Re: [Dorset] removing spaces in file names

2021-12-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I'm hesitant to suggest something in case it wipes your root disk and kills your cat, but if you're happy to accept a bunch of disclaimers then find . -name "* "" -type f -delete should do what you want. On Thu, 2 Dec 2021 at 15:11, PeterMerchant wrote: > On 30/11/2021 15:42, PeterMerchant

Re: [Dorset] Chromium no Longer Stores Passwords on Kubuntu

2021-06-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Is it potentially related to this? It's not clear to me whether this would break local password storage or not. On Fri, 4 Jun 2021, 09:38 Terry Coles, wrote: > Hi, > > Anyone else noticed this? I upgraded to Kubuntu 21.04

Re: [Dorset] OSS Gantt Chart sw

2021-03-26 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Whenever I needed something like this, I always went for Taskjuggler ( ). It definitely has quite a steep learning curve but it's very powerful. That said, I am most definitely not a professional project manager (or even a decent amateur one). The fact that it had no GUI

Re: [Dorset] Discovering unfamiliar utilities

2019-07-05 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
You reminded me that a few days ago I listed the files in a core package on a server (looking for a missing utility) and saw a few things in the list that I didn't immediately recognise. I thought at the time, "That would be a good way to learn about utilities that I don't know exist". The

Re: [Dorset] Very slow Desktop startup problem

2019-07-01 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
You could try using systemd-analyze [1] to see how the boot time breaks down. [1] On Sun, 30 Jun 2019 at 18:46, C Wills wrote: > Hi All > > My wife's desktop PC running Mint 18.10 takes a very long

Re: [Dorset] Password manager

2019-01-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Hi! You don't say whether you need it on mobile devices too. I'd say a password manger is pretty useless without that, but YMMV. For cloud hosted ones, the obvious ones are LastPass, 1Password and BitWarden. I've used the first two at various jobs and they are decent. The latter I've not tried

Re: [Dorset] Visual basic on Linux

2018-09-13 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I used to run a Windows 10 VM on KVM/Qemu on a Linux desktop with a fairly slow CPU (dual core i5, but an old one) and it was actually very fast and usable, although I never really fired up anything like Visual Studio since that's a huge beast anyway. As always fast disk and plenty of RAM helps a

Re: [Dorset] Chromebook

2018-08-15 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
The web app works fine. I've used it often on the Chromebook. Even the OSX app seems to be the web app packaged as an desktop app since it looks identical. On Wed, 15 Aug 2018 at 17:08, Terry Coles wrote: > Try again, this time to the list instead of Peter... > > On Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Re: [Dorset] Links from 2018-05-01's Pub Meet.

2018-05-03 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
We've been using gopass as a team at work which is a compatible extension of pass, written in Go. The documentation is not the greatest, but it supports shared password stores using git (which is nice), meaning you're not reliant on a 3rd party if you want

Re: [Dorset] Keep being logged out

2017-06-30 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I seem to remember there was a change of the default acceleration method in the Intel driver a while back (on Arch) to SNA which caused some problems on old Intel laptops for me. I definitely have one with 915 graphics, and I think it was affected (it's retired now so I can't check).

Re: [Dorset] nginx Setup / Configuration

2017-02-20 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 20 February 2017 at 09:39, Terry Coles wrote: > On Sunday, 19 February 2017 21:55:52 GMT Ralph Corderoy wrote: > > AKA Apache does some brain-damaged DWIM that just digs a deeper hole > > when the magic isn't apparent. :-) > >

Re: [Dorset] nginx Setup / Configuration

2017-02-18 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Hi Terry. It's probably file permissions. Check what user the nginx server runs as, and make sure they have access to the files. They will need rx permission at least to every directory down to them from / as well, I believe. To check, switch to root then do: sudo -i -u nginx (Replace nginx

Re: [Dorset] Links from Last Night's Pub Meet.

