[Dorset] QEMU emulation features

2021-02-17 Thread Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty
Hi there, I'm having some trouble finding any information on this, so I was wondering if any of you happen to know if QEMU can emulate SMART (specifically the ATA/NVME secure erase command), and/or OPAL drive encryption (a common feature with SSDs, unlocked using a PSID - Physical Security ID -

Re: [Dorset] On Second Entry to MP3 Player Function Program Stops Responding to External Commands

2021-02-17 Thread Terry Coles
On Tuesday, 16 February 2021 15:25:28 GMT Terry Coles wrote: > So I'm kind of back where I started. This morning I tried a variety of things to solve this; still to no avail. I've attached two more code fragments to this message; these are copied from the latest version of the software on the