Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Multimedia in Help pages

2018-05-08 Thread toki
On 05/03/2018 03:51 PM, Olivier Hallot wrote: > Options: > >1. Remove all multimedia from Help either online and offline: > 1. Problem vanish. Keep existing content on YouTube. However, look into migrating that content to a site controlled by _The Document Foundation_.

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] English videos in help files

2018-04-28 Thread toki
On 04/27/2018 12:00 PM, Ilmari Lauhakangas wrote: > LibreOffice development does not follow the agile methodology. Unless you really want a 25,000 word essay on the subject, I'll skip my essay on Waterfall and relations, including derivatives v Agile and relations, including derivatives, and how

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] English videos in help files

2018-04-26 Thread toki
On 04/26/2018 07:12 AM, Martin Srebotnjak wrote: >>> I'm only sad that we are not part of the discussion when we are highly >>> concerned. >> That probably has as much to do with where and when the discussions are >> held, as anything else. > you miss the point. Changing help (documentation

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] English videos in help files

2018-04-25 Thread toki
On 04/25/2018 10:50 PM, Sophie Gautier wrote: >> Why on earth are there videos in the help files? >> That smacks of being a Section 508 violation. >> Could you elaborate on this, _Section 508_ is a US Law. This is the federal regulation (^1) that requires government agencies, and organizations

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] English videos in help files

2018-04-25 Thread toki
On 04/25/2018 05:21 PM, Sophie wrote: > Some videos have been embedded in the help files. Why on earth are there videos in the help files? That smacks of being a Section 508 violation. jonathon -- To unsubscribe e-mail to: Problems?

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] choosing proper wiki-location for article on TSCP-classification

2018-03-19 Thread toki
On 03/19/2018 08:31 PM, Cor Nouws wrote: > Will look at that too and let you know if there are ideas for improving. I don't know if it was by accident, or by design, but users can create more classification levels than BAILS defines. (IMNSHO, leave that functionality in.) I've also run into a

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Documentation for Base

2017-05-29 Thread toki
On 05/29/2017 07:18 AM, André MALLET wrote: > There is even no specific help available from F1 ! Unlike the other components of LibO, Base can be used as either a client, or a client-server. This makes writing documentation for it more complex than for the other components. Compounding that

RE: [libreoffice-documentation] Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature

2016-08-25 Thread toki
Steve wrote: >Probably not the practical solution, but both. That makes writing the Calc guide slightly more difficult, but not enough to not do so. >I found writing instruction manuals you need a comprehensive manual (your b)), but to avoid a higher incidence of customers making mistakes a

[libreoffice-documentation] Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature

2016-08-25 Thread toki
All: Gene name errors are widespread in the scientific literature Mark Ziemann, Yotam Eren and Assam El-OstaEmail author Genome Biology201617:177 DOI: 10.1186/s13059-016-1044-7 © The Author(s). 2016 Published: 23 August 2016 Downloadable from

[libreoffice-documentation] BAF, BAILS, and friends

2016-08-11 Thread toki
All: With the release of LibreOffice 5.2, there is a comprehensive set of security options for LibreOffice, based upon digital signatures, metadata, and various other tools, techniques, and standards. Question: * Would a single document on these security options be more appropriate, than

RE: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Minutes of Documentation Team Meeting, July 27th 2016, 20:00 UTC.

2016-07-30 Thread toki
Nina wrote: >I wonder if/how the LibreOffice documentation could take benefit from DITA. Has this been considered/discussed already? What has been periodically discussed, is listing topics for which articles of 500 - 5,000 words, as appropriate, are written. The idea being that the articles

RE: [libreoffice-documentation] How to count downloads of user guides?