2017-02-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Isn't backwards compatibility great? Reminds me of this oddity that still exists in Windows On 8 February 2017 at 12:06, Ralph Corderoy wrote: > Hi, > > One main thing; poking about an

Re: [Dorset] How do I? with Skype, Spotify, and Gkrellm

2016-05-15 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On Sunday, 15 May 2016, Peter Merchant wrote: > On Kubuntu 16.04, before I upgraded, then I hit the X on Skype or > Spotify, they would minimize to an icon on the status bar. > After my upgrade, only Skype still performs the same. Spotify on the X > terminates. It is

Re: [Dorset] Compiling 'wiringpi' on the Raspberry Pi running PiCore

2016-02-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 15 February 2016 at 20:52, Tim Allen wrote: > Hi Ralph > > On 15/02/16 17:13, Ralph Corderoy wrote: > >> >> All the cool kids, and VSpike, are using it on the #dorset IRC channel. >> >> Ah the clincher ;) Who's VSpike? > Lo, it is I! Been using Arch on many machines

Re: [Dorset] Using DD to write image file for R-pi problems

2016-02-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
If you send a SIGUSR1 to dd it will spit out some progress information. Note that on OSX and BSD its SIGINFO ... USR1 will kill it. Don't ask me how I know this. On 11 Feb 2016 7:49 p.m., "Neil Stone" wrote: > Another interesting tool I have come across recently is dcfldd.

Re: [Dorset] Next Meeting - One Week Tonight

2015-11-03 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 3 November 2015 at 19:16, Natalie Masse wrote: > I need to stay in to > look after little one in case she wakes up and needs resettling... > > I read that as "in case she wakes up and needs resetting" which I thought was a brilliant geek's eye view of the

Re: [Dorset] Copying directories between discs

2015-07-21 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Hi Clive- I find with commands like Rsync I remember recipes and use them all the time. I used to use *rsync -avcz *for everything ... -a includes -r so you don't need both -v gives you more output. -c makes it checksum the files rather than looking only at file size and datestamp, so is safer

Re: [Dorset] (Yet another) OT: Replacing Sony Vaio Keyboard

2015-07-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I've done a couple of Dell laptops using YouTube videos, and while it's fiddly and a bit nerve-racking, it's not too bad. My advice would be to search YouTube for a video for her exact model of laptop that shows how to change the keyboard. Failing that, the only repair place I've used that's

Re: [Dorset] Dealing with dynamic IP addresses

2015-05-21 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 21 May 2015 at 11:42, Graeme Gemmill wrote: So: is there a way to make equivalent to Hi Graeme. It should just be a case of setting as a CNAME to There may be an advanced DNS editor in 1 1

[Dorset] Links from the meeting 2015-05-05

2015-05-06 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Hi- I came late, but this is what I remember. When I arrived Tim was showing which I'd not seen before. Archlinux users will need to use Firefox since the latest version of Chrome doesn't work with it. The Arch Wiki appears to suggest installing extensions via a

Re: [Dorset] Next Meeting - One Week Tonight

2015-05-05 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I should be there in about 30 mins if anyone is still there. On Tuesday, 5 May 2015, Terry Coles wrote: On Tuesday 28 Apr 2015 17:12:55 Terry Coles wrote: The next meeting is just one week away. See

Re: [Dorset] Kubuntu 15.04 - The Good and the Bad

2015-04-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 25 Apr 2015 11:52, Tim wrote: On 25/04/15 09:17, Terry Coles wrote: Well actually it's the bad mostly. This distro is the first Kubuntu flavour to use KDE 5 with the QT 5 framework. I thought I'd learned my lesson about upgrading Kubuntu too early, but recent tech

Re: [Dorset] Remote Desktop to a Raspberry Pi

2015-04-20 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Using the RDP server on Linux doesn't really gain you much over VNC (other than making it easier for Windows clients to connect). The best thing about RDP on Windows is that it hooks the graphics layer to send drawing primitives and instructions instead of just updating rectangles of pixels, which

Re: [Dorset] Remote Desktop to a Raspberry Pi

2015-04-20 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
That's possibly true. The machine I connect in to normally uses dwm, but I've never got that working. I tend to install and use LXDE for remote sessions. That seems to work fine. On 20 April 2015 at 14:22, TimA wrote: Hi John On 20/04/15 13:14, John Carlyle-Clarke

Re: [Dorset] How do I find out the file system type?

