[DQSD-Users] how to remove banner from dqsd

2005-12-13 Thread Sarah Adams
I'd like to completely remove the banner from the deskbar. I'm not really sure why it was added, in fact, since one of the main goals of the deskbar is to use as little desktop real estate as possible... but that's another subject :) I tried doing this in localprefs.js, but there still appears

[DQSD-Users] RE: x64 Edition version available (for Charlie Russel)

2005-12-13 Thread Nat Papovich
This is a message for Charlie Russel. I am a brand-new subscriber to the list, so do not have your direct email address since the SourceForge archives hides the full email address. However I did find your post from August 15th mentioning the availability of DQSD for 64-bit. I would like to get

RE: [DQSD-Users] RE: x64 Edition version available (for Charlie Russel)

2005-12-13 Thread Charlie Russel
Nat -- No problem, I'll contact you off list. For later or arrivals: There is a version of DQSD that runs natively on XP x64 Edition, compiled by Kim, and I put together a little batch file install. If you need it, just ask. (DQSD will not work in 32-bit WOW64 mode, because it needs to attach to

[DQSD-Users] COMX - another favourite goes away :(

2005-12-13 Thread Charlie Russel
Another favourite comic - Cat's with Hands - is no longer working, and appears to have changed its deployment to something we'll have trouble with. That makes two of my favourites that don't work -Cats and Zits. --- This SF.net email is