[DQSD-Users] RE: Clock updating bug

2003-08-10 Thread Tom Corcoran
Hey Alec, Great eye, thank you man :-) From: "Alec Burgess" [EMAIL PROTECTED] I've got no idea about the details of what you're trying, but I'll bet = the ":08" means August:-) Somewhere you've probably got a date_time spec that says HH:MM that = should be HH:mm or vice-versa. Regards ...

Re: [DQSD-Users] Debug window?

2003-08-10 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Shawn, --- Shawn K. Hall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way for a script to write *to* the DQSD toolbar (so I can get the results of my script transactions)? For example: dqsd.write/dqsd.print? If I understand you correctly - yes. There is a function in defer_tools.js: function

RE: [DQSD-Users] Debug window?

2003-08-10 Thread Shawn K. Hall
Thanks Brent, function setSearchWindowText(text, autoselect) that allows you to write to the DQSD search window. Cool. So it *is* just loading search.htm as a html page. As far as your other questions about clipboard, etc I have no idea... I'll look into it. So far I have been 100%