2015-03-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I find newer Windows systems will only work with xfreerdp instead of the rdesktop ( ) program I've always used, unless you specifically modify their security settings. On 11 March 2015 at 15:13, Andrew wrote: On 10/03/2015 22:29, Tim wrote: *The

Re: [Dorset] How do I find out the file system type?

2015-03-09 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Is it definitely Linux? It's not BSD and a UFS file system is it? I can't remember but if you point file at a block device does it attempt to guess the FS? On Monday, 9 March 2015, Tim wrote: I have a Linux based thin terminal which uses a 1gb Compact Flash card as a hard

Re: [Dorset] USB Mic works in Skype but not in anything else!

2014-11-23 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Hi Terry. On 23 November 2014 at 13:38, Terry Coles wrote: The Tox suite of IM Clients would seem ideal, given my bandwidth issue with the latest version of Skype, but at the moment I can only use a poor quality boom Mic, when I have a perfectly good USB Mic. Your

Re: [Dorset] This Could be Big! MS has Open Sourced .NET

2014-11-13 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Also, in case more proof is needed.

Re: [Dorset] Rogue browser overwriting my desktop

2014-09-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I saw some really bad features like this a while ago in Chrome, but I waited a while and it got better again. I'm running Arch, so due to rolling updates you can often just wait out bugs and they go away again! I think it's to do with new GPU accelerated rendering tricks, which can expose buggy

Re: [Dorset] How can I reproduce the properties of Windows Shared Documents directory in Linux?

2014-08-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Either of the previous suggestions sound good, but here's how I've always done it. (1) Ensure the users you want to share the directory have membership of an additional common group. One Debian systems like Ubuntu, each user e.g. john gets a group with the same name (john) as their primary group.

Re: [Dorset] Should of done a backup - Q1

2014-08-15 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I was meaning to buy one of those HP Microservers for myself, since we have two at work and they are great units. I kept procrastinating, and suddenly they seemed to vanish from everywhere. The only ones I could find were either stupidly expensive, or second hand (which I'd rather avoid if

Re: [Dorset] Has something changed with Debian Desktops?

2014-07-14 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Yep, I took David W's advice and installed MATE on a new Debian VM, and I haven't regretted it. On 14 Jul 2014 18:26, David Wilkinson wrote: +1 for MATE, Run it on all my newer builds. On 14/07/14 16:58, StarLion wrote: MATE is also an alternative that I believe is in

Re: [Dorset] Google Chrome + Java = No workie

2014-06-28 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Stupid auto correct. For Kibbutz read Linux. On 29 Jun 2014 01:19, wrote: Hi Tim. This is certainly my experience, and also my understanding of the situation. Does anyone know if Chromium on Kibbutz ships the Pepper Flash? Because Flash seems to work there for me, and I

Re: [Dorset] Old Servers

2014-06-23 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
with the service tag you want. Let me know if you want them ... Freecycle next! On 19 June 2014 12:03, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: As promised, here's the list of land-fill... Dell Poweredge SC1425 [4WRLH1J] - marked as Failed Supermicro server, based on Supermicro p4dp8-g2 - no RAM

[Dorset] Old Servers

2014-06-19 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
As promised, here's the list of land-fill... Dell Poweredge SC1425 [4WRLH1J] - marked as Failed Supermicro server, based on Supermicro p4dp8-g2 - no RAM. Dell Poweredge 850 [45SR02J] - marked as Failed Dell Poweredge 1850 [3YMQ32J] - marked as OK Dell Poweredge SC1425 [44NQM1J] - marked as Failed

Re: [Dorset] Equivalent to Belarc Advisor

2014-06-12 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
There's also lsblk for block devices. apt-get -u upgrade will show upgradeable packages, but you can get more info from aptitude (the curses interface) since that will show security updates separately, and will also give you the change lists. By the way, on Windows you can get quite a lot of this