2016-07-25 Thread toki
Oliver wrote: >This sample shows us that the software is download by many thousands but the books are by hundreds. Is there a breakdown by either language, or country, or both, for downloads of LibreOffice? jonathon -- To unsubscribe e-mail to:

RE: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Manage Changes in Sidebar (Writer)

2016-05-19 Thread toki
Jean wrote: >If this is mentioned in the user guide, I missed it. If it's not mentioned, I'll add it. The list of features that are turned on, or off, by checking "Experimental features" changes with each release. As best as I've been able to determine, there is no central list of these

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Fwd: [odfauthors-discuss] user guide for large complex documentation with Writer

2016-04-20 Thread toki
On 19/04/2016 15:39, Roger wrote: >decided that best way to learn how to use LibreOffice is by writing a manual >for Writer (complex projects) Are you married to the idea of writing documentation for Writer? If not, I'd recommend writing documentation for Draw, Impress, Base, Math, or Calc. >

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Writer Guide and Calc Guide for 5.*

2016-04-14 Thread toki
On 21/03/2016 12:38, Lera Goncharuk wrote: > Maybe someone from the authors team of Guide can answer my question. When > can we wait a release of the Writer Guide and the Calc Guide for 5.*? The Lib 5.3 Calc Guide will probably be available with the release of LibreOffice 5.3, on 30 January

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Help-files: Large-scale 'cosmetic' changes

2016-03-30 Thread toki
On 30/03/2016 00:03, Tom Davies wrote: > Apparently the quality of all the translations is currently FAR > higher than the quality of the English original! This appears to be due to > the long-term lack of resources invested in the English "built-in help". More precisely, it is the result of a

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: [libreoffice-l10n] guide for scholars

2016-03-24 Thread toki
On 24/03/2016 07:02, K-J LibreOffice wrote: > are there any new informations? _Maak je Mooiste werkstuk met LibreOffice Writer_. I either got side tracked by another project, or else my dissociative kicked into high gear. An English translation? A couple of pages into translating it, I

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Help Writer's Guidelines

2015-11-24 Thread toki
On 24/11/2015 12:32, ptoye wrote: >> To supplement those guidelines, it recommends: >> * _The Chicago Manual of Style_. University of Chicago Press; >> * _Read Me First! A Style Guide for the Computer Industry_. Sun >> Microsystems; >> * _The Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines_; >

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Help Writer's Guidelines

2015-11-22 Thread toki
On 30/10/2015 21:24, Yousuf 'Jay' Philips wrote: > as a possible, a help writer's guidelines needs to be created to guide users > who modify help to write in a particular style. There is _Chapter 5 Style Guide_ in _The LibreOffice Contributor's Guide_. To supplement those guidelines, it

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] German Base-Handbuch 5.0

2015-07-22 Thread toki
On 07/21/2015 07:15 PM, Robert Großkopf wrote: I 'm not able to translate the handbook from German to English. My English isn't good enough for this. What is the name of that tool that integrates with LibreOffice, to do automated machine translation? I'm thinking that the LibO documentation

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-28 Thread toki
On 06/28/2015 03:33 AM, David Allen wrote: “* Excluding people whose legal residence is in a jurisdiction that prohibits them to do these tasks, unless they are being paid to do so.” What does that mean? Someone somewhere in the world would be legally prohibited from volunteering? In a

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-26 Thread toki
On 06/26/2015 07:52 AM, Alex Thurgood wrote: wiki help is supposed to allow an easier transition into allowing volunteers to write help documentation, but again, knowing where to put stuff, and learning to use mediawiki is an extra hurdle for a lot of I had forgotten that it used MediaWiki.

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-24 Thread toki
On 06/24/2015 10:44 PM, David Allen wrote: and I never knew there was local online help. It apparently doesn't install with the Portable version. If Ann-ology hadn't writing what documentation? in her comment, I wouldn't have thought to toss that paragraph about the Online Help into my

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-24 Thread toki
On 06/25/2015 12:40 AM, Dave Barton wrote: How it is created Painfully :) Going by the comments in email list about creating the helpfile, I suspect that painfully is a major understatement. The dev guide to creating help files can be found here:

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-24 Thread toki
On 06/24/2015 04:37 PM, David Allen wrote: Jonathon, you mentioned a good test of the functionality of the Project Management tools for Lib0. Are you talking about a specific piece of software? Over the years, individuals and organizations have submitted extensions and/or templates that

