[DQSD-Users] Fixed comix.xml

2004-02-22 Thread John W. Bairen, Jr.
Title: Fixed comix.xml Monty, all, Given that the file name is comix.xml, the function and form names, etc. should be comix and not comx. I did a global find and replace on the file that Monty sent. It is attached. Hope it works! ... JB John W. Bairen, Jr. www.bairen.net

[DQSD-Users] new comics search

2004-02-22 Thread Monty Scroggins
If anyone is interested - Here is an updated version of comx.xml.. This has some fixes. The comix.xml file posted previously was mis-named as well.. I will check this in soon.. CVS is refusing me to login at the moment.. Monty search function=comx nameComic Strip/name

Re: [DQSD-Users] new comics search

2004-02-22 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Monty, Is there any reason you didn't use parseArgs? It auto matches so I can type comx /dil and it'll go to the dilbert comics instead of having to type comx /dilbert completely. Also I tried comx /born to try the born loser comic and got a runtime error and then realized it was /loser. So

Re: [DQSD-Users] new comics search

2004-02-22 Thread Brian Dunworth
...would one of those fixes be the window-size? Today's Peanuts comic doesn't fit in the window. :( ...in fact, none of the Sunday-sized comics fit. :'( - Original Message - From: Monty Scroggins To: Dqsd-Users Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 10:31 AM

Re: [DQSD-Users] new comics search

2004-02-22 Thread Tom Corcoran
Monty Scroggins wrote: If anyone is interested - I am :-) Cool. Still hoping someone locates a rss farside feed! Thanks, Tom. --- SF.Net is sponsored by: Speed Start Your Linux Apps Now. Build and deploy apps Web services for Linux with

RE: [DQSD-Users] Re. new comx, fixed comix.xml

2004-02-22 Thread Shawn K. Hall
Hi Michael, I find I don't know how to extract correct XML from a message in this list. I don't know what to do about the line breaks and the encoded characters (=20, etc.) Is it possible to post a more clean version? Or is there some other way to get this file? The XML files are usually