Re: [Dorset] [OT] BT Line Quality

2014-01-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 08:21:44PM +, Ken Adams wrote: Long time ago in the days of Fidonet, I had to ask BT to change a particular setting on my line to improve connections on the modem. I find I am in the same situation again. Unfortunately I cannot remember what setting I need to get

Re: [Dorset] android tablets

2014-01-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 26/12/13 19:02, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Well, more labour for them, mainly. And that takes time during which competitors are shipping multiple products as hardware continues to improve. And the end result of their own non-Android OS would be a reduced ecosystem for customers, e.g. no access

Re: [Dorset] Hola

2013-09-22 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 22/09/13 15:20, Neil Stone wrote: I can tell plenty... spent many years toying with Linux before going professional with it, I tend to revolve around Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo for myself. I have helped out on a few projects over the years, FreePBX is just one of them. Hi Neil. We're happy

Re: [Dorset] Hi from pissed off Windows user in Weymouth - wanting to change

2013-03-22 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I'm a bit late to this! Lots of great advice already, but I'll stick my oar in anyway. On 20/03/13 15:43, David Smith wrote: 1. Is this the right way to go and if so what distribution would you recommend? Should I buy DVDs or download? I'd suggest downloading. As others have said, you can

Re: [Dorset] opensource projects

2013-02-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/02/13 15:44, Nicky Scopes wrote: i have considered programming in the past, i know html which is easy and i bought a book from pcworld which teaches you how to use microsoft visual studio and program visual basic on windows through a GUI interface. but i wouldnt know where to start on

Re: [Dorset] opensource projects

2013-02-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
i have an oreilly book called unserstanding the linux kernel which i find too difficult, can anyone recommend an entry level book? Also -- Next meeting: Bournemouth, Tuesday, 2013-03-05 20:00 Meets, Mailing list, IRC, LinkedIn, ...

Re: [Dorset] Alan Cox is Going!

2013-01-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 24/01/13 22:39, Ralph Corderoy wrote: John Carlyle-Clarke was having trouble downloading it too recently, so #dorset was saying. And once I downloaded it, it wouldn't boot in VirtualBox, so I gave up. -- Next meeting: Bournemouth, Tuesday, 2013-02-05 20:00 Meets, Mailing list, IRC

Re: [Dorset] X through ssh mystery

2012-11-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 08/11/12 14:19, Tim Allen wrote: I've noticed for some time something which baffles me with X forwarding over ssh and using Firefox (Iceweasel in Debian). I can open a remote Iceweasel session, served up locally, in the normal way: localmachine$ ssh -X remotemachine iceweasel However, if

Re: [Dorset] X through ssh mystery

2012-11-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 09/11/12 00:58, Ralph Corderoy wrote: To tell the Firefox you've started not to do that use -no-remote AIUI. However, don't let it try and use the same profile as another running Firefox and profiles aren't designed to cope. Instead, give it another profile name with -P. -ProfileManager

Re: [Dorset] ext2-3-4 on Win

2012-07-07 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 07/07/12 21:17, StarLion wrote: For various reasons, I'm trying to access an EXT3 partition from Windows. I know of several ways, the most notable of which being the ext2 IFS (Link, but the IFS and most other solutions don't seem to work too well on

Re: [Dorset] How to delete an e-mail account in Thuderbird

2012-06-23 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
I have an old e-mail account that I wish to delete which is setup in Thunderbird (13.0.1). The account has been pretty dormant for over a years so I am not interested in keeping the e-mail. Trouble is I can't find anyway of deleting the account. Checking on the web and most result are for

Re: [Dorset] Seeking LAMP and mail host

2012-06-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 04/06/12 16:50, John Palmer wrote: I am looking for a reasonably reliable LAMP host for a small (10MB but growing) personal website devoted to archaeology, and for my and my wife's mail (POP and SMTP). Does anyone have experience of WiserHosting, based in Totnes? Or other suggestions ?

Re: [Dorset] Download problem - Please help!