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Intro and some questions

2015-06-23 Thread toki
On 06/23/2015 07:33 PM, David Allen wrote: I've seen the page titled User Guide Tasks (, but it's essentially empty. Is it maintained by anyone in particular? That page is more a description of how things are done, than what is

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Revised LO v5.0 template draft

2015-06-02 Thread toki
On 02/06/2015 04:19, Jean Weber wrote: Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to place icons in styles I don't know. I could write one, unless Bruce Byfield has written it Until I looked at how that style was constructed, I had completely forgotten that one could use any image as an

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] graphics for Getting Started Guide for LO v5.0

2015-06-02 Thread toki
On 02/06/2015 11:26, Ruth Ann wrote: You can take screen shots with Windows. If memory serves me right, there is either a formal, or informal policy of not using screenshots from any Microsoft platform, because Microsoft claims that usage to infringe upon their copyright. jonathon -- To

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Revised LO v5.0 template draft

2015-06-01 Thread toki
On 31/05/2015 01:09, Jean Weber wrote: Icons can be changed later if we want different ones. In the United States, Gold Stars are typically viewed as something positive --- an outcome that is desirable. Consequently, I'd suggest changing that icon to something else. I do like not having to do

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Getting Started Guide for LO v5.0?

2015-05-28 Thread toki
On 28/05/2015 13:38, Marcus Mackaku wrote: Why do we not rather create one standard template for all versions or that can be used across all versions? A little more than a decade ago, somebody, probably Jean, made a template for Documentation. Over time, that template has been

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Getting Started Guide for LO v5.0?

2015-05-28 Thread toki
On 28/05/2015 04:55, Jean Weber wrote: We really should publish at least the Getting Started Guide for v5.0 reasonably close to the time the program is released, don't you agree? Is the LO4.4 chapter template (draft) going to be the standard template for LibO v5? jonathon -- To

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Getting Started Guide for LO v5.0?

2015-05-28 Thread toki
On 28/05/2015 07:20, Jean Weber wrote: Content updating should proceed using the new template so that the style names of the new files are correct. Thanks. ### This is when find and replace for character styles would be nice to have. OTOH, for the documentation I've been looking at, the

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Missing words and spelling errors in manuals and other LibreOffice texts

2015-05-15 Thread toki
On 13/05/2015 14:51, Marcus Mackaku wrote: Why are there missing words and spelling errors in some LibreOffice manuals/texts? Which _specific_ manuals/texts are you referring to here? Some of the publicly available is at has been through multiple copy-edits, style edits, and line edits.

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] paid support - LibreOffice Manuals

2015-04-13 Thread toki kantoor
On April 13, 2015 8:57:26 AM PDT, Joel Madero wrote: It's becoming a constant theme that people actually cannot find the paid support easily so I think that having a link in the manual to a Finding the page is the minor challenge. The major challenge is finding contact information for the

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Manuals in ePub format?

2014-04-07 Thread toki
On April 7, 2014 8:54:09 PM PDT, Robinson Tryon wrote: version of the manuals alongside the ODT and PDF versions on the wiki? Wouldn't it be simpler to use the export to ePub extension option for LibO, than use Calibre? Jonahon --

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Extensions

2012-05-31 Thread toki
On 05/30/2012 02:36 AM, Jean Weber wrote: unless they are unusually outstandingly helpful. What makes an extension unusually outstandingly helpful? A list of objective criteria. We do have a generic statement that people can get extensions from various places. Could a list of sites that

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Fw: Permission for 3rd party documentation

2012-04-17 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 16/04/12 10:57, Tom Davies wrote: I think they are just asking permission to take screen-shots Microsoft has an official policy of claiming copyright of all screenshots on a Microsoft platform. I guess they don't understand copy-left licenses

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Re: Licensing for NEW documents

2011-11-30 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 28/11/11 22:30, italovignoli wrote: - before deciding to use CC BY-NC-SA for all my licensed documents (mostly presentations). Most of the lawsuits involving CC Licenses have involved the meaning of the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Look at the

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] GS with LibO in ePub on

2011-11-22 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 22/11/11 11:58, Jean Weber wrote: there are several possible ways to do it, including Calibre (my preferred tool). Calibre doesn't handle images very well. OTOH, PDF is the only ebook format that can do images properly, without a lot of down

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Linux/Ubuntu user using KDE/kdm KickOff..

