missed it. If it's not mentioned, > I'll add it. Thank you. That escaped me. Regards -- Olivier Hallot Comunidade LibreOffice Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Local time: UTC-03

[libreoffice-documentation] Manage Changes in Sidebar (Writer)

2016-05-18 Thread Jean Weber
I see the Manage Changes icon in the Writer Sidebar on my Mac, but not on Windows or Linux Mint (LO downloaded from LO website). Before I spend a lot of time on this, can anyone give me a hint about what's going on? Thanks. (Discovered when doing screen captures from Linux for GS 5.1 chapter on