2012-04-12 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 12/04/12 23:20, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Thanks for your help - I am determined to get the hang of Linux and would like to make much more use of the terminal screen too. I learnt this decades ago so not a lot of point me referring you to what I used. I've had a bit of a look and came up

Re: [Dorset] Programming languages

2012-04-07 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 07/04/12 10:18, Peter Merchant wrote: While you are relaxing: I got 10 right, but should have got 12, as I got two wrong on languages that I used to use. (I'm not telling you which or how long

Re: [Dorset] Mail user agent, recommendation?

2012-03-06 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 06/03/12 19:57, John Palmer wrote: Can anyone recommend a MUA for Linux which (preferably) uses mbox files and (most important) will ask the user for confirmation before sending any message ? Currently on Evolution, but think it could do better. I think mutt meets your requirements, does

Re: [Dorset] GNU screen

2011-12-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 02/12/11 13:43, Tim Allen wrote: Hi I'm often discovering nifty utilities that I'm embarrassed not to have known about years ago. This week it's GNU screen: Although I haven't really used it, you could also look at tmux which is a more modern utility that

Re: [Dorset] GNU screen

2011-12-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 02/12/11 16:09, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi John, You can also share a screen session from two places (screen -x). This can be handy for two people to share the same terminal, e.g. one watches what the other's doing. Yeah, I've used it for that, but a question came up at work the other day

Re: [Dorset] Ubuntu 11.04 / 11.10

2011-11-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 25/11/11 15:22, Simon Iremonger (lugs) wrote: Lubuntu has a nice lightweight environment and now works well in 11.10. I haven't tried it, but installing it to try out should be as simple as installing the lubuntu-core package from your package manager of choice. -- Next meeting:

Re: [Dorset] Wireless Version of Wireshark; Android is Linux?

2011-11-20 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 20/11/11 09:39, Peter Merchant wrote: Second, I want to know if it really is the tablet, so am considering putting wireshark on the laptop. It looks like a standard package, but though there is an 'Airpcap' driver for Windows versions, I don't know whether it will work on wireless under

Re: [Dorset] Terminal that can do ANSII

2011-10-12 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 12/10/11 17:48, Terry Coles wrote: I'm sure he would have tried that. I may have been guitly of oversimplfying the question; I think he might be trying to talk to another device over a serial link, just as you would have done with a VT 100. Can you use gnome- terminal or xterm to do that?

Re: [Dorset] Locking down physical console access

2011-10-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 04/10/11 10:23, Dan Dart wrote: I believe some programs will stop working with a no more ttys error - can you just not start the gettys but leave the ttys? Not sure I have the correct terminology there - even don't start the login processes? Can you still make one of them a console? That

Re: [Dorset] DLUG in LXF

2011-09-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/09/11 16:22, Victor Churchill wrote: On 16 September 2011 16:08, Terry wrote: More important is the 'click-throughs', eg those who follow the link and then turn up for a meeting :-) I think that is what the priesthood call 'conversions' ;-) Depends if

Re: [Dorset] Dell Laptop repair (urgent if possible)

2011-09-07 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 07/09/11 13:11, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Does anyone know of a good repairer for my Dell laptop please. The screen surround has cracked on the left hand side and it's difficult to closed the lid. IIRC, the one that others mention on this list is Rapid PCs in Christchurch.

Re: [Dorset] Linux Limitations

2011-08-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 24/08/11 08:55, Peter Merchant wrote: I still have three problems that are preventing me from getting rid of M $. 1. I need XP for my scanner, which is so old and odd that it is not supported in Linux. If I were in that position, with an A4 1200dpi scanner costing less than £50 I'd be

Re: [Dorset] Location of July's Meeting.