2011-09-07 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 09/07/2011 12:16 AM, Tom Davies wrote: It's still Tuesday here. Ooops, scratch that! _Jewel of the Nile_ Isn't that function next Tuesday Today is next Tuesday jonathon - -- If Bing copied Google, there wouldn't be anything new worth

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] My main machine is now a Mac

2011-09-07 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 09/06/2011 09:42 AM, Tom Davies wrote: is it possible to copypaste the config folder from Windows to GnuLinux As a general rule of thumb, yes. The major exceptions are: * executable and quasi-executable files. (Mainly, but not exclusively

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Base

2011-08-05 Thread toki
On 08/05/2011 04:07 AM, Tom Cloyd wrote: I remain concerned about TDF's abandoning it, with the result that it slowly falls apart with each release, For all practical purposes, the database component of OOo was treated like the red haired stepchild. Under the TDF, LibO has simply continued

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Base

2011-08-05 Thread toki
On 08/05/2011 07:26 PM, Tom Cloyd wrote: Go forward with using Base as frontend to sqlite (which looks really wonderful, and has a nice admin. addon available in Firefox), and use it as long as Base works. The only thing that _SQLite Manager_ is good for, is eye candy. Databases can only have

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Book sales, 2010-2011

2011-06-28 Thread toki
On 28/06/2011 21:47, Jean Hollis Weber wrote: T It's what Lulu passes on to us. Why are you using Lulu? It doesn't cost that much more to setup an account with LSI, which will give the material far more credibility. I suspect this number will increase as more people discover them. Not with

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] ODFauthors

2011-06-21 Thread toki
On 21/06/2011 00:13, Jean Hollis Weber wrote: Hmm, interesting. What constitutes doing business in a state? That literally depends upon the state. It can range from attendance at a trade show, to having an office with employees, a bank account, and an in-state telephone. most of ODFAuthors

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] ODFauthors

2011-06-20 Thread toki
On 19/06/2011 23:02, Jean Hollis Weber wrote: Possibly relevant information: because ODFAuthors as an organisation has no legal standing, FWIW, Under US Law, ODFAuthors is an unincorporated non profit organization. A separate legal entity from _Friends of Open Document, Inc_. Precisely what

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Apache

2011-06-10 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 09/06/2011 21:38, Jean Weber wrote: I don't know what this will mean for us in the OOo and LibO docs groups, but I am concerned about the potential for further fragmentation of a small group of docs people into working on several projects.

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] New Project

2011-06-10 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 10/06/2011 12:21, Renata Marques wrote: Beyond the Klaibson's ebook, we have another book about completion of course work formatting (like monographys). I think can be a good idea translate it to English, if don't exists another similary. It is

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Fw: [libreoffice-marketing] do you know where is the documentation is . . . for marketing it to schools

2011-06-10 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 08/06/2011 21:39, Jean Weber wrote: my point was that for *producing documentation* (or at least taking screenshots) it is better to use the version supplied by LibO, The Window Manager that is used, does affect the way the program looks.

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] New Project

2011-06-10 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 10/06/2011 16:40, Renata Marques wrote: I'm talking about the Faça seu TCC usando o BrOffice Writer (Make your completion of course work using BrOffice Writer). When I read it, I instantly thought cheat sheet. IMNSHO, the only addition it

Re: [libreoffice-documentation] Template Thoughts and Update

2011-02-07 Thread toki
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On 02/07/2011 09:36 AM, John M. Dlugosz wrote: Is there a tool to show what fonts are being used in the document? TestFonts can generate a list of fonts used in a document. That doesn't mean that it catches fonts used in the wrong place, thought.