2011-06-23 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
As one of the few Blandford locals who attended a meeting, I can say I really did enjoy having them there. However, my circumstances have changed - my wife now works every evening, so I'm usually looking after the children. I quite see that it's silly for Bournemouth folk to drive all the way

Re: [Dorset] CUPS lpr and code pages

2011-05-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 25/05/11 09:35, Tim Allen wrote: Hi I'm using lpr to print out files generated by an ancient DOS program. I have a batch file that uses Cygwin OpenSSH to send to a printer: type %1 | ssh server lpr -PLaserjet Now the DOS program uses extended ASCII 09Ch for '£' symbols, now printing as

Re: [Dorset] Ubuntu 11.04 file problem

2011-05-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 24/05/11 10:52, Peter wrote: On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 20:46 +0100, Keith Edmunds wrote: Peter, you need to use the -a switch (although there are other ways): cp -a from-here to-here That will copy all directories recursively. Thanks Keith Tim. I now have the latest backup on a

Re: [Dorset] Ubuntu 11.04 file problem

2011-05-24 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 24/05/11 11:04, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: Just be aware that if you do this:- cd ~ cp -a * /media/backup/myhomebackup You will lose a lot of data, because the * won't match any file or directory starting with a ., and there are quite a few crucial ones in your home directory. Sorry, I

Re: [Dorset] Blandford Forum Pub Meeting Tonight, Wed 2011-05-04 20:00.

2011-05-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 04/05/11 10:39, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi, Bad news: some big European football match is on tonight. Good news: it's unlikely the affect the rarefied atmosphere of Blandford's Crown Hotel. Blandford Forum Wednesday 2011-05-04 20:00 Crown Hotel

Re: [Dorset] Odd KDE almost-random lock-up issue

2011-04-29 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 29/04/11 23:20, StarLion wrote: On 29/04/11, Sean wrote: How painful would it be for you to install say XFCE or Gnome and run the same tasks overnight? While not a conclusive test it might help you to eliminate certain factors. Not exactly painful as such, but I don't exactly get along

Re: [Dorset] CPK Smithies (prospective new member)

2011-04-10 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 05/04/11 17:38, CPK Smithies wrote: As regards my working life, after a decade in biometric software I'm currently working on a new system to combat identity fraud. It's a web-based social network solution. (Ask me about it, and/or visit .) Hi, and welcome to the list.

Re: [Dorset] Openoffice 3.3.0

2011-03-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/03/11 09:00, Peter Merchant wrote: Be careful - I downloaded and installed this a few moments ago, and now I don't have an Office suite. Still investigating, was in the middle of marking, I think I'll try and revert to the old version for now. Peter Hi Peter- Not sure where you got

Re: [Dorset] Openoffice 3.3.0

2011-03-16 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/03/11 09:50, Chris Dennis wrote: I'm running Ubuntu 10.10. I thought I'd try LibreOffice, so I added this to my sources.list: maverick main Which reminds me, I spotted a neat way to add repos in Ubuntu that's new. It may be old news to

Re: [Dorset] DNS on an isolated (1:1) network

2011-03-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 11/03/11 14:45, Chris Dennis wrote: If it's really just two computers talking to each other, you could just give each one a fixed IP address, e.g. and, and they can talk to each other without requiring DHCP or DNS. Same thought occurred to me too. You could also

Re: [Dorset] DNS on an isolated (1:1) network

2011-03-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 11/03/11 13:39, Terry Coles wrote: Thanks for the suggestions to date (the overwhelming support for dnsmasq). However, when I related this to my colleage at work he said he couldnt see why this (or bind) was needed because when he enabled udhcpd, he found that it maintains a list of all

Re: [Dorset] Tonight, for One Night Only...

2011-03-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 02/03/11 17:17, Terry Coles wrote: On Wednesday 02 Mar 2011, Tim Allen wrote: On 02/03/11 11:12, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Wednesday 2011-03-02's Dorset LUG pub meet at the Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum, 8pm. If you don't know

Re: [Dorset] Nokia announcement

2011-02-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 11/02/11 13:45, Terry Coles wrote: How are the mighty fallen! Nokia have been the leading phone provider ever since there were mobiles, (certainly in Europe). They missed the boat on Smartphones, because they stayed with Symbian, but they had a chance to catch up with MeeGo. Now they've

Re: [Dorset] FTP problem

2011-02-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 08/02/11 12:23, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi Tim, Thanks Victor, one stage closer but not quite there, I can now transfer a file by ftp to /var/www/myfolder but the permisson on that folder is -rw--- (600) rather than -rw-r--r-- (644) While I can change the permission via the ftp client

Re: [Dorset] Samba networking issues

2011-01-30 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 30/01/11 13:42, Terry Coles wrote: Hi, My son is trying to access our Stora media server as a file server using samba on Kubuntu 10.10. When he first tried to access the network, the response was that there was nothing on it, then after a while the Stora and other boxes appeared. I told

Re: [Dorset] Sending Email through talktalk from Abroad.

2011-01-12 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 12/01/11 11:13, Tim Allen wrote: I have the same requirement and set up a home machine to be an authenticated SMTP relay over TLS. This then forwards to the ISP smarthost. It's quite simple to set up in Exim4 - if you want I can put my notes up on the Wiki. You'd obviously need to keep your

Re: [Dorset] Launching a graphical App from within a script

2011-01-07 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 07/01/11 15:19, Terry Coles wrote: On Friday 07 Jan 2011, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: DISPLAY=:0.0 chromium-browser Thanks. That works fine. I assume that I was right about the reason it wouldn't work in a script, eg I'm not attached to the display in the X environment at the time

Re: [Dorset] wmv files won't play

2010-12-30 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
It plays here on Archlinux with mplayer. Excerpts below. [~] $ mplayer MPlayer SVN-r32663-4.5.1 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team ASF file format detected. [asfheader] Audio stream found, -aid 1 [asfheader] Video stream found, -vid 2 VIDEO:

Re: [Dorset] Adding files to a Live Disc, separate to the core image

2010-12-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 08/12/10 11:41, StarLion wrote: 1. Is it possible to physically burn an ISO that consists of the ISO created in Tiny Core, plus the additional files added later? If so, how is it done? Gnome's Brasero writer has the option to burn an image to a physical medium, but leave it open to add

Re: [Dorset] Sorting MP3s back into folders

2010-11-27 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 27/11/10 13:41, Terry Coles wrote: Hi, I have around 600-700 audio tracks that I originally ripped from CDs into .ogg format for playing in Amarok. All of these are organised in folders categorised by Artist and then Album. Subsequent to this, I bought a plug-in car MP3 player, which

Re: [Dorset] Sorting MP3s back into folders

2010-11-27 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 27/11/10 14:03, Terry Coles wrote: On Saturday 27 Nov 2010, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: On 27/11/10 13:41, Terry Coles wrote: So. Is a bash script the best approach, or is there a better way? The filenames are descriptive, but not consistent, so they don't really help. Terry, doesn't

Re: [Dorset] Sorting MP3s back into folders

2010-11-27 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 27/11/10 20:43, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi Terry, #!/bin/bash directorytols=$1 for filename in $( ls $directorytols) do if [ -d $filename ] ; then echo Directory: $filename elif [ -h $filename ] ; then echo Symlink: $filename

Re: [Dorset] dorset Digest, Vol 360, Issue 5

2010-11-26 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 26/11/10 17:10, Brian R Masterman wrote: I have been running etherape and it shows that my Linux system is sending out a lot of packets to IP addresses. I do do not have anything running (that I know of) and disconnecting from the Internet shows that these connections are still shown, but

Re: [Dorset] cd question

2010-11-22 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
Sheesh! Seconds after posting, I spot my deliberate mistakes... On 22/11/10 19:30, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: That's a bit odd looking, but command gets executed for each file found, replacing '{}' with the name. For example:- find -mtime -2 -iname 'foo*' -exec mv '{}' /folder1/folder2

Re: [Dorset] Source for new Netbook with Linux or no OS?

2010-11-12 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/09/10 11:28, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: On 16/09/10 11:10, Dan Dart wrote: There's also who have a good reputation. Oh? I heard they were US-only. Shame, looks like you're right. We only ship within the United States and Canada. Strange, because most US

Re: [Dorset] 2010-11-02 Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum.

2010-11-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 08/11/10 12:49, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi Victor, Ralph, you're slipping ;-) Yes, been too busy. Hence its sparse lateness and the mailing list sig. being out of date. :-) Although it has been mentioned before on the list, one thing that was discussed at the meeting was Charles

Re: [Dorset] Possible Bournemouth Meeting place (Natalie Hooper)

2010-11-08 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 08/11/10 14:12, Natalie Hooper wrote: There are more options than Wimborne as there are buses from 2 companies, but to answer the question originally asked by Ralph, no, there aren't frequent busses late into the evening. Which raises the question I keep asking myself -- do the meetings

Re: [Dorset] Hi all from Weymouth

2010-11-06 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 05/11/10 21:53, StarLion wrote: Since then, I've gone through two laptops and three tower PCs, using Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, Wolvix, and then finally my current favoured distro Arch. I'm an Arch user too :) I've broken systems more than once with my incessant experimenting

Re: [Dorset] 10 Things I'd change in linux

2010-11-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 04/11/10 08:59, Justin Stringfellow wrote: Re: OpenOffice, I'm curious to know what will happen to it now that it's been bought by Oracle. I've heard that it's going to be forked. Anybody knows about that? See:

Re: [Dorset] 10 Things I'd change in linux

2010-11-04 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 11:36:25PM +, jr wrote: On 3 November 2010 10:31, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: My list would be: (2) Create something to rival and improve on Remote Desktop on Windows.  VNC, remote X11 and No Machine don't quite do it, although all of them

Re: [Dorset] 10 Things I'd change in linux

2010-11-03 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 02/11/10 08:45, Natalie Hooper wrote: Just wondering if any of you read Linux Format's 24 Things we'd change about Linux (issue 137) and what your thoughts were? It got me thinking about what I'd like to see changed in Linux so I wrote a blog post about it (see link below).

Re: [Dorset] 10 Things I'd change in linux

2010-11-03 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
-- Next meeting: Crown Hotel, Blandford Forum, Tuesday 2010-11-02 20:00 Meets, Mailing list, IRC, LinkedIn, ... How to Report Bugs Effectively:

Re: [Dorset] 10 Things I'd change in linux

2010-11-02 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 02/11/10 08:45, Natalie Hooper wrote: Just wondering if any of you read Linux Format's 24 Things we'd change about Linux (issue 137) and what your thoughts were? It got me thinking about what I'd like to see changed in Linux so I wrote a blog post about it (see link below).

Re: [Dorset] Working with Linux and open source

2010-10-25 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 25/10/10 14:32, Ralph Corderoy wrote: Hi, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: I should know better than to try and start a discussion at the weekend since everyone only posts from work ;) I think there's some on the list that work freelance, e.g. on embedded software, rather than as a nine

Re: [Dorset] Working with Linux and open source

2010-10-21 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 16/10/10 15:50, Keith Edmunds wrote: On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 09:27:18 +0100, said: I do FOSS - Linux and Windows, obviously I haven't made any money That's not obvious at all. I run a small business that deals only in Linux, and we make money. John: send me

Re: [Dorset] Ready

2010-10-19 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 19/10/10 16:11, Simon O'Riordan wrote: The 'Alarm Clock' utility is now ready for download. Read the Readme, choose your type, and if you want, give me feedback so I can improve it. Simono I think I tried the process version, in that I got everything that is in the top-level directory and

Re: [Dorset] Ready

2010-10-19 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 19/10/10 17:13, Simon O'Riordan wrote: Incidentally, did I remember to tell users to set the permissions of Sounder1e to 'executable' after download? I think that's the error. Meanwhile, I'm continuing testing. Hi Simon... I tried this just now and it seems to hide the error, but doesn't

Re: [Dorset] WTH?

2010-10-11 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 10:20:11AM +0100, Robert Bronsdon wrote: It would help if Ubuntu moves over to the open source Nvidia driver (nouveau) which supports multiple monitors better than the Binary driver from Nvidia. Except then people would lose their wobbly windows! Ohnoes!! -- Next

Re: [Dorset] Which distro would you install?

2010-10-09 Thread John Carlyle-Clarke
On 27/09/10 17:02, John Carlyle-Clarke wrote: On 27/09/10 16:52, Natalie Hooper wrote: Seems like ArchLinux is great for old hardware but not really suitable for my spanking new hardware ;-) I run it on old and new hardware, and it works well on both ;) Having said that, I'm also